Canada – a directionless few years ahead * + 1982



The Canada Statute of Westminster chart of 11 December 1931 12 am Ottawa, has a similar unyielding, tough-minded Saturn opposition Pluto to the 1867 chart. Though in the case of 1931 it is in Cardinal signs and squares onto an innovative Uranus; plus there’s a more entrepreneurial feel to this chart with a Sagittarius Sun in a Fire Grand Trine to Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus.

The tr Saturn Pluto conjunct will certainly catch this chart through 2019 and 2020 which will bring considerable pressures. There will also be undermining and uncertain Neptune transits square the Sun from this May onwards and the midheaven as well as opposition the Solar Arc MC and Ascendant – and that hangs around through 2020 as well. So it will dent Canada’s image, bringing a kind of identity crisis as well as lack of direction.

There are other dates for Canada though usually the earlier dates work best and each subsequent significant date will have a flavour of the earlier ones. Canada became de facto independent of Britain after World War 1; 1931 officially ended the power of the Brit parliament to do anything without Canada’s consent. Total independence came by Royal Proclamation in 1982 on 17 April at 11.37am Ottawa.

The 1867 chart has a Saturn Pluto opposition as does the 1931 chart. The 1982 chart has the stubbornly determined Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra in opposition to an Aries Sun. With an adventurous and outspoken Yod of Mars sextile Uranus inconjunct Mercury in Taurus which in turn opposes Jupiter in Scorpio and squares an Aquarius Moon.

There is pressure on this chart, indeed has been from 2017 as tr Pluto squared the Saturn, then moved on to square the Midheaven; is now square the Saturn/Pluto midpoint – and all of that extends until 2023 when tr Pluto will have cleared the natal Pluto – so a long phase of considerable pressure for change against huge resistance.

Andrew Scheer, the opposition leader, who is calling for Trudeau’s resignation, was born 20 May 1979 Ottawa, and is a last degree Taurus Sun with Mercury also there as well as Venus Mars conjunct in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo. Practical, stubborn, passionately enthusiastic, a risk-taker. His Saturn in hard-working Virgo is trine his Mars Venus which will balance out his more reckless tendencies. His Mercury is on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto and opposition Uranus – so he’ll at times be haphazard in his thinking as well as outspoken.

He could have a stroke of luck come May with tr Uranus square his Jupiter though it will come along with some insecurity and an emotional upset or two as tr Uranus will conjunct his Venus Mars at the same time. And there’s a disappointing tr Neptune square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint then as well. There’s nothing too uplifting in his chart ahead, indeed he looks very blocked come late 2020 with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Pluto; and worse in 2021/22.


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  1. Another date to consider is: April 17, 1982. The Queen of Canada, Elizabeth II signed the constitution at 11:37 in Ottawa.

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