Coleen v Rebekah – a story for our age

“This has been a burden on my life for several years” tweets Coleen Rooney, wife of footballing bad-boy Wayne. Nope, not his straying, drinking etc or even the world meltdown but a friend she suspected of giving stories to the press, gleaned from her private Instagram account. She set a trap over five months blocking all but one friend from her account and then planting false stories to see if they appeared. She then announced it was Rebekah Vardy’s Instagram account that was the guilty one. Leading to a raft of WAGatha Christie jokes. Vardy, another footballer’s wife, has denied the allegation saying several people had access to her account and promised to set up a forensic investigation to track down the culprit. She has cut short her Dubai holiday because of the crisis.

Less a storm in a teacup, more a typhoon in a teaspoon – involving two entirely forgettable women. What the Daily Mail described as “ the spat of the decade; two WAGS at war on social media, with millions tuning in”

Coleen Rooney, 3 April 1986, is a feisty Sun Aries square a publicity-loving Mars Neptune and trine a canny Saturn in Sagittarius; She has an emotionally possessive Venus in Taurus opposition Pluto perhaps square an Aquarius Moon.

Rebekah, 17 February 1982, is expecting her third child with her present top-notch footballer husband, having gone through two husbands before and acquired another two children. One of her ex-boyfriends said she ditched him to ‘upgrade’ to seriously wealthy Vardy. She’s a late Sun in Aquarius trine a formidable Pluto Saturn conjunction in Libra with her Saturn conjunct Mars – a stormy lady whose life will have been filled with drama. Her Venus in Capricorn is also square Pluto, Saturn, Mars – so she’ll be emotionally very intense. Her Moon is Sagittarius. By all accounts she had a tough start in life with a poor childhood and abuse.

There’s not much crossover with Coleen, without birth times, except for Rebekah’s Jupiter conjunct Coleen’s Pluto which will lead to a touch of one-upmanship jousting. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun trine Mars and Saturn which wouldn’t foster cosy friendship; and a needs-space composite Sun Venus square Uranus. It’s definitely on a downhill slide with tr Neptune dissolving the foundations through the recent past and 2020.

Coleen looks edgy at the moment, perhaps even obsessed, with her Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Saturn; but 2020 will bring a definite bounce with her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Sun.

Rebekah on the other hand isn’t in a good place with a significant upset now with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Uranus; and Solar Arc Saturn Mars creaking across the square to her Sun for a couple of years; plus tr Pluto square her Saturn and then Pluto at the same time. But she’ll recover some of her mojo after mid 2020 with tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter.

All a nonsense about nothing at all – and nobodies. Worse than the Kardashians.


7 thoughts on “Coleen v Rebekah – a story for our age

  1. When the UK and the world are falling apart at the seams; I think it is so important when the press start focusing on the really important issues of the age!

  2. Absolutely, they’re both no marks. But I’ve Gotta say Rebekah’s chart is a toughie. It can’t ever be too easy living some of those aspects out. Esp relationship wise.

  3. At least it created WAGatha Christie, Wagney & Lacey, Waggart etc. What I find incredulous is that the villain of this spat, Rebakah Vardy, is actually experiencing a full-on Pluto horror transit squaring her natal Mars Saturn conjunction in Libra, and conjunct her south node in Capricorn as this story broke – destroying(?) her public reputation in the process. Yesterday the transiting Moon was Aquarius hovering over her natal Sun in late Aquarius. The astrology was definitely activated.

  4. Oh, this is most likely staged “Influencer Feud”. I had never heard of Rebekah Vardy and was only marginally aware of Colleen Rooney before. But I googled them and *of course* they both have good, and I’d say in Colleen’s case even impressive, size Instagram following on their public accounts. I am not familiar with these accounts, but if they post with any regularity, they earn easily six figures (anc in Colleen case closer to half a million) a year, plus tons of “PR gifts” simply through this. What’s really interesting is that controversialities tend to augment their following and therefore their sales. Beauty Youtubers – whose content has now all but replaced traditional print and tv adds as the driver of cosmetic sales -, are particularly notarious for their feuds. Jeffree Star earns 18 million $ a year from Youtube by stirring controversy among the community (not to mention his licensed cosmetics line, which people queueu to get).

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