Brexit – a zombie dance macabre



A strange calm has descended outside the Westminster and London media bubble. The great silent majority are beyond befuddled, walking like the undead through purgatory with a ceaseless cacophony of ‘yay, nay, maybe, what ifs’ battering their ears.

A plague on all their houses – left, right politicos and the EU maestros – game-playing waste of spaces, all of them.

Having got that out of the way I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen. Theresa May is trudging back to Brussels or sending her reserve team of Deputy PM David Lidington, Stephen Barclay and Geoffrey Cox into bat, despite the EU saying they’ll be no renegotiation. Thus kicking the can down the road nearer the 29 March cut off date (unless it is extended) with May gambling that the fear of a no-deal will finally cave Westminster into agreeing to her cobbled together compromise, described by Yanis Varoufakis as a ‘ruinous deal.’ See below.

Both political leaders look to be under threat as the aftermath to March 29th hoves into view. Corbyn’s leadership term chart gets a considerable rattling, threatening to upset his applecart through April and May 2019.  Theresa May has a career-loss-making tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint over the same period – and that aspect affecting both repeats in January 2020. Plus she has a dashed-hopes, bubble-of-false- happiness-bursting tr Neptune opposition Jupiter in April. Her Government chart goes into a major Neptunian dip from May onwards, sinking even deeper into a sink hole.

The UK chart has tr Uranus square the 10th house Jupiter from March 26th to April 12th for a moment of great relief and exuberance – though whether that’s delaying the evil moment of having to make a decision; or a to-hell-with-it-we’re-out-of-here moment isn’t clear. At the same time there’s a sense of separation or loss, emotional tensions and crisis from tr Saturn opposition the 10th house Moon and transits to a  midpoint.

On midpoints there’s a degree of discouragement and faffing about through February; and insecurity, fatigue and unfulfilled wishes in April. From mid April to early May tr Uranus is sextile the UK Pluto which may be stronger than it sounds since even soft aspects can act like hard on country charts – so a considerable upheaval.

Plus the Solar Arc Moon opposition the UK 11th house Saturn which rules the legislature – the voters well out of sorts with politicians.  This July there is a 10 degree Cancer Solar Eclipse which will impact on the UK Capricorn Sun – so a three month extension which is being mooted at the moment may bring about a crisis point then.

David Lidington looks dismayed in April with his relationship to Theresa May turning turtle in May. Stephen Barclay is beyond gloomy in February and tormented through April.  Geoffrey Cox looks caved in at the moment but is in better form come May – possibly worked out a personal escape route from the unsolvable puzzle.

Varoufakis below is clear thinking as ever tho’ Corbyn isn’t his man for this plan; and below that another hint that May’s earnest, doing-her-best negotiating technique isn’t half good enough for this battle.  All  a gigantic horlicks of a mishandled mess. If they were intent on leaving they should just have prepared for a no-deal from square one and forced the issue.

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  1. A deeply sceptical Remainer, I had a feeling that Brexit would win, and was devastated when it did. Same with Trump, especially when someone down in Texas or wherever, said right at the beginning of his campaign when everyone was laughing, that the US needed change and if descending into chaos was necessary, then that was what they had to do.

    But Brexit? Now? Like you, Marjorie, no idea. A great big void. The whole thing is bizarre. The campaign itself was rubbish on both sides. We know the referendum itself was corrupted by ties with Cambridge Analytica, leave campaign being split into 3 entities to be able to exceed election expenditure limits etc, but like 2008 subprime disaster, no culprits before the courts (apart from one poor little French man). Referendum still stands. Nothing since has clarified the whys and wherefores.

    Have to admit, I’ve diligently only read headlines, not even watched tv news. Can’t bear it. Ironically, and sadly, Ireland seems to be key to a solution or non solution. We pay for our sins. Craig’s very interesting comment, ( unsure about dark money, but who knows ) leads to my request for a look at the astrology of the conundrum of Ireland and the EU, Ireland, the EU and the UK. I can’t help thinking that the manipulation of Ireland by the EU will end badly. The whole situation for the area looks as if it will come to a sticky end. Very sad. Hope I’m wrong.

    My second request ties into Craig’s last comment of people becoming frightened and very, very angry. However it goes, at least half of the UK’s population is going to be profoundly annoyed and upset, if not livid – possibly the whole of the UK population, for different reasons – having endured 2 years + of unedifying posturing at Westminster. How, astrologically, do you see this playing out?

    And thirdly, with all respect to Mr Varoufakis’ nice ideas, the idea of Mr Corbyn leading anything is laughable. At a truly important historic moment, the UK is in the weird position of having two people, singularly unsuited to their positions, as ‘leaders’. They say a country gets the politicians it deserves. Oh dear.

  2. My psychic guild is telling me Brexit will be delayed by either an extension of a revoking of Article 50. This will be put back to the people but it might not be as people think in a referendum but perhaps a general election in which Theresa May asks people to vote for her deal. Corbyn is in big trouble around Easter his parliamentary party are going to move against him again so everything you are seeing in the chart tallies with my guild.

  3. Do the charts show any hope of a new vote on whether to leave the EU? Considering all the outside meddling that would seem the most rational choice.

  4. I think that the strange political blindness that the British governing class has regarding their intimate and troubled historical relationship with Ireland is key to understanding both how ultra Brexit won and where these negotiations are going now.

    It is impossible to ignore the British historical legacies of the late 19th century fight against Irish independence, the hiatus created by world war one, the bloodbath of the Somme where young Irishmen serving in the Ulster divisions took horrendously heavy casualties, the 1919-22 Irish war of independence and the unionist partition of the six counties within the province of Ulster in 1920 and the subsequent slow descent of Northern Ireland into a political and economic sectarian basket case kept on life support by Westminster from 1937 and the recent very dirty civil war and fragile Belfast Agreement 1998 peace accord, when trying to understand how and why the ultras and Northern Irish based DUP in particular have come to dominate Brexit.

    In the EU, history taught in schools is framed as pan European and motivated by a desire to attain and maintain European peace when trying to understand Brexit. In Northern Ireland history is taught in schools set within a strictly sectarian paradigm in an apartheid education system still split between either hard UK unionist or EU nationalist socio political beliefs. This sad fact is a direct consequence of successive British government directives in the past 20 years to let sleeping dogs lie. This ongoing divergence feeds into the continuing political extremes, especially within loyalist silos like the DUP.

    And it is here, in the economically weakened and politically broken British colonial statelet, that those behind the disaster capitalist Brexit now unfolding chose to use dark money to fund an easily bribed criminal extremist unionist party for their ultra ends, namely, the DUP. Knowing full well that the DUP never supported the peace process, saw the EU, just as their founder Paisley did, as a catholic plot and anti-christ and that if they were successfully deployed, given the still unhealed wounds of the potted Anglo- Irish history outlined above, that it would inevitably break up the UK and seriously, through the need to protect Ireland from a resurgent bullying British political faction, challenge the EU’s post world war two peace project.

    Hence the N.I. backstop and why, for the EU 27, it cannot be removed.

    So, to analyse this nightmare astrologically, I do strongly believe that Ireland and its history cannot be seen as separate from that of the UK. Their histories and therefore charts are too intricately intertwined through every part of this ultra Brexit.

    It is a mystery to me how effaced and ignored and victim blamed both Northern Ireland and Ireland still are in the British media and amongst astrologers of all kinds in regard to Brexit at this late date and after these past two and a half years.

    Sorry to rant. Trying to live a kind inclusive and economically productive life here in Northern Ireland has been a challenge for these past 20 years but now looks increasingly to become impossible again, and I, amongst many peaceable folk here, are beginning to become both very frightened and very, very angry.

    • Craig, Thanks for your input. I’m not sure the media or astrologers victim-blame Ireland – it just one of several conundrums that Brexit has thrown up. Mainly because none of the central players thought through the consequences of disengaging from forty years’ of agreements, or took the specific Irish border problem into consideration.
      What puzzles me from what you say – is why the anti-EU DUP would want to break up the UK. They are ghastly beyond thought and I seriously disliked their forerunners in Paisley etc. But I would not have thought a fractured UK would serve their interests.
      My own personal bias would be for Ireland to run its own affairs which would mean a united country and kick Westminster out of the equation. But that’s not an astro-thought, or especially helpful at this juncture.

      • Hi, I think Craig was saying not that the DUP wanted to break up the UK but rather the dark money interests behind Brexit wanted to use the DUP to break up the UK. From my understanding of events, I am not sure if this could be true, since it seems the DUP only became an issue once the Tories did poorly in the snap election May stupidly called.

        • True but my faint suspicion is that questionable pro-Brexit money was funnelled through the DUP because the rules and regs are different over there.

  5. Yes, I do appreciate the difference between politics and astrology, but I could not see the hard Uranus Pluto aspect you are referring to. Is it via progression, or transiting Pluto (which is currently at 21 degrees of Capricorn), and transiting Uranus, which moves into Taurus soon? Hope you can clarify? You probably have mentioned it in previous posts, but I can’t remember. I’d love to know.

  6. Hello Marjorie,
    Please can you outline the problems with Corbyn’s leadership chart during April/ May? I really do understand people’s frustration with the Brexit ‘problem’. However, in truth, this is a toxic Tory psycho-drama that is being played out, depressingly, on the national and international scene. I really do not think it is up to Corbyn to ride to May’s rescue, so the Tories can carry on ‘business as usual’… which I sincerely hope does not happen, for the sake of the UK. May is solely interested in (i) self-preservation ( she was so deluded, that she really believed she would LEAD the Tories into the next election), (ii), reconciling/ appeasing with the hard-right Brexiteers of the Tory Party (iii) national interest is a very poor third. Her approach is very cynical and very political – it is all about reconcilling warring factions in the Tory Party, and self-preservation; ideally at the expense of other political parties. Corbyn really does not have to offer himself as a scapegoat, for this swirling, hysterical, toxic Tory intercine drama.

    • Les, With all due respect you’re muddling up politics with astrology. What the latter tells you isn’t what is right or what ought to be but what – within parameters – is.
      On a leadership/Presidency/Administration chart when there is a hard Uranus Pluto aspect, it usually coincides with a phase of great instability which more often than not knocks the leader off their perch. If not in April/May then when it repeats in January 2020.

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