Bruce Forsyth – a Piscean way with words


Bruce Forsyth, the British television presenter and entertainer and national treasure whose career spanned 75 years has died. He started at 14 with a song, dance and accordion act and became the best known face on TV with the London Palladium and game shows, latterly Strictly Come Dancing.

Born 22 February 1928 3.30 am London, he had a 3rd house, quick-witted New Moon Mercury in Pisces, with a lucky, adventurous Uranus Jupiter in Aries also in the 3rd, so he’d thrive on a helter-skelter, varied everyday life. He had an ambitious Mars Venus in Capricorn in his 2nd house of finances; and a surprisingly defensive Saturn on his Sagittarius Ascendant (if his birth time is accurate). His Pluto fell in his 8th, fitting for a personality who became an icon. He was married three times and had six children.

2 thoughts on “Bruce Forsyth – a Piscean way with words

  1. I smile about this because my mother swore he was lying about his age πŸ™‚ I can’t remember how it came up, but I said “oh I thought he was old when I was a little kid” and my mother said “He was an old man when I was a little kid!”, that would have been in the 50’s πŸ™‚

    Perhaps that’s Saturn on the ascendant, though I have a friend with that aspect who seemingly hasn’t aged in 20 years.

    • I’m 64 Tara.
      Your mother is correct! He was ancient all through my early years. He appears to have been born old..and stayed that way

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