Danny Boyle – unhitched from Bond



Danny Boyle, director of Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and the 2012 London Olympic spectacle, has pulled out of the next James Bond movie after ‘creative differences.’ Initially it was said over script differences but it appears casting disagreements may also have been a problem between himself and the producers, Barbra Broccoli, Daniel Craig and Michael J Wilson.

Born 20 October 1956, Boyle is a Sun Libra with an enthusiastic Mars in creative Pisces opposition Venus Jupiter in Virgo; a tough-minded Pluto square Saturn; and an equally determined and innovative Uranus square Neptune and trine Saturn. Tr Neptune is conjunct his Mars this year, running on until late December which isn’t usually successful and he’s facing a seriously stuck 2019/2020, only picking up his mojo again by 2021.

He was a tricky fit with all three producers.  His Mars is conjunct Craig’s Pisces Sun and his Mercury opposition Craig’s unyielding Mars Saturn in Aries; with both their Pluto and Jupiters sitting on top of each other – multiple arguments and struggles for the upper hand.

Boyle’s Libra Sun opposes Barbara Broccoli’s Mars for another competitive clash. And Michael J Wilson’s ultra-determined Sun opposition Pluto square Mars in Taurus collides with Boyle’s Uranus square Neptune. It was always going to be a bubbling cauldron even by film industry standards.

Barbara Broccoli 18 June 1960 9.55 am Santa Monica, CA. Wilson 21 January 1942 NY.

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