Dems Mark 11 – Kamala Harris stands out from the crowd


Kamala Harris was the front-runner from last night’s Democratic debate with the second batch of hopefuls.

Born 20 October 1964 9.28 pm Oakland, California, she’s a lively and entertaining 5th house Sun Libra opposition an Aries Moon; with an outspoken 3rd house Mars in Leo in a tough-minded opposition to Saturn; and a complicated sense of her roots with Uranus Pluto Venus in her 4th – her mother is Indian and her father Jamaican.

She does have tr Pluto trine her Jupiter from early 2020 onwards for two years which is usually successful and good for confidence, and is exact on Inauguration Day. Though there’s nothing showing on her midheaven or Solar Arc midheaven; and she’ll have Saturn Pluto (and Jupiter) all in the 8th then which feels more backroom than front of house. She does have her Solar Arc Full Moon sitting exactly on her North Node at the election which is fairly obscure but could land her in the middle of the zeitgeist. She’s certainly in with a shout.

Elizabeth Warren, 22 June 1949 1.51pm seems to have moderately impressed viewers but she’s sagging badly in 2020 with Neptunian sinkers plus a couple of collision Solar Arcs.

Joe Biden isn’t looking good this year or next with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint which will erode his confidence.; plus a dashed-hopes tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint in 2019/20 and across the election.

Peter Buttigieg see post March 19 2019.

Agree with Solaia – it’s hopeless with this number. The field needs to drastically slim down.


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  1. The election depends on the stock market bubble inflated from the fed:the boomers cashing out. nobody will elect ANYONE who’ll rock that boat. This Is why WST-fed will drive the market to record highs.

  2. Harris has a strong, aggressive chart for sure, but she has tr. Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn squaring her Sun/Moon opposition over election season. A very potent transit — got to wonder how this reflects in terms of her electability.

  3. Honestly man, you need to pay attention to history as to the type of Democrat that win Presidencies, not just the nomination. Biden ran twice and was never even nominated. Why in the world would you think he stands a valid chance against this field now? The mere fact you wish Hillary was running again means you didn’t learn anything tangible from 2016 and have much to learn. Read Marjorie’s meritorious assessment of the candidates properly!

    • @ Troy,

      I’ll support and vote for whomever I choose. You don’t know me or anything about me. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million. She’s won the popular vote against every single candidate she’s ever been up against. Not a single one of the current candidates running have that to boast about. As for Biden, take a look at the polling – Biden is the one getting the most support from African-American and Latinx (my demographic) voters…especially in the much needed swing states. Plus, there are many moderate Independents and “Never Trump” Republicans who said they would be willing to vote for Biden….but they will not support a far-left candidate.

      Regardless of what happens next year, I’m voting for Biden. I know most astrologers are predicting Trump will win reelection because of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction as well as many other very conservative aspects. However, I feel there might at least be a chance for Democrats if Biden is the nominee.

      • Kudos, Chris. Amazing how there is still that one person in the crowd who doesn’t know Hillary won the Presidency. Plus he used the dog-whistle spelling “Hilary”. Those two things told me all I needed to know, lol.

      • Well brother, if you’re a history major then clearly you still have a ways to go, cas you’re clearly not applying critical thinking to your choice. I’m not arguing with you, I’m jus trying to open your mind and hopefully others. Don’t let fear and emotions drive your choices. I’m betting you didn’t apply what I said in the first 3 lines of my intitial post. Instead you used emotion and took offense. Then you bring up polls. Don’t fall for the hype of polls as they are merely a snapshot at this early stage. Relatively useless before the the third debate. Historical data and trends teaches this. Biden is already starting to slip and believe me, he won’t recover; as people become more aware of the options. Biden is one of the worst candidates to put up against an incumbent for several reasons. Even one as wretched as Trump. Again, go analyse history and apply critical thinking to your interpretation! And try reading between the lines if you decide to entertain seemingly good astrologers. Pick who you’re enthused about, not who you think is electable! Peace brother.

      • You’ve always shown a strong foundational knowledge of history in your posts, Chris. Now we know why!

        History is a master class in psychology, especially the pathological branch of psychology.

  4. I’m still voting for Joe Biden in the Florida Democratic Presidential Primary – he’s not a candidate I’m excited about…but I do believe he can beat Donald Trump – that’s all the matters to me right now. Elizabeth Warren is my second choice.

    Frankly, none of the current candidates interest me the way Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama did. I really wish Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama were running because I’d be supporting either of them. However, Biden is the strongest choice we have right now.

    Biden is leading with African-American voters….whoever wins the African-American vote wins the nomination. I believe Biden will win the nomination.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  5. I want to see Buttigieg picked as VP candidate so he can debate the former governor of his state, VP Mike Pence, who signed an anti-gay discrimination “religious freedom” law in Indiana (which had to be rescinded about a week later after public outcry).

    • Biden and Harris can beat Trump. Check out trumps biorhythms on Election Day. Physical, emotional, intellectual, mastery, wisdom are all rock bottom. I can only hope.

    • Personally, I think Joe Biden / Stacey Abrams ticket would be the most strategic. That’s the ticket I’m rooting for. Biden would get the moderates and Abrams would get the progressives.

  6. The candidate that drew the most google searches after the debate was Tulsi Gabbard who keeps being overlooked by the commentariat.

    • You know how easily Google Trends can be manipulated, especially short term? The surge can also happen for reasons that won’t actually indicate success. For instance, in Finland, we had a This is one of the reasons why digital marketers aren’t super excited about the tool in cases like this. And, we saw a surge like this related to a leader of one of our small parties with no representation at Parliament after a debate at our General Elections. This transformed to about a 20th of the votes leaders of the parties nearest to gaining a seat got.

      • Hey Solaia, how u doin? I figure you’re a lady(more like hope really lol) You mentioned awhile back that you got a sign in regards to “Knight of swords” as to who would be the mostly like nominee. We had discussed it maybe being Beto but I’m wondering if it could be interpreted as a Soldier with arms(guns). And the elderly character seen in the White House actually points to maturity and wisdom instead of age. We know which candidate these indicate. Your thoughts?

        • Please note I asked for a successor to Trump rather than a nominee, and he or she may not be among these candidates. There are many possible interpretations for Knight of Swords in a reading, but one thing that I’d take for granted here is that he or she is younger than Trump. That only excludes Biden and Sanders, who are older than him.

          The scary thing is that the person fitting Knight of Swords description the best is Mike Pence. He is a second decan Gemini Sun AND has a Law Degree. I do not feel he can win a Presidential Race, so in case it’s him, I guess he will succeed to Trump either before January 2021 or Trump will win a second term.

          • Hmm, Interesting. I am perplexed as to why Pence, Ivanka and Romney seem happy over the inauguration. In Romney’s case I figured maybe the GOP keeps the Senate and he became leader replacing wretched Mitch. Even Romney would have Trouble winning the nomination against Buttigieg….much less Pence! Given that I go off historical metrics and my assessment thus far, It’s siginficantly unlikely for Trump to win barring some significant voter fraud or tampering, which Intel agencies are going all out to prevent just like the 2018 midterms. I’m new to this astrology stuff but I’m intrigued to see how the end result compares to my data analysis. Interesting times ahead indeed! Appreciate your input as always.

          • I think I figured out why Pence is so happy in 2021. It’s maybe because he became the 46th POTUS(which I believe you alluded to) as a result of them impeaching or forcing Trump to resign like Nixon. Hence, Pence is the one handing over the Presidency at the inauguration to the new Dem. President(Buttigieg most likely). I’m anticipating an updated reading for Stacey Abrams. Fascinating!

  7. I think why people like Harris as a candidate is that she has an assured and energetic presence that could stand up to Trump on a debate stage and not have him suck up all the energy or intimidate her.

  8. If you carefully weed through all the press on Harris, you’ll notice some unsavory history that contradicts her claims, such as her policy to prosecute parents for their kids truancy, her refusal to go after Herbal Life, despite the pyramid scheme taking advantage of the Latinx community.
    Don’t let her heritage fool you. You can’t elect someone base on their race any more than prejudice against someone for the same: they are two sides of the same coin.
    Majorie, do you see in Harris’s chart that would suggest that the press is favoring her for some unknown reason?

  9. Harris’s bounce was in large part due to the exchange with Biden. She comes across as congenial and feisty which will get her far but her shifty policy positions will be her downfall. Buttigieg’s authenticity perception will likely get him the nomination. He and Harris’s personality are not compatible so he’ll most likely choose Abrams as running mate.

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