Derek Hatton – Labour Party’s King Rat returns




As the virtuous seven file out of Labour’s front door, a former Trotskyite hardliner from the Militant Tendency is welcomed back in. Whether by accident or design, the timing is turning stomachs amongst many Labour members.

Derek Hatton dominated Liverpool’s council  in the 1980s and resisted Tory cuts by massively over spending on loans which it took 15 years for the city to repay.  As a PR stunt he hired taxis to deliver redundancy notices to more than 30,000 workers in the city.

It’s worth reading chapter and verse on what he got up to (URl below). Hannah Jane Parkinson writes: “When the gardeners were called out on strike, they rebelled, fearing the impact on the flora. In an act of political revenge, and a mark of his character, Hatton sacked the gardeners and bulldozed the gardens. A famous banner held aloft in protests against the council at the time read: “Hitler only destroyed half of our city. Hatton tried for the lot.”

Neil Kinnock had the Militant tendency booted out of the Labour Party and Hatton was charged with corruption though he was acquitted. Then he flitted off to Cyprus to become a capitalist property developer, boasting about its low tax rates and his £60,000 car.

Born 17 January 1948 Liverpool, he’s an ambitious, money-minded Sun Capricorn; with an adventurous/opportunistic Jupiter opposition Uranus; a tough, unyielding Saturn Pluto in Leo. His Venus is in a none-too-sensitive opposition to Mars in Virgo.  It’s a chart that needs a birth time to anchor it since nothing much fits together.

He once played King Rat in panto – and will ever remain so.


7 thoughts on “Derek Hatton – Labour Party’s King Rat returns

  1. I would not be surprised if that Aries moon was a few degrees forward into Aries, forming a fire grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto/Saturn which would reflect Hatton’s showbizzy personality, vanity and his love of grand gestures.

    I remember screenwriter Alan Bleasdale’s political drama, GBH in the 1990’s with Robert Lindsay as a far left City Council leader, Michael Murray, supposedly based on Hatton. Apparently Hatton told Bleasdale that he had no objection so long as the actor playing him was handsome.

  2. at first, i thought -that’s harsh – but then its the truth i remember the fuss at the time and him yelling back at Kinnock at the labour party conference as NEAL criticized the ‘taxi stunt ‘,
    the leopard hasn’t changed his spots [his chart] but he is older and not in charge of a council currently.
    in LABOUR there are all sorts of folk /types collectively looking for a fairer society the leavers are all right-wing types who are in the main up for deselection by their host constituencies.
    there is a concerted attempt by factions of the Jewish state who are intent on crushing anyone who want the Palestinians to be treated well and have a decent state and some their land returned -that’s why JEREMY has targetted,-many JEWS know he is a long term powerful antisemitic supporter and support him -there may be powerful money behind this new group, they don’t show their funding chain, it hidden to compromise democracy. [one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter ]

  3. Any similarity to Nigel Farage’s chart? Because Hatton – who I first heard of from parents of an Italian-English friend who’d left Liverpool in tge early 1980’s – definitely is a chaos agent not unlike Farage.

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