Canada – First Nation suicides undermining reputation

An epidemic of suicides has swept through a small  sub-arctic Indian reserve in Canada recently, bringing calls for First Nation deprivations to be addressed. Canada’s record is no better than Australia or the USA where indigenous peoples are concerned. Indeed no country is without a guilty past where mistreatment by invading/ruling powers are concerned.

According to Julian NoiseCat (see URL below) this is a catastrophe generations in the making as native peoples were moved off their ancestral homelands to allow for mining, were forcibly split from their families and abused in residential homes, and then left in bantustans with inadequate housing, education and health care.

When a country’s image is dented you would expect to see transits to the Ascendant and Canada does have tr Pluto square the Asc and Neptune in 2016/17, having had tr Uranus in opposition over the past year. So pulling down an old reputation and the need to reconstruct a better one.  Neptune on the Ascendant natally tends to give an illusory feel or at least an image which doesn’t match the reality.

The other possibility is 8th house, being the house of ancestors. Tr Saturn is moving through the Canada 8th until late this year and the Progressed Moon is also moving through the 8th, with a few months still to go. So maybe as those two come to the end of their time they will prise unwanted realities to surface.

Canada does have quite a hard chart with a Fixed Saturn in Taurus opposition Pluto; a business-minded Earth Grand Trine of hard-working Mars in Virgo trine Pluto trine MC; formed into two Kites focussed on Saturn and Sun Uranus. There’s also an inward-looking, self-protective Water Grand Trine of Sun Uranus in Cancer trine Jupiter trine Saturn.

There should be charity and sympathy from Jupiter in Pisces but it was obviously outweighed by material and commercial concerns.

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  1. Perhaps Marjorie you can clear the following up astrologicaly. I happen to be a great tennis fan and always watch the big tournaments.This past week all the top players were playing in Monte Carlo and one after anotherthey lost . Djocovich,Federer,Murray,Nadal,Warinka and others who are highly ranked left the fans in shock. Do you see this as a trend during the mars retrograde or is another aspect doing this? The final was played by respected but never sure winners.

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