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A US Marine Corps veteran with suspected mental health issues killed 12 young people in a busy bar in California, including a policeman and was himself killed. The shooting began at 23:20 local time on Wednesday in Thousand Oaks about 40 miles (65km) north-west of Los Angeles.

Ian Long, born 27 March 1990 (net sources), served in Afghanistan and had several medals and commendations.

He was a Sun Aries on the point of a Cardinal T Square to a Jupiter opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn – ego-centric, confident, highly-strung.  His Mercury in Aries was square Saturn as well as Uranus Neptune so he would have problems keeping his thinking straight and not sliding into depression. He also had Mars, North Node and Venus in Aquarius square Pluto, which would ramp up emotional responses, making him volatile, hugely frustrated and angry.

At the moment his Solar Arc Neptune was denting his self-esteem in a conjunction to his self-willed Mars in Aquarius, tugging on his intense emotional reactions. Transits to his midpoints also point to extensive confusion with tr Uranus square his Neptune/Node; tr Neptune square his Uranus/Pluto; and tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn/Neptune, which last would exacerbate paranoid tendencies.

The shooting happened just after the Scorpio Full Moon with an aggravated Mars in Aquarius in the 7th; and a pro-active, amped-up Cardinal Grand Cross of disruptive Uranus opposition Venus square Pluto and square the North Node; with Pluto also sextile Neptune and the Sun.

The California state chart, 9 September 1850, is exactly on its Uranus Return now with Uranus also conjunct its Pluto – so on high alert for major changes; with a discouraging tr Pluto square its Saturn; and a debilitating Solar Arc Sun conjunct its Neptune.

Incredibly sad for young lives to end so uselessly especially at the hands of a veteran who clearly needed more help than he got.

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  1. There is something terrible wrong with this country. Mass shootings make up a fraction of the homicides by firearms. There are twice as many suicides as homicides. Homicide rate is dropping suicide rate is rising. 7 out of 10 of all suicides are white men. It is so bad it is affecting the life expectancy rate. Firearms are responsible for the death of 10 children a day.

    The leading causal factor… they own one or more firearms.

    • “There are twice as many suicides as homicides.”

      This is a horrible thing, but needs to be put in perspective. Developed countries typically have ten to fiveteen times higher suicide than homicide rate per 100 000 inhabitants. In Sweden, for instance, that was once considered “depressed”, simply because they registered suicides, there are 1.08 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants a year, and 13 suicides. Norway, which has the same suicide rate The US has, actually only has one homicide per 200 000 inhabitants.

  2. This is insane in many levels. Thousand Oaks was ranked as 3rd safest city in The US until recently. Some survivors also survived Las Vegas Shooting last year.

    I think US Pluto Return will be very much about redefining “welltrained militia”. Sensible gun laws were a big theme with female and young electors at Midterms.

  3. hello Marjorie,
    So I’m just checking your page this evening and read this article about the most recent shooting in Ca. Had read about the shooting this morning.

    During my day at work I was wondering….. What is in the USA astrology birth chart (and harmonics if that is possible for a country?) that points to these ongoing, eruptive gun blood baths?

    If the USA birth chart was a single person’s chart, how could what you find be resolved?
    How can the USA chart resolve this?… I know… the $64,000 question….
    Sheesh… these shootings are becoming normalized!!!

    If you have any thoughts, thank-you.

  4. This is such a sad day. Some people should not have guns. (Most people I think) Mental health MUST be addressed (but my country’s President is insane…America is crazy now.)
    When my oldest son went off to college he and his friends all worried because of the University of Virginia shooter. My second son went to University of California Santa Barbara where there was the Isla Vista shooter.
    I’m working with some young teachers—one lives near the bar where the shooting occurred. The other went today to bring his sister home from University (which cancelled classes for the remainder of the week)—her roommate was at the bar and survived. They are devastated. We are teachers and the world is looking terrifying. We mourn for these innocents —we fear for our students’ futures.
    I’m a native Californian—I hope out of all the bad will come some good. In so many ways California is a glorious state full of beauty, creativity, and invention.
    That said…everywhere there is a war there are children injured and traumatized.
    It feels like an unconscious group suicide mission these shootings.

  5. I think it goes on and on because the collective American psyche is shaped by their history of the ‘wild wild West’ which they are proud of? Sorry no insult intended but how else is it explained that nothing is being done about this problem which is ever increasing in frequency? What frequency could a country be on to sit back and let this continue? Bizarre!

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