Christopher Hemsworth – Mars Pluto rides into battle



Christopher Hemsworth gives his best performance yet, according to previews for his latest movie 12 Strong, a post-9/11 war drama about US special forces soldiers in Afghanistan who rode into battle on horseback, forming a close bond with an Afghan warlord.

After years of blockbuster success in Thor, and other movies, he’s in a position to make his presence felt in the decision-making process; has the full A-list paraphernalia of Sexiest Man Alive awards, gzillions of social media fans and a more than healthy bank account. He’s returned to his native Australia to give his three children the kind of carefree childhood he had, growing up part of the time in the outback where his father worked as a social-services counsellor. He and his two brothers were left to their own devices. He said in an interview: “We were rabid dogs sent out into the forest to forage for food. We were very physical, very competitive. We lived in the bush, not the suburbs – and we’d entertain ourselves by hurting each other. Or hurting ourselves.”

Born 11 Aug 1983, Melbourne, Australia, he is a Sun Leo; with a fierce and fiery Mars in Cancer in a formidably tough square to Saturn Pluto and trine Jupiter Uranus. He looks a touch downbeat over the next two or three months with Neptune transits to midpoint, but will be set for a mega-success after this in 2019 when his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Jupiter. Next year he stars in Marvel’s Avengers Infinity Wars with another planned for the following year.

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