Brussels Bombers – an angry, destructive vision

Najim Laachraoui, 18 May 1991, is one of the suspected Brussels bombers, still on the run, and thought to be the bomb maker there and for the Paris atrocities last year.

His Taurus Sun is conjunct the Fixed star Algol, the destroyer, (see Black Widow post below), and opposition Pluto so ultra-determined.  His chart has several oppositions – one from Mars (Moon) in Cancer opposition North Node Neptune (Uranus) in Capricorn; Venus in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune; and Jupiter in Leo opposition Saturn. He’ll constantly be wobbling from side to side trying to find balance.

The ISIS 2006 focal point Jupiter is conjunct his Pluto, no doubt spurring him on; with the ISIS Mars square his Pluto.

He has an exuberant Solar Arc Uranus opposition his Jupiter now; though some high-risk and insecure Mars midpoint transits and Neptune midpoints this year and next.

Two brothers blew themselves up in Brussels. Khalid El Bakraoui, 12 January 1989, was a Sun Capricorn square Mars in Aries, trine Jupiter; with the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn all conjunct Venus; and a Pisces Moon and North Node. He’d be impulsive, aggressive, confident and emotionally very high-wire and changeable. Several ISIS followers have the Pisces North Node or other planets there.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui, 9 October 1989, was a Sun Libra at 105 degrees to Mars in Aquarius and inconjunct Jupiter in Pisces; with Mars square Pluto Mercury in Scorpio. Again a stressed personality, angry, hugely frustrated with confidence that veered from over to under.

Salah Abdeslam, 15 September 1989, who took part in the Paris bombings but fled to Belgium and was arrested last week, has a Sun Mars in Virgo square Uranus; with Uranus conjunct Saturn Neptune opposition Jupiter; Venus Pluto in Scorpio; and a Pisces Moon.  So a similarly revved-up Mars plus emotional intensity.  His Sun Mars are conjunct the France North Node Sun in Virgo so it would be a particular flash point for him. He’s now being extradited back there.


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