Dale Winton – a jokey Gemini with a sad past



Dale Winton’s unexpected death at 62 has brought an outpouring of regret and affection from the public and friends.  A |UK daytime TV presenter and DJ, he was universally liked for his friendliness and self-deprecatingly jokey approach. Though he admitted to suffering from depression and had health issues in recent years.

Born 22 May 1955 Nottingham, England at 2 pm (time unverififed), his parents split when he was a child, his father dying when he was 13, and his actress mother committing suicide when he was 21.   He had his Sun, Mercury, Mars spread out through Gemini – a sign often associated with light entertainment. With a lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer. His Mars Mercury were in a showbizzy trine to Neptune, sextiling onto an influential Pluto. Though his Pluto sextile Mars and square Saturn in Scorpio did point to a darker side to his temperament.

If the birth time is accurate then his Moon is unaspected. Geoffrey Dean (Recent Advances in Natal Astrology) found this to be  traumatic psychologically since the Moon offers comfort and security and without integration in the chart the individual will be hyper-sensitive and extremely vulnerable at a feeling level.

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  1. Very sad. He had gone through a bad breakup in the months before his death and admitted that he had a tin ear when it came to choosing partners, explaining “if they’ve got emotional problems, sign me up.” His sensual taurean venus is in the eighth house (he only came out at the age of 45) squares 5th house Chiron – not a happy recipe for relationships, plus his spending habits were somewhat impulsive.

    He apparently told friends how much he hated the prospect of growing old, which with all that Gemini at the top of the chart is unsurprising with Gemini’s tendency to identify with the ‘puer aeternus’. With all that Plutonic energy in the twelth, no wonder he was flooded with darkness at times.

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