Colin & Livia Firth – wrong kind of publicity



Never believe red carpet smiles and cuddles. It now transpires that Colin Firth and his Italian wife Livia were separated during several togetherness-outings onto the paparazzi-walk last year. All of which has emerged since she reported an Italian journalist whom she was having an affair with during their spousal time apart for stalking her after she broke up with him and returned to Firth.

Colin Firth, born 10 September 1960; Livia Giuggioli, 4 September 1969.

This makes them both Sun Virgos. He with Pluto, North Node and Mercury also in Virgo; she with Pluto. Her Venus is in Leo and his in Libra which isn’t a bad combo at all. His Moon is in steady Taurus while hers is in restless Gemini.

It is an odd match. She describes herself as a ‘ball-breaker’ and she certainly has a challenging chart with Mars in Sagittarius probably opposition her Moon and square Pluto, so controlling and ultra-determined. Her Pluto is conjunct Colin’s Mercury with her Mars in square – so she’ll tend to dominate discussions. His Mars opposes Jupiter squaring onto his Mercury, which will make him enthusiastic, optimistic, quite nervy with a focal point Mercury. Her Saturn in Taurus opposes his Neptune for uncertainties and suspicion and her cool  Saturn may conjunct his Moon, certainly is trine his Pluto. Her Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus is conjunct his Venus – so a superficially glamorous connection though a widely travelled schedule will suit, giving her space. His Neptune is square her Venus – so she’ll have problems pinning him down.

Their relationship chart would make you wonder how they’ve stayed together this long. There is a composite Venus, Uranus, Sun, Pluto opposition Saturn possibly square Moon – so a constant roller-coaster; chained-together by Saturn Pluto; possessive from Sun Pluto; but disruptive with differing agendas from Saturn and Sun close to Uranus. There is an idealistic, head-in-the-clouds Jupiter Neptune. It has had tr Neptune in an undermining opposition to the composite Venus Uranus and conjunct Saturn recently and tr Neptune is now moving to oppose Sun Pluto through this year and next. So the future looks highly uncertain.


2 thoughts on “Colin & Livia Firth – wrong kind of publicity

  1. That is one tough composite. I’d note that her Mercury Uranus conjunction would undoubtedly crave a more quick witted or witty partner.

  2. With his venus in Libra, I doubt Colin could bear being single for long. If they had time out, he likely had an affair too.
    Venus in Libra doesn’t do alone. His first relationship crumbled when he left Canada to film in Europe. Colin is an actor and not Mr Darcy.

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