Carla Del Ponte – a life immersed in crime



Spot the bad guy from their chart. You think? The old joke was that very little separated criminal barristers from their gangster clients. They both exist in the same environment, tap into the same energies, but one directs their inner darkness towards justice while the other flouts it.

A wonderful example has just cropped up. Carla del Ponte, the Swiss anti-mafia prosecutor led the hunt for Ratko Mladic, the ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ when she was with the UN International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia. She was born 9 February 1947 in Bignasco, and is a Sun Mars in Aquarius, with her Mars in an Air Grand Trine to Neptune Moon in Libra trine Uranus, formed into a Kite by Mars opposition Pluto (Saturn) in Leo.

Ratko Mladic, convicted this week, see post below) also has an Air Grand Trine of Mars in Aquarius trine Uranus Saturn Moon in Gemini trine Neptune; formed into a Kite by Mars opposition Pluto. Both have the brutally repressive Mars opposition Pluto as the driving rod of their charts, but one experienced it as an observer and the other as the perpetrator. Both have their Mercury in Pisces, their Jupiter in a Water sign and their Suns in aspect to Jupiter. Mladic’s Saturn is marginally more afflicted being trine his Mars, conjunct Uranus, sextile Pluto and trine Neptune which would incline him to cruelty.

4 thoughts on “Carla Del Ponte – a life immersed in crime

  1. Hi, very interesting. Always thought the psychology/astrology of power was intriguing…

    Can I suggest that when you post charts, that you post them at a higher resolution as when you click on them, they’re only about 50% bigger and not very clear.

    BTW, a fantastic forum and fantastic astrology going on here at the forum.

    Thanks, Steve

    • Hi Janus have upgraded and the new software saves charts as jpegs rather than wmf which contributed to the fuzzy problem. But haven’t had a moment to install it yet.

  2. One way to distinguish their charts has to do with the nodes (do you ever work with them? They’re critical).

    Del Ponte’s got P square her North North–this is huge, and so, she’s found a brilliant way to work it, by prosecuting criminals, as opposed to being into power trips, herself. This was her life’s good choice.

    As for Mladic, his SN is conjunct Merc in Pisces, so a heavy tendency towards fantasy thinking that holds him back. And sadly, a creative sense of wounding others with Chiron in Leo–he could be a healing force! But he’s not one.

    Thanks for the interesting analysis!

    • A great point! I have a chart of a relatively well known Trial Lawyer I know before my eyes here. A very Martian Chart, with a very affected Saturn – this is a Spring 1975 chart, with the “Fall of Saigon” Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto T-square joined by personal planets in Aries. But, yes, NN in Sadgittarius trining that Aries Jupiter. Also, another thing to watch is asteroid Vesta, which seems to be “delivering” justice in many ways. In this case, Vesta is in 6th house Aquarius tightly conjunct very well aspected Mars.

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