Canada – living next to a grunting, twitching elephant



Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary in buoyant mood as the younger Trudeau, now PM, has managed to propel Canada onto the world stage again, courtesy of Trump’s election. Trump bans Muslim immigrants and Trudeau instantly tweets them a welcome. Yet Trudeau has still managed to keep harmony with the White House, persuading Trump not to cancel the NAFTA trade agreement; and managing to turn Trump’s protectionist attack on Canadian commercial interests across the border into an opportunity to unify Canada, seeking support across party lines. Where initially Trudeau was seen as light-weight, now he’s being viewed as a steady pair of hands.

Canada, 1 July 1867 12 am, has moved through troubled times several years back with tr Uranus square tr Uranus hitting on the Cancer Sun Pluto square Neptune; and tr Neptune hard-aspecting the Mars opposition Jupiter. But that’s all finished; with only a few dreary trails from tr Pluto sextile Saturn to go before finishing later this year. There have been some major jolts this year and one to come over the next three months with first Solar Arc Sun Uranus square Mars, exact six months back; and the upcoming Solar Arc MC square Mars, exact in 3 months time. But there’s also an exuberantly confident Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Mercury this year to boost morale. Living next to the elephant of the US, as the older Trudeau described it, does carry its risks for the younger, especially with Trump being massively unpopular north of the border. There will be a patch of major uncertainty with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Canada Neptune, exact in 6 months; and then conjunct the Ascendant in 18 months. Both of which may damp spirits and the country’s image somewhat.

The relationship between Canada and the USA, is always ambivalent with a composite Jupiter opposition Saturn, an argumentative Mercury Mars and a trapped Mars trine Pluto. There will be some rifts and jolts through this year and next with tr Saturn square Pluto and opposition the composite venus Uranus across this summer into fall; and jangles and jolts, probably accompanied by outbursts with tr Uranus square the Mars Mercury now and through 2018, opposing Saturn as well.

And the relationship chart between Trudeau and Trump is sagging badly and getting chillier late this year; with less tolerance next.

Justin Trudeau’s Swearing In chart, 4 Nov 2015 10.45am Ottawa, looks confident this year apart from a few blips; though is definitely transitioning into a new phase.

His relationship chart with Canada starts to lose its glitter through 2018 with tr Saturn square the composite Venus opposition Sun Mercury; and is sliding downhill with lack of confidence in 2019 as tr Neptune squares the composite Mars.

And his personal chart certainly indicates a less than wonderful 2018 with tr Saturn in hard aspect to his Pluto opposition Mars square Capricorn Sun, which will make him feel stuck and at a loss.

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