Richard Harris – driven by demonic energy

Ghosts from the past are revived with the Sky documentary eulogy from three sons to their late father, hell-raiser Richard Harris. He was a poet, philosopher and singer, as well as an actor with a relentless thirst for booze, renowned as much for his epic drinking and rambunctious love life as for his considerable talent.  His career unsurprisingly suffered and hit a low point playing Bo Derek’s old man in Tarzan, The Ape Man (1981). Latterly he returned to prominence as Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies.

  Early in his career, he was said to have had affairs with the Empress Soraya of Iran, Merle Oberon, Faye Dunaway, Mia Farrow and Ava Gardner and he claimed ‘a brief affair with Princess Margaret’. He married twice but commitment was never his thing. “There is something in me that cannot sustain it. My restlessness was too enormous,” he once said, though he was devoted to his three sons from his marriage to Elizabeth Harris.

  Born 1 October 1930 at 11.20am in Limerick into a well-to-do family, he suffered tuberculosis as a child and was educated by Jesuits – both of which would be restrictive experiences.

He did have an extremely restless chart fuelled by an almost uncontainable dynamism and intensity. His Libra Sun opposed a rebellious Uranus square a downbeat Saturn in Capricorn but what marked out his chart as singular was a high-voltage and dominating Pluto, Mars, Jupiter conjunction in Cancer. He would crash through life like a Tyrannosaurus on steroids.   That formidable conjunction was square Uranus on one side and opposition a Capricorn Moon. What softened him marginally was Mercury in Virgo trine his Moon sextile Venus in Scorpio and his creative Neptune on his Midheaven. Though his Venus did trine Pluto Mars Jupiter so his passions would always overcome his milder instincts.

  Despite his protestations like his carousing buddies Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole that he drank because he enjoyed it, he may have been driven more by an underlying depression than he ever admitted. His Sun square Saturn matches Burton’s Scorpio Sun conjunct Saturn, and Peter o’Toole’s Leo New Moon opposition Saturn. All three were marked by unsettled Uranus Pluto aspects as well.

  He gave up drinking in 1981, having nearly died from a cocaine overdose three years earlier. In 1981 tr Pluto was square his Mars Pluto and about to move into his 12th. Maybe giving him insight into his unconscious drive for escapism.

 His two wives clearly were attracted like moths to a hot flame. Elizabeth Harris, 1 May 1936,who went on to marry the equally challenging Rex Harrison, had her Venus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer colliding with Harris’s Mars Pluto Jupiter. Even more hair-raising, Ann Turkel, 16 July 1946, had her Sun Saturn in Cancer conjunct his Mars Pluto Jupiter and square her Jupiter. Not surprisingly neither match lasted the course.

There also a biography of him just published.

South Africa – corruption dims the lights

King Charles’s first state visit as monarch is with Cyril Ramaphosa, president of South Africa, who has left a country blacked out by constant power cuts, with soaring unemployment (35%) and corruption allegations threatening to trigger his prosecution.

SA’s parliament is preparing to announce whether he should be impeached over his failure to report a theft of up to $4million in cash that had been stuffed into sofas at his private ranch which he said came from sales of rare cattle and game. Further allegations on other financial wrongdoing are ongoing. The euphoria which greeted his election after the corruption of Jacob Zuma has disappeared in tales of much of the same plus economic stagnation as well as rising crime and lawlessness.

  In recent times Ramaphosa has parroted Kremlin talking points to blame Nato’s eastward expansion for the Russian invasion of Ukraine and refused to back UN votes condemning it.

  He is likely to keep his ANC leadership job in the party election next month though he is weakened.

  What a tragedy for Mandela’s legacy.

  Ramaphosa, 17 November 1952, is a Sun Scorpio like Charles square Pluto – ultra determined, controlling and stubborn. Ramaphosa also has a Scorpio Moon and an indulgent, acquisitive Jupiter in Taurus. Plus an explosive Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus square Saturn Neptune. He’ll certainly be attracted to money but his Neptune Saturn handled correctly could have directed him towards creating a fairer society rather than going down the slippery and autocratic route. Saturn Neptune can indicate a conflict between the higher and lower nature.

 His luck will hold through January 2023 and he’ll push forward determinedly thereafter though his problems will mount from July 2023 onwards as tr Uranus starts to square his Pluto.

  His Term chart, 25 May 2019 11.30am, will be more down than up through 2023 but he’s not a temperament for giving in easily and will bulldoze ahead as long as he is allowed.

  The South Africa, 27 April 1994 11am chart is heading for its first Saturn Return in 2024, so perhaps (maybe??) a little decency might be brought to bear on governance. 2023 looks downbeat for the population.

  The 31 May 1910 chart hints at a revival of national morale in 2026/2027 which is echoed in the later chart as well. But a ways to go before then.

Brexit – first small steps towards a middle ground

Reality bites as support for Brexit has fallen to a record low of 32% as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt cautiously puts a toe in the waters of conciliation suggesting in time the trade barriers which have been erected post-2016 could be substantially removed while the UK still remains outside the single market. The Office for Budget Responsibility, the independent fiscal watchdog, said this week that the latest evidence showed Brexit had had “a significant adverse effect on UK trade”, cutting trade volumes and relationships between British and EU companies. And Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies think-tank added: “Very clearly Brexit was an economic own goal. Economically speaking that has been very bad news indeed.” 

  The economic impact of Brexit remains a taboo for the main UK political parties and the hardcore Brexiteers in the Tory Party (the ERG group, Hannan, Frost etc) would be incensed at any such shift. But this latest softening of attitude from No 10 might well be the trigger for a long-overdue split within the Tory Party, hiving off the extreme anti-EU faction.

  Whether or not the EU would be amenable even in the face of their own monumental economic problems to contemplate a pitch-n-patch ad hoc arrangement with the UK is another matter.

 The EU/UK relationship chart does show some signs of mellowing over the next few months but will run into shocks and blocks from April 2023, more so July onwards; with a chilly mood in 2024.  It may be 2025/26/27 before there is a significant shift onto a new footing.

 The Tory Party, 9 May 1912 party chart is facing a white knuckle ride over the next three years with a cage-rattling tr Uranus conjunct the Sun now and repeating early 2023; and a high-tension, crockery-throwing tr Uranus conjunct the Saturn from July 2023 into 2024 – as the old guard clashes with the forces for reform. That division will come to a head by 2025 when the Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the Tory Party Saturn.

  Through 2023/24 with tr Neptune square the Pluto there is a sense of Tory influence being undermined. The back-to-the-drawing-board for a complete rethink will come in 2025 with tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus.

  The anti-EU European Research Group (ERG) has exerted considerable pressure within the Tory Party since it was formed in July 1993 through the Maastricht negotiations. There is no exact date but Pluto was in Scorpio which was then opposition the Tory Party Sun and Saturn in Taurus setting the scene for a mighty power struggle. And the highly-strung (immune to rational argument) Uranus Neptune in Capricorn was also in place opposition the Tory Party Mars Neptune in Cancer.  When the Brexit referendum was held in 2016 tr Pluto in Capricorn square tr Uranus in Aries had been pounding away at the Tory Party Mars Neptune so it is a sensitive point – though there is nothing up and coming until 2027/28 to affect it.

  Of the die-hard Brexiteers David Frost looks panicky and disappointed through 2023; and Daniel Hannan looks edgy in 2024.  Intriguingly Frost, Hannan and Boris all have strong Jupiter Neptune aspects = over hopeful and according to Ebertin can attract scandal through instability. Farage is both upbeat and downcast – but he’d be pleased at anything that brought him back into the ring to fight.

  Political attitudes may change over the sobering three years of financial hardship ahead – on both sides of the channel – so by 2027 a different set of arrangements on trade may be possible.

Ukraine looking to retrieve a stolen Crimea

Ukraine has been heartened by their army’s success in forcing  Russian military to retreat from territory stolen during the war, notably from the key city of Kherson.  It lies just north of Crimea, and the defeat there represents a major setback to Putin’s dream of creating a land bridge from Russia to Crimea. Ukrainian officials view this as a precursor to taking Crimea back, which was illegally annexed by Putin in 2014. Zelensky has said there will be no peace until Ukraine has taken back Crimea.

  What is not good news is that Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure have left approximately 50 percent of the energy system out of order which coincides with the first snow. The fear is that repairs to the damage will be halted and Poland is preparing for an influx of refugees as Ukraine may become increasingly unlivable.

   The Crimea  Annexation Treaty was signed against international opposition on 18 March 2014 1.15 pm and that chart does have an undermining tr Neptune conjunct the Pisces Sun from May 2023 onwards and a high-tension, disruptive tr Uranus opposition the Saturn from July 2023 onwards – so there could be signs of it starting to collapse.  Though the major period of total upheaval would not come until 2027/29.

  Tamila Tasheva, the Ukrainian minister tasked with handling the Crimea problem looks to be having a tough and not altogether progressive three years ahead.

  Sergei Aksyonov, the Russia puppet governor of Crimea installed 9 October 2014, looks stressed ahead but not at total disaster point until mid 2024 and beyond.

  General Valeriy Zaluzhni, 8 July 1973, the head of the Ukrainian army, credited with running an astute and successful campaign in contrast to the Russians, is a Sun Cancer square Uranus and Mars in upfront Aries. He will have a surge of confidence and triumph early this December to mid January, and again late September and through October 2023. But he’ll also have moments of high uncertainty from May 2023 onwards as tr Neptune squares his Saturn.

  The Ukraine, 24 August 1991 2.31pm country chart will be forced to change tactics or direction with tr Uranus opposition the 10th house Pluto once more next April. Given the trickster nature of Uranus this can be change for the better as it was last month or being prompted by outside forces to accept that significant alterations in hopes and plans need to be adopted. Tr Neptune also returns to oppose the Ukraine Mars mid March for a few weeks and repeating later into early 2024 – that usually coincides with a panicky sense of failure.  The pressure on Zelensky looks fairly relentless through much of 2023 though like his military commander Zaluzhni he will be upbeat patches this December/January and through autumn 2023. 

  What is an interesting parallel is the Crimea War of 1853 when Russia lost to an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, France, the UK. It marked a turning point for the Russian Empire with a weakened Army, a drained treasury and lessening of Russia’s influence in Europe. The empire would take decades to recover. It started 16 October 1853 with Pluto at 1 degree Taurus. Tr Pluto by 2024 will be similarly at 1 degree of a Fixed Aquarius. Uranus was also as now in Taurus.

  Maybe I am being depressing but I’m not sure this will end in 2023. Hope I’m wrong but —- 

For previous Ukraine posts see in Search,

Tom Ford – a fashion trailblazer for a bygone age

Tom Ford has decided to hang up his tailor’s scissors for good having become disenchanted with the fashion business and selling out his eponymous beauty, eyewear and clothing brand for nearly $3 billion. He made his name transforming a near bankrupt Gucci into a fashion powerhouse before launching his own company in 2005. In recent years his focus has turned to movies and he directed two critically acclaimed films, A Single Man (2009) and Nocturnal Animals (2016).

  He was born 27 August 1961 in Texas which made for an uncomfortable childhood, given his lack of aptitude for sports or guns. Even then he dressed in what became his trademark well-groomed uniform of daily apparel. He engenders fierce loyalty amongst former employees who describe him as “incredibly exacting”, “insanely witty”, “kind”. Anna Wintour says of him, “he is an incredibly hard-working man with a wicked sense of humour who is the most loyal and kind friend.” “He’s driven,” says a former colleague. “You don’t get to be Tom Ford and sell a business for $2.3bn if you aren’t certain of what you want in life.” Recently he lost his husband and partner of 35 years after a long illness in September 2021. Together they had a son, Jack, by surrogate 10 years ago.

  He is a meticulous and controlling Sun Pluto in Virgo so will be focused on detail and that is sextile Neptune, hinting at his driving ambition. He has a ‘leadership’ Leo North Node close to an inventive Uranus which may be on the focal point of a Yod of Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn sextile a Pisces Moon. At best such a Uranian Yod makes him a creative trailblazer, keen to buck convention for make a mark with his own original ideas.  He also has an unaspected Mars in Libra which will make him uncompromising and lead to a life of non-stop activity

  Tr Pluto has been wending its way conjunct his Saturn and Jupiter and opposition his Venus in Cancer throughout his partner’s illness and death which would be emotionally anguished and challenging. This high stress phase is slowly coming to an end with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter bringing him financial bounty.

   He won’t find the next two or three years easy as he steps away from what used to consume his every waking moment with tr Saturn opposing his Sun Pluto, his Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto and his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune. Maybe another movie will emerge.   

Cristiano Ronaldo – life in the sporting pressure cooker

Football is getting its shoelaces in a tangle what with the Qatari debacle in the vagina-shaped stadium (go read Marina Hyde, Guardian) and now the greatest footballer of all time Cristiano Ronaldo falling out with Manchester United. He gave an unsanctioned interview to Piers Morgan on Talk TV slating the manager Erik Ten Hag, the owners, the club’s infrastructure and former United figures. If lawyers find it violated the terms of his contract it could end his £500,000 a week deal seven months early without compensation, which would leave him free to sign for another club when the transfer window opens in January.

He first signed with Manchester United in 2003, aged 18, winning the FA Cup in his first season, followed by three consecutive Premier League titles, the Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. He then moved to Real Madrid and Juventus before returning to Manchester United in 2021. He will captain Portugal at the World Cup in Qatar.

  Born 5 February 1985 10.20 am Funchal, Portugal, Ronaldo is a Sun Aquarius opposition a Leo Moon and square an intense Taurus North Node. He also has a ramped up Venus Mars in Aries inconjunct Pluto which has, no doubt, pushed him into superhuman efforts but won’t make relationships with authority figures easy.

 Manchester United, 24 April 1902, is a half-good fit with him since the MU Jupiter is conjunct his Sun carrying him to greater glory. But the MU Taurus Sun is also opposition hi Pluto for a running power struggle. Erik Ten Hag, 2 February 1970, has his Jupiter conjunct Ronaldo’s Pluto and his Pluto opposition Ronaldo’s Mars Venus so it was never going to be a harmonious fit.

  The relationship chart between Man United and Ronaldo is friendly and business-like with a composite Sun Venus square Saturn – but tr Neptune is chipping away at the foundations of trust over the coming year.

 Ronaldo ahead looks jolted and jangled over the coming three months, then facing a run of catastrophes at the same time as being on the receiving end of copious amount of money as tr Pluto is conjunct his Jupiter from February 2023 and these two entirely contradictory influences run on through 2024 as well.

  His spirits will pick up from late January 223 as Jupiter moves across his Ascendant so another lucrative transfer looks likely. 2026 looks to be the time when he decide to hang up his boots and refocus his career and life.

Nancy Pelosi – an iconic stature in US politics

As Nancy Pelosi steps down as Democratic party leader after legislative triumphs spanning four presidencies, she is earning plaudits as a legendary figure with monumental achievements including Obama’s Affordable Care Act. She is renowned as a bare-knuckle, ruthlessly effective politician and one who was able to draw together disparate factions in the party with an iron will.

  She was born 26 March 1940 at 3.10pm Baltimore, with a congressman father but came to politics late after having five children within six years with her banker husband. After 2018 she became Donald Trump’s biggest problem fiercely opposing his views. It is thought her retiral was partly motivated by the recent attack on her 82-year-old husband, Paul Pelosi, assaulted in their San Francisco home, and hospitalised with a fractured skull.

  She has an intense and determined 8th house pro-active Aries Sun trine Pluto; with her Pluto in an unyielding a square to Saturn. She also had an ambitious and enduring Mars Venus Uranus in Taurus conjunct her Midheaven. A real heavyweight personality. She also has Mercury in Pisces in her 7th opposition Neptune, sextile/trine her Taurus planets which may have allowed her to soft-pedal at times to get agreement since the rest of her chart suggests a bulldozing approach. She also has a Scorpio Moon. A definite presence.

Trump – refusing to go quietly

Never one to take a hint, Trump has brushed aside Republican pleas to stand down, ignored the implications of Murdoch pulling the plug on support and turned a blind eye to major donors disappearing. Even Ivanka has ducked.

  Maybe it would have been too big a climbdown for his fragile ego to hand the baton elsewhere. Maybe he is deluded enough to imagine being a candidate will stave off legal jeopardy as he faces a mountain of suits. What is certain is exactly now he is feeling cornered and scared with a dead-halt and totally-trapped Solar Arc Mars within minutes of a degree in square to his Pluto.

  The Bid chart of 15 November 2022 circa 9pm Palm Beach may not be much of a help – if the Trump and Clinton bid charts for 2016 are anything to go by. You’d have been hard pushed to make much sense of either vis a vis the result.

  What is clear from this one is the entertainment value with Venus Mercury Sun in the 5th trine an over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune conjunct the Midheaven from the 9th.

 From a previous post: “His Solar Arc Pluto is moving to square his Saturn, exact in April/May 2023 which won’t have him leaping for joy either. If his birth time is accurate by the 2024 election he has Uranus just putting a toe into his 10th with tr Neptune on the cusp of his 8th and tr Pluto on the cusp of his 6th – so his life will be facing a major transition on several fronts. He does have Jupiter moving through his 10th from May 2024 which can be successful or it can be a period of grandstanding. But he looks in shock in October 2024 with tr Uranus square his Mars; and down in the dumps over the Inauguration.”

Ivanka, 30 October 1981, has said she loves her father but chooses to prioritize her family and private life this time round, though Jared attended the Trump announcement. She, along with her brothers and father, is in the line of fire of a civil fraud lawsuit involved in the family real-estate business, for falsely inflating his net worth by billions in order to enrich himself and secure favourable loans. The lawsuit seeks to bar all four Trumps from serving as executives in New York, and to prohibit the Trump Organization from acquiring any commercial real estate or receiving loans from New York-based entities for five years. Though the New York suit is not a criminal prosecution, a referral to federal prosecutors threatens further serious legal peril for Trump and his three adult children.

  Ivanka’s Scorpio Sun was conjunct the recent Solar Eclipse for a shake up and the 2023/2024 Eclipses will catch her Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in Libra conjunction. Jupiter Pluto is successful but can bring conflict with authorities because of a laws-don’t-apply-to-me approach.

  Her 2023 will be littered with obstacles and disappointments, though she’ll forge ahead nonetheless. 2024 looks most fraught when her Saturn gets rattled by a Solar Eclipse, usually a time of chickens coming home to roost with a restrictive and high-tension Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her Uranus as well.

  The relationship between Ivanka and her father was always fraught and unkind, demanding one of them play the victim and sacrifice their identity to keep the connection running. There will be more separation in 2023 with tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun Mars and Saturn; with a fair few hiccups between now and next spring as well.

  Melania having clearly decided which side her bread was buttered on is playing the dutiful wife. With her Sun and three other planets in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio as well as a Capricorn Moon, financial security will be key to her peace of mind. The recent Solar Eclipse was conjunct her Jupiter and opposition her Sun – over optimism will be a problem although the Eclipse will have presented her with a chance to get out of a rut. She’ll be pushing vigorously ahead in 2023/24 with tr Pluto square her Jupiter. Though her relationship with Donald will sag through 2023 as plans fail to succeed.

See previous Post: 11 November 2022, DeSantis and Trump.    

Petula Clark – not winding down

Petula Clark still going strong at 90 on stage singing her heart out in the musical Mary Poppins.

  Born 15 November 1932 at 5am (unverified) in Epsom, England, she started her showbusiness career as a child entertainer on radio during the war and lived with her grandparents in Wales with no electricity or running water. She is of the stalwart Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto Depression generation which is square an inventive Uranus opposition Venus. Overflowing with initiative from her Cardinal Grand Cross she will have been relentlessly restless and always keen to start a new project.

  Her enduring Scorpio Sun is trine Pluto. She also had the luck to be born with Jupiter and Neptune Mars in Virgo which has produced a fair few notables from 1932/33 including Joan Collins. Her Virgo planets square a changeable Gemini Moon which suit her to a life of constant variety and change. An 8th house Moon indicating grandparent nurturing would suggest the birth time might be about right.

  She has been married for over 60 years to a music business publicist though they seem to have drifted apart and she has admitted her guilt at leaving her three children as she travelled constantly for work.

A cheering example to all of us moving through our prime years .