Defeating ISIS not all good news for Europe



Defeating ISIS in the Middle East could have a blowback as some of their jihadists will return to Europe. Even a small number could cause a serious threat according to the EU’s Security Commissioner. ISIS have already lost a quarter of their territory in Syria and Iraq and are (maybe) on the brink of losing Mosul.

The ISIS 15 Oct 2006 chart does show increasing pressures continuing on from 2016’s tr Uranus opposition Venus Sun and Mars through 2017; with tr Pluto joining in to square the Venus. Though they can’t be written off overnight. Tr Pluto sextile the Jupiter in 2018/19 looks suspiciously upbeat, though by that time tr Pluto will be square their Libra Sun. It might take till 2020 when tr Pluto will be square the Mars.

The EU’s relationship chart with ISIS is inherently stressed and disruptive with a composite Yod of Pluto (Saturn) sextile Neptune inconjunct Uranus. That is being jolted this year and into Jan 2017 by tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn; and more so in 2018/19 as tr Uranus opposes the composite Pluto; with an almighty upheaval come 2021/2 as tr Pluto is trine the focal point Uranus.

3 thoughts on “Defeating ISIS not all good news for Europe

  1. Sriram, Aleister Crowley, murderess Ruth Ellis and Heinrich Himmler (Nazi overseer of concentration camps) were all Sun Libras. There are always negative and positive examples from all signs. ISIS has its Libra Sun conjunct Mars, sextile Saturn and sextile Pluto as well as trine Neptune – which is aggressive, hard, a touch of the megalomaniacs with a greedy, super-indulgent Jupiter in Scorpio in a delusional T square to Neptune opposition Saturn. That Mars Saturn Pluto Neptune – is brutal and perverse.

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    How is it that a brutal terrorist organization like ISIS has Venus, Sun & Mars in Peace and Harmony loving, Venus ruled Sign of Justice, Libra ? It is the very opposite of the nature of the Sign itself.

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