Catalonia – the fight is on



The regional Catalonia parliament voted for independence at 3.26pm today as the Madrid government prepares to impose direct rule. The Spanish PM Rajoy has the constitution on his side but the Catalan push for more control over their affairs has been catastrophically mishandled. Sending in heavy-handed authorities, police and others, will only inflame the situation, stirring up old wounds from the past and memories of Franco’s fascist dictatorship. The Catalans are a passionate, proud, resourceful and very stubborn people with their own language and culture; and while many would not wish a split, their backs will be well and truly up now.

The Independence Declaration vote has Sun Jupiter Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th, so intended to send a clear message, not just to Madrid but to the wider world. Though with the Fire Grand Trine in place focussed onto the 9th house Jupiter Sun, there’s an unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky feel about it. High ideals, lacking in common sense. The Node in the 7th points to lack of co-operation, sliding back into a 1st house South Node, demanding freedom from ties. Saturn in the 11th, perhaps lacking friends and clear plans ahead. A hidden 12th house Pluto and Aquarius Moon in aspect to an 8th house Venus and Mars, points to a bubbling cauldron of anger and resentment, but they may find difficulty in translating their vision into real consequences.

The Catalans will need more than this impetus to get the autonomy they want. Both Spain charts, 1479 and 1975 are facing setbacks and challenges over the next three years, so this is only the beginning of a collision that could have been averted with some sensible negotiation which is what Carles Puigdemont requested but wasn’t forthcoming. [See posts Oct 1 and 14 2017.]

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  1. Just checked the draconic hart. The draconic Chiron (the wounding asteroid) is conjunct Catalunya’s natal Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio: big pain. Liberation through extreme and big pain.

  2. A stellium in Scorpio… god help them all (Catalunya and Spain). This could be a new civil war. As a Portuguese – we had CENTURIES of fighting the Spanish not to be under their rule – what I can say is that I support the Catalans.

    • For a Civil War, you actually need an Army. Which Catalans don’t have. This won’t happen, although some smaller scale armed escalation is possible.

      I’m also from a country that was an Autonomic Area for over 100 years before Independence, and quite frankly, Catalans just do not have many real structures in place there to substain their claim. For a reference, Scotland has a much better claim for an Independence right now in Europe, having truly separate Courts of Law and Educational System.

  3. Dear Marjorie, thank you for your interpretation. I always read your analysis with interest. I noted that the Catalonian parliament actually announced it half an hour earlier at 14.50 our time, which I believe puts the moon exactly conjunct the Asc in the last degree of Capricorn.

    • Moon conjunct Asc isn’t necessarely a good thing in Mundane Astrology. Just a sign sentiments run high. The Moon was also Void of Course. All Catalan Parliament achieved here was getting themselves fired, under some article of The Spanish Constitution that was put there to avoid just this sort of stunts.

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