Daniel Wozniak – loser whose greedy envy cost two lives



Daniel Wozniak, a community actor, has been sentenced to death for the murder of Sam Herr, an Army veteran, whom he killed to steal $60,000 for his wedding/honeymoon cruise and to pay off his debts. He dismembered the victim’s body, and then cold bloodedly planned and murdered a girl friend of Herr’s, staging her death to look as if Herr raped her to throw authorities off his trail. Just grim. He was arrested the day before his wedding.

Born 23 March 1984 (internet sources) in Long Beach, California, Wozniak is an Aries Sun square Neptune Jupiter in Capricorn – so impulsive, over-confident, lazy, delusional, fond of money. His Sun was also inconjunct Pluto in Scorpio, giving him problems with power and control. Saturn and Mars are also in Scorpio, so vengeful and determined.

When he committed the murders in 2010 tr Pluto was in a pressured square to his Sun; and more pointedly his Solar Arc Pluto had moved to conjunct his Mars – so his resentful Mars was being pounded by dominating Pluto. Mars Pluto can be brutal, ruthless and destructive as well as hugely frustrated.

His natal Sun/Mars and Mars/Pluto midpoints are stressed with Mars/Pluto conjunct his Saturn and = Neptune; and his Sun/Mars square his Pluto and = Uranus. So undercurrents of great anger.

He wanted what he hadn’t earned and took it in the most inhumane and amoral way. His can-be-mad 7th Harmonic is very strong; as is his love-of-money, and in his case power, 9H which ties together Neptune Pluto Jupiter Venus; and his self-destructive 10H is equally aggressive.

He’ll probably now sit on death row for years. Not that I approve of the death sentence but if anyone deserves it, he does.

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  1. Marjorie- will it ever be discovered who murdered Joan Benet Ramsey? Please, your astrological thoughts? Also, I love your website. You are the best! Thanks, Cecilia

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