Cecil Rhodes – two sides to a man of his time

Oxford students are up in arms about Cecil Rhodes statue (founder of Rhodesia) remaining erect within the hallowed confines since they claim he was a bigoted racist. There’s a counter-argument in today’s Times (behind a pay wall).
His biographer said “as a young man he had related directly and well to unlettered Zulu. Throughout his life he remained sympathetic and responsive to the needs of individual persons of colour”.
He did believe the black Africans were generally inferior, but in terms of cultural development, not biology; and when in South Africa he espoused general franchise (voting) under the principle of “equal rights to every civilised man south of the Zambesi”.

My last post from 2010 (see in search) was taken from wiki, so some amendment in order.

He was born 5 July 1853 7pm Hereford, England and was a New Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces, sextiling onto Uranus in Taurus – so certainly visionary and innovative. With Neptune also on the focal point of a T square to an adventurous Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Mars.

He would certainly be patriotic with a New Moon in Cancer and Neptune can be cold but it isn’t a brutal, hate-filled or superior chart.
He had a strong 5th Harmonic – creating something tangible in his life. A leaving-a-legacy-for-history marked 17H; and a powerful 22H, which marks him out as a significant individual.

The town clerk of Bulawayo when asked about digging up Rhodes’ grave and removing his bones from Zimbabwe said – “It is the Taliban who destroy history – and I am not a Taliban. After Rhodes’s grave, who is next?”

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