Clintons en famille – criss cross web of tensions



Yet another book on Hillary Clinton by Ed Stein (Guilty as Sin) has dropped nuggets of gossip about the tangled relationships between Hillary, daughter Chelsea and aide Huma Abedin.

According to Stein, Chelsea dislikes Huma and Hillary is rarely warm towards Chelsea except in public. The relationship chart between Chelsea and ‘second daughter’ Huma is certainly rippling with dislike from a composite Mars Saturn; an uncompromising Sun opposition Uranus; and a game-playing for the upper hand Jupiter square Pluto. So that sounds accurate.

Chelsea, whose 9th house Moon is unaspected apart from an awkward quincunx to her Pisces Sun, wouldn’t get much nurturing from either parent frankly. Her relationship chart with her mother has a composite Sun trine Saturn Uranus, so work first and fairly separated and erratic; and a gentler Moon trine Venus. But the composite Moon is also square Saturn (Uranus) – so not exactly overflowing with maternal feelings. Chelsea’s relationship with her father is just as sticky with a composite Sun square Saturn Uranus; and an aggravating, frustrating Mars Pluto sextile Venus – so it’ll blow very hot and cold between them.

Chelsea’s personal chart has tr Pluto square her Mars/Uranus and Jupiter/Uranus midpoints now and through till early December which is a mix of extreme pressure and nervous tension as well as great relief and good luck. But at the same time tr Neptune is opposition her Saturn/MC and square her Uranus/Neptune till January which is undermined and stressed. 2017 has some very disconcerting and discouraging Neptune transits to three of her Saturn midpoints.

Huma Abedin is having a panicky, failure-ridden 2017 with tr Neptune opposition her Mars which suggests this email scandal may not lie down and die quietly, given that she gave evidence she handed everything over months ago. She does look relieved late this month through till January but thereafter – not good. And her relationship with Hillary is certainly under sagging and separating stars ahead.

Oddly enough Huma’s Mars in Virgo is conjunct her former husband Anthony Weiner’s Sun Pluto Uranus in Virgo – which is a very aggravated mix. He’d completely stifle her or as well as throw her off balance.

Hillary’s relationship chart with Bill is not entirely lyrical through January 2017 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars, so disappointment there for whatever reason.

Political dynastic families are every bit as dysfunctional as Royal ones.


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  1. Marjorie: Thanks so much for sharing this information about about the biography and the astrology of the Clinton family relationships. I guess it is my naivete that makes it so surprising when ambitious people marry for seemingly strategic reasons. I have also noticed that in the last decade or so although it probably has been forever, that when famous actors or politicians have either a movie or themselves to promote, they or someone in their immediate family has a child or grandchild around promotion time. When Chelsea had her child, I cynically thought part of the reason was to soften Hillary’s image. How unfortunate for Chelsea’s child (children). Are there any astrology indicators that illustrate when children are born for less than noble purposes? Sorry for the odd questions, but it always disturbs me when children are used for such selfish reasons. I think they must pay a terrible price!

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