China 2016 – pulling through gradually into better times

China is facing the final year of a lengthy series of tr Pluto square tr Uranus attacking its 8th house Libra Sun, Mercury, Neptune, making for significant financial pressures. Only tr Pluto square Neptune remains, finishing in October 2016, which can produce feelings of devastation, either man-made or natural.

Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the China Venus now for a financial chill but that will move away through 2016.

There’ll be better luck, easing tension, from May 2016 onwards, on and off for a year as tr Uranus squares the China Jupiter; with more expansive risk-taking and less retraction in early 2017 with Solar Arc Mars square Jupiter.

By 2019 tr Pluto will conjunct the China Jupiter for two years of resounding financial success, so the dragon should have turned the corner by then.

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