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The Democrats who were way ahead in the polls have been sliding backwards. It’s what’s known in polite circles as counter-intuitive since the unseemly fracas around Kavanaugh with crass dismissals of allegations by Trump et al would in normal times have swung the dial the other way; never mind the bombshell expose of the NY Times on Trump’s early financial tap dancing with his father’s money which seems to have sunk without leaving a dent.

There’s too many charts to wade through them all, so I’ll stick to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Minority leaders in Senate and Congress. Nancy Pelosi, 26 March 1940, looks depressed until November 1 with tr Pluto square her Sun/Saturn midpoint; and insecure and over-stretched and irritable with tr Uranus conjunct her Saturn and her Sun/Mars from mid October to November 6th – very over wrought. She does have tr Jupiter trine her Pluto over the result which looks like minor cheer but also a couple of Saturn transits to her Aries Sun and her Jupiter/Neptune midpoint which won’t help lift her spirits.

Chuck Schumer, 23 November 1950, looks equally stressed and disheartened in the run up but again will get a minor boost from tr Jupiter conjunct his Sagittarius Sun from November 8th and tr Jupiter square his Jupiter over the election on the 6th. But these are mild influences, which wouldn’t indicate (without birth times) a resounding landslide.

Barack Obama has tr Jupiter sextile his Jupiter in early November but not much else of note. Hillary Clinton has an undermining tr Neptune opposition her Jupiter/Uranus in November; with a small uptick from tr Jupiter trine her Sun/Uranus over the election though an aggravated tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Uranus as well.

Joe Manchin, the only Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh has a sinking tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint so he doesn’t look happy.

Susan Collins equally looks unpopular over the election and under pressure with tr Saturn conjunct her Sun/Venus; and tr Pluto square her Sun/Pluto – and it all looks downhill for her from early 2019 right through till 2022.

Trump has tr Saturn square his Neptune and tr Neptune opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint which look worrisome, uncertain and disappointing as well as deceptive.

Coming from behind is never a bad thing in elections since it pulls some voters out who wouldn’t have bothered if their party looked like a slam dunk; and polls can be miles apart from the result anyway. But it looks like a fair amount of discontentment all round.

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  1. Marjorie,

    thank you for answering my question regarding the midterm elections. Hopefully, things will get better for Democrats as we get closer to the elections. Historically speaking, midterm elections have been a referendum on the party in charge and the person sitting in the White House. I remember your October 2nd post about Grassley, McConnell, and Graham not looking too happy this November. I can only imagine this having some relation to the outcome of the midterm elections.

  2. There always seems to be an election, campaigning for an election or a confirmation in the US. Looking at the history of American Politics to demystify my brain, I discovered that the President’s party has only twice gained seats in the midterm elections. If major legislative tasks aren’t completed before the midterm elections they probably won’t happen because the composition of Congress can dramatically change.Rather like having a Conservative PM with a Labour majority in Parliament ? In any case, History tells us that it is highly likely that the party out of power will gain seats and coupled with the astrology the information appears more reliable than the polls. When we were subjected to a Scottish referendum, an EU referendum, a change of PM and our Dancing Queen then called another General Election it felt quite damaging and divisive. There must be some voter fatigue in the US although comparisons are odious.

  3. There were some polls showing an uptick in enthusiasm for R voters, but that has already ebbed and Dems actually seem to be running the same 13-point or so “generic ballot” advantage they had before all this happened. I trust this guy, who takes all the polls, conducts a kind of meta-analysis and delivers his own take. He had Hilary favored but Trump with a very solid chance of winning and in the final days was writing about how a “split vote” between the popular vote and electoral college looked increasingly likely. Here’s his main politics page right now:

    • He currently (October 12th) has Democrats gaining a 25 seat majority in House, but the likeliest outcome for Senate would be a 51-49 split for Republicans. I think RNC sees it too, they dropped funding for 6 candidates yesterday. Three are in Pennsylvania.

  4. Looking at the transits for Election Day, November 6th, I tend to think that at least one national governing institution will change party control. tr. Mercury in Sagittarius will be opposing the natal US Uranus in Gemini, which suggests a radical change in attitudes or opinions. At the very least, it could suggest some upsets in key races. tr. Saturn in Capricorn will be opposing the US natal Jupiter in Cancer, which suggests restrictions for the incumbent executive. Legal matters might be coming to a heads for Trump.

    Uranus will retrograde back into Aries on the day of the election, where it will be close to making an opposition with Venus, also in retrograde, in Libra. So women will likely be very active in his electoral cycle. We may see a wave of female candidates elected to office too. They will likely be the key change agents. Sun in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces, which is certainly a sympathetic influence. The Moon in Scorpio will be squaring the Moon’s nodal axis at 0 degrees of Leo/Aquarius, suggesting changes in attitudes or ideas. Earlier in the day, the Moon in Libra will be conjunct Mars, which suggests some type of underlying anger that will come to the surface. The mood of the people will be activist and restive.

  5. The mundane aspects around the USA election time are interesting. Mercury turns retrograde on 11/17, on election day it is at 6 Sagittarius, returns to that degree on 11/26 (retro) and also on 12/19 (direct). This makes me think certain races may not be decided until December. Additionally, Venus turns direct on 11/15 at 25 Libra. Transiting Moon will be close to 25 Libra around the time some polls are closing I believe (if I read the ephemeris correctly). On 11/6, election day, Venus will be retrograde at around 27 Libra, crossing that point again by direct motion around 11/28 (see Mercury note).

    Not sure how to interpret all of this, but it seems as though the time will be interesting and likely follow what Marjorie has stated in this post.

    • Thanks. I had forgotten they sometimes didn’t declare immediately. From recollection some of the GOP charts are unhappy towards later November. See McConnell, Grassley etc post 2 October below.

      • I wonder also if this doesn’t somehow involve the Supreme Court, given the posts regarding that institution as well as the new justice that was recently confirmed. Seems like the choreography of everything fits together into one nasty mix. Ah well, the times leading up to a Pluto return are never just a walk in the park.

        • This will, most definitely, involve Supreme Court. Pluto was in the 9 th house of Justice on Trump Inauguration Chart, squaring Uranus in the 12th. I was immediately wary of this aspect many Astrologers chose to ignore, as well as all 8th house (finance) Saturn square 11th house Mars and Venus (and Chiron). 11th house is house of Parliament, and there really hasn’t been and can’t be all this strain between Trump Admin and Congress as long as Republicans hold both houses.

    • Mercury goes OOB on the 6th November and remains that way when Mercury stations on the 17th. Donald Trump’s own Mercury is OOB. If this has the same effect as OOB Rx Mars had on Putin’s natal OOB it could mean that he isn’t going to get away with something he normally does; in his case it’s Mercury so perhaps it’s something he says 🙂

      • Forgot to mention Jupiter, which symbolically has a lot of power over Mercury here. Mercury enters the shadow period on the 29th when it’s in exact conjunction with Jupiter, then immediately goes into Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter almost appears to pull Mercury back, first in retrograde motion, then back into the Sun’s influence within the ecliptic. Both the Sun and Jupiter then pass and overtake Mercury. Something legal or moral? Mercury gets a double pass through Antares, the “Heart of the Scorpion”, known to the Greeks as the Mars rival or anti-Mars.

  6. The best we can do is vote and encourage others to vote for senators and congressional candidates that will work for the people and not their party. Republicans in general have shown appalling actions and clearly for their party and selves. It’s truly shameful! A change is needed and needed now before we loose our rights. We are not a mob, we are exercising our right to “disagree” and demonstrate this as protest in a group, large at that. I fear for our future and for generations to come if our voices aren’t heard for change this November. Please vote for change, a democratic senate and congress will a
    at least be a checks and balance as it was meant to be!

  7. I have to say, at this pount, I’m only looking at Nov 6th chart, and I think that one still supports “change”.

    Polling is crazy, though, because people do not have set ideas. Republican “surge” was on Friday. But polls yesterday (Wednesday) showed Democrats 13 points ahead in General Polling, the biggest lead since 2006. The stockmarket going down won’t help Republicans either, no matter how much they try to pin this to Fed.

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