China – the dragon limping like everyone else



China along with everywhere else is experiencing economic pain of unprecedented levels because of the virus. Though indications are it may fare marginally better than some countries.

The 1 October 1949 3.15pm chart is surprisingly light on information, apart from the restrictive Saturn Pluto conjunction bearing down on the 12th house Jupiter till late year. There will be aggravation from 2021 to 2023 with tr Uranus square the 7th house Mars, then Pluto and opposition the Venus – which could be trouble with neighbours as well as finances from Venus.

The 1 January 1912 Republic chart is more informative with a devastating tr Pluto opposition Neptune and in a high-risk and frustrating trine to Mars this year, extending into 2021. With the Solar Arc Sun conjunct the North Node and in a ‘shock’ square to the Uranus this year. 2022 looks especially stressed and unstable with tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus and a Solar Arc Neptune opposition Saturn – though that could also coincide with a massive natural disaster. Uranus Neptune on this chart is prone to earthquakes. Tr Pluto is in the turbulent, revolutionary conjunction to the China 1912 Uranus through 2023 as well. It’s likely to be a challenging and critical time for China.

Xi Jinping first took over as President on 14 March 2013 at 11.51 am which was when a Jupiterian Yod was in place inconjunct Saturn sextile Pluto – hinting at grandiose plans ahead, rooted in repression from Saturn Pluto. That chart hints at ructions in 2021 with tr Uranus opposition Saturn, on one leg of the Yod, as well as an undermining tr Neptune conjunct the Term Sun. Similarly uncertain influences will affect his 2nd Term chart, 24 October 2017 12.30 pm with tr Saturn square the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury over coming months into 2021; at the same time as a panicky and uncertain tr Neptune square Moon and Saturn in 2020/21. And major upheaval from tr Pluto square the Uranus in 2021/22.

His own chart, 15 June 1953, has parallel influences with his Gemini Sun catching the tr Neptune square in 2021; and his Solar Arc Uranus squaring his Sun in 2022 for a major jolt.

No country is going to escape the post-virus trauma.

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  1. Could 1949 chart not being very representative of what’s going on in China be explained by the same thing I’ve noticed with Italy – 1861 seems better for National ethos and “fated” events, while 1948 chart is uncanny for “planned” events, for instance political and, to some extend, economical development? Therefore, China 1912 would show epidemy outbreak, and 1949 would be The Party response. This would certainly be reflective in the near past events. I’m thinking of how Chinese Central Committee acted globally after 2008 Financial Crisis. This was really where they became players in financial sector, with many actors struggling.

    Following this reasoning, I would actually be expecting serious fallout on party system around the time Saturn properly hits Moon – in Aquarius, as US Moon, but US Moon is late degree of the sign – and Ascendant next year.

    • That’s very interesting Solaia. So the charts would be a bit like a musical chord or progression I imagine. Saturn hits the 1949 China Aquarius Moon in 2021 as you say – maybe this is the opening theme? By June 2021 Saturn will square the 1912 Saturn in Taurus, with tr Uranus in Taurus conjunct it. Pluto is almost conjunct the 1912 Uranus, and tr Mars in Cancer opposes that Uranus. We could probably say this might be a natural disaster of some kind, and also shows significant tension between established ways of doing things, and a big upheaval for the “status quo”. The Leo Mars in China, 1949, is also in line for Saturn/Uranus.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. The 1912 China chart does seem more descriptive in some ways – all the earthy pragmatism and focus on money. Where lockdown has been lifted some Chinese people are apparently “splurging on luxury brands” according to the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, new lockdowns are manifesting on the border with Russia. Very hard to know what’s really happening of course.

    Interesting too about the possibility of a major earthquake. I looked at the chart for 27 July 1976, when there was a devastating earthquake centred on Hebei. Jupiter at 26 Taurus was aligned with the disaster prone fixed star Algol, aspecting many of the planets in that 1912 chart, and just past 1912’s Mars. Pluto was squaring the 1912 Sun from Libra, and the Pisces MC of the earthquake chart just past the exact square to the 1912 Pluto in Gemini.

    • It’s surprisingly helpful the 1912 chart much more so than the 1949, though earlier charts are usually more resonant to events. The May 2008 earthquake also shows up ‘well’ on the 1912 chart. A pity there is an ancient China chart it might be more helpful with rise and falls of empires.

      • Yes, the history is fiendishly complicated. But I was thinking that while Mao Zedong declared the PRC in 1949, you could say the original impulse to dispense with the emperors came in the early 20th century, so might be more descriptive of the nation’s evolution. Similar shuffles and questions with Russia as well, though the revolutionary chart seems to work pretty well. Both locations now seem to have the equivalent of an emperor and a czar again…..

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