Chancellor Hammond bracing for a setback



In the faint hope of finding a nugget of helpful info in the carnage of Brexit – Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, definitely a soft Brexiteer (if it happens at all) is looking decidedly agitated from mid this month and more so in the first three weeks of May with tr Uranus square his Uranus and then opposition his Mars in Scorpio. He’s also got a scary, trapped and acutely frustrated Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Mars around now or in coming months.

May looks an unpleasant month on various charts as tr Neptune moves to 18 degrees Pisces where it stays till mid August. It certainly looks devastating on Hammond’s relationship chart with Theresa May; and indeed on her relationship chart with Corbyn where it shows up as lies and shattered nerves. And it’s when the TMay Government chart really starts to dissolve into a puff of smoke with tr Neptune square the Full Moon.

Hammond will get his mojo back to a degree from mid this July; though the nerve-stretching and high-voltage jolting of tr Uranus hitting on his natal Uranus Mars continues over the winter into early 2020. Into 2020/2021 he looks more confident and go ahead.

Not sure if that adds anything to the mix.  But certainly a major setback coming for him.


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  1. Crikey, those are some heavy going transits. I’ve seen people rage quit jobs under tr Uranus opp Mars, albeit they were younger (and not chancellor!)

  2. Theresa May formed the current government when she visited Buckingham Palace at 12:30 pm on 9 June 2017 and made her acceptance speech outside number 10 at 13:14. The Sun was at 18° Gemini near the MC and Moon is at 18° Sagittarius in opposition at that time. Both are about to make a hard angle with Neptune at 18° Pisces. I cant really see the government surviving but if the turnout and voting swings shown by the result of the Newport West By Election are to be believed then the Labour opposition is not much more popular with the voters. I would think both parties would be cautious about wanting a General Election when the omens are so uncertain. The Tories definitely wont want Theresa May leading them into a polling campaign after her dire performance on the stump in 2017

    Of course, the big unknown is whether the UK is going to participate in the EU elections in May 2019. Among all the furore over Brexit it tends to be forgotten that the UK is not the only country in Europe where the established parties have big problems. Neptune is moving to square Saturn at 19° Sagittarius in the original 1958 EEC Chart over the next year as well

    • If not an election, what about a Tory leadership election? And if so, who do you think would be thew likely next Tory leader?

      • Unfortunately for the Conservative party Rees Mogg and co slammed the door shut on that prospect for 12 months in last year leaving the party stuck with Theresa May until the end of 2019. The only way they will get a leadership is if TM voluntarily resigns or gets run over by a steamroller. The endless miscalculations by Tory politicians of all stripes since David Cameron called the EU Referendum has been a wonder to behold. They would surely have been in the political scrapheap by now if the Labour Party was not even more divided.

    • “Of course, the big unknown is whether the UK is going to participate in the EU elections in May 2019. Among all the furore over Brexit it tends to be forgotten that the UK is not the only country in Europe where the established parties have big problems. Neptune is moving to square Saturn at 19° Sagittarius in the original 1958 EEC Chart over the next year as well.”

      Nothing like in The UK, where very established parties are ripping themselves apart over a completely made up issue. What’s going on in The UK is a systematic failure, really, not seen in a Western Democracy since Italy in the early 1990’s, where main parties are annihilating themselves. I don’t see this happening elsewhere in Europe.

      Also, I’m also going to go slightly against the tide here and say that “establishment parties” will be gaining ground in the next couple of years. There’s Taurus in Uranus, after all. In Sweden, there was a lot of talk about Sweden Democrats becoming vital opposition balance of power party. But they have been largely inefficient even in steering the public discourse to the direction they want. It seems that the public can only handle one emergency at the time, and right now, it’s the environment (also very Uranus in Taurus), with those widespread forest fires in Sweden last summer really making it clear to people climate patterns are changing. Finland has elections next week, and it’s quite possible Sweden Democrats sister party will become even the second largest party. But there’s an interesting and, up to a year or two ago unsuspected return of Social Democrats. Green Party will probably also make a strong showing, and while Governmental Negociations won’t be easy, my two cents go to a leftist coalition Government. In Italy, two “populist” parties in Government are tearing each other apart. They are not polling well among the very people they aimed to please – entrepreneurs running smaller business. La Lega is polling stronger than M5S, but in recent local elections, “the traditional” right wing party candidates have won with the support of La Lega votership, rather than the other way around. While ousting Di Maio from M5S leadership is coming very soon, people start to tire of Salvini, who seems more interested in trolling internet than anything else (it was recently shown he spends really little time at Viminale, taking care of the business he should take care of). I’d say that some incarnation of Berlusconi’s original Forza Italia – studied on a desk to keep the country from descending to chaos in the early 1990’s, I hope I’ll live to see some of the CIA files from the period released, because they will be interesting.

      But overall, I think effects of this Neptune will be very different in Europe than they are in Britain.

      • Well I cant speak for all European countries but that EEC Saturn being squared by Neptune looks like some structure in the initial EEC chart being challenged with dissolution. The positive might be that Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces leading to new ways forward. I am not entirely convinced about British ‘exceptionalism’, an idea strangely popular with hard Brexiteers. It shares most of the political, social and economic problems of its European neighbours, just seen through a slightly different historical perspective.

      • I don’t agree with brexit, but I would be careful about framing it as a “made up issue”; a lot of people’s concerns weren’t listened to and many suffered under austerity for the mistakes of the bankers etc.

        Uranus in Taurus, at it’s worst, may be the establishment getting pushed to the outer fringes of their own parties, we don’t know yet but best be aware. Populism and disinformation are problems everywhere right now, but the particular struggle in the UK is entryism on both sides. It may be that a system dominated by two parties is particularly prone to this at the moment, but extremism is sadly on the rise across the world. It’s not safe to think “It won’t happen here” any more. Remember when terrorism and football hooliganism were dismissed in the 80’s as “British problems”?

        From the Sydney Morning Herald a couple of weeks ago:

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