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Brexit may or may not now recede to June 30th after Theresa May failed to get any kind of agreement out of her Cabinet let alone her party. The EU could refuse or lay out conditions for granting it – second referendum, general election etc – or insist on a two-year delay. Donald Tusk is now saying only if her deal is voted through – but that’s just for today. Opinions and decisions change hourly.

What makes June 30th intriguing is the Total Solar Eclipse of 2nd July at 10 degrees Cancer which is exactly opposition the UK Sun, the EU Sun and the Germany Sun. An Eclipse in opposition to the Sun often points out forcefully that you are not always right and need to see a central situation from a new perspective.  It can be an opportunity to get out of a rut.  And chance would be a thing.  The Eclipsed New Moon is in a downbeat opposition to Saturn with Saturn conjunct Pluto; an over hopeful, head-in-the-clouds Jupiter square Neptune; and an explosive Mars Mercury square Uranus. So setting the scene for yet another run of panics.

Theresa May has nothing of cheer ahead. Tr Pluto is in a trapped, frustrated opposition to her Mars/Node till March 29th; returning late May till early July. From March 29th till late May she has the career-loss-making tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint. May looks jangled and jolted with tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Saturn; and from May till mid August she has tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Pluto midpoint, undermining career, will-power and motivation.

That latter Neptune station at 18 degrees coincides with the square to her 2017 Government Sun and Moon, which was droopy enough at the best of times with the Full Moon square Neptune – but this will let even more water into the leaky boat over several months.

The UK chart itself has a minor uplift in July from the 10th with tr Pluto square the Sun/Jupiter; with a nervy tr Pluto opposition Mars/Uranus at the same time.

Like Tantalus’s eternal punishment – what he craves recedes every time he thinks he’s got it.

ADD ON:  There are now multiple choice options, the departure date of 29 March having been pushed back. If May’s deal is voted through then May 22 will be the cut off date to allow time for legislation to be passed. If her deal falls, then the EU will reconsider its options by April 12th. European Council President Donald Tusk said all Brexit options would remain open until then –  a deal, no deal, a long extension or revoking Article 50. “The 12 April is a key date in terms of the UK deciding whether to hold European Parliament elections. If it has not decided to do so by then, the option of long extension will automatically become impossible.”

April 12th: Nothing much on the day – an over-hopeful Mercury in Pisces square Jupiter; and a cool Venus in Pisces trine Saturn; with a pressured Aries Sun square Pluto on the 13th.

May 22nd: Sun and Mercury just into Gemini. A mildly excitable Mars in Cancer sextile Uranus.

Neither look earth shattering. June is marginally more fraught with a high-tension Mars in Cancer opposition Pluto on the 20th.


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  1. In 2014, Mrs May, then the Home Sec’, “LOST”, several files relating to the P.I.E, Exchange, headed by Harriet Harman’s Husband, and Gov’t Ministers. It does Not take a Genius to understand how she has Blackmailed her Gov’t, into a Standstill. A Very, DARK, and Devious Woman.

  2. The comments from Mrs May, regarding the redaction of certain sections of her “Deal”, as being “Not in The Public Interest”. WORRIES ME. What is she HIDING???????

  3. NO, MARJORIE, LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN FRANCE. there are no advantages to staying in the EU, and I am a Brit. We Live here.

    • There are other countries than France in the EU! Besides France is infected with the same poison from far right nationalism as we are.

    • Some useful stats from the FT
      ‘The UK’s net contribution to the EU was just 1.1 per cent of total public spending in the latest financial year.’

      ‘We have been frequently reminded that the UK is the fifth (soon to be sixth) largest economy. That is true, but misleading. The world contains three economic superpowers: the US, the EU (without the UK) and China. These generated about 60 per cent of global output last year. The UK’s contribution was 3 per cent. It is large for a minnow, but still a minnow.’

      ‘Britain sends 47 per cent of its exports of goods to the EU, while the rest of the EU sends 15 per cent of its exports to the UK. For the EU, the UK market is important. For the UK, the EU’s is vital.

  4. The profoundly split and manifestly incompetent Tory party, clear to all but the most blinkered, will continue their civil war irrespective of what happens re Brexit. UK will attract foreign iinvestment by becoming an offshore low tax haven,ideal for the likes of Trump and his satanic minions to come here and asset strip us, at the willing connivance of traitors like Fox, Gove and the like. That’s the future. Even if on paper leaving the EU appeals, and I get the argument, I really do, in practice under the stewardship of truly terrible people, most of us end up brutally shafted – zerohours contracts, privatised nhs, homelessness on the rise, bleached chicken, it just goes on… I’m no great fan of the EU, there’s a lot wrong with it for sure, but the fantasy of plucky little Britain out on its own in bed with mad Donald and his ilk, run by a terminally broken and corrupt Tory party, with almost no opposition to speak of, is a disaster imo. Let’s agree to disagree. Come back in a year and let’s have a catch up….

    • No one in their right mind could possibly argue with your assessment of the tories. They will be turfed out at the next general election never to trouble us again for the rest of this century. We can only pray that we do not end up with Corbyn in number 10.
      As for your prediction re zero hours and rise in homelessness, this is happening already while we are in the EU. Privatised NHS? On its way courtesy of Branson, the ardent remainer, who lives on an island in the Caribbean. Chlorinated chicken? Well, we shall see. I avoid such by buying my meat from the local butcher so I know it’s provenance. You paint a dystopian view of Britain’s future outside the EU, from whom did you receive confirmation that this absolutely is our future? A time traveller perhaps back to warn us that this is what will befall Britain? Or simply your fearful imaginings conjured up by reading the remainer press because the truth is you cannot possibly know with any certitude that this is what will transpire. It would appear that the only people that the remainer media manage to frighten are the remainers. Oh, the irony! I wish you a good day.

      • Yes it’s already happening now – how much worse when the spivs and charlatans driving things are “unfettered”? Boris Johnson is evidently favourite to succeed the Maybot as PM. We clearly differ, but to me that is genuinely frightening. He and Trump are soulmates and any deals done there will not be in the interests of the low to middle income people of this country be assured. A cokehead and a narcissist working for each other and a tiny “elite”…I suspect blood on the streets if we are not careful

  5. ARTICLE 50 IS SOVEREIGN. It was given Royal Assent, and signed by the Queen. The Queen Trumps, Parliament and the Lords. WE LEAVE IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

  6. interesting as increasing it is recognised as a working class revolt (brexit) or a middle class objection (re-moan).MMmmm who is going to win?

    • Recognised by whom? Much of the media has sought to portray it as such complaining that people that voted to Leave did not know what they were doing, was misinformed, too stupid, too unsophisticated etc and ad nauseas.
      You clearly do not reside in the UK or know much about the matter lf you believe that Brexit is a class issue. Try reading the comments in the Daily Telegraph on the subject. It is a notoriously working class newspaper!

        • I do live in the North of the UK and I totally agree people who voted out have been demonised by the UK media but its been reported on a lot recently that more working class voted out where thier is high areas of deprivation such as my town. Depends what you watch and what you read and where.

      • I think the Telegragh/Daily Mail reading 1% monied class, Mogg, Johnson, and the like, weaponised the working class voters, many in the north of England who were deeply and rightly p***ed of with austerity. In conjunction with their right wing chums in the media, people were lied to and told that the brutal austere privations they were suffering year after year were as a result of Europe and Johnny Foreigner, and not the banksters and their ilk who crashed the world in 2008/9. Still waiting for an investigation into that one! Much of the distorted message was a grotesque sleight of hand, the sewer and the sewage…. Neptune in Pisces can be a real monster….

        • It’s worth watching Jonathan Pie’s Bill Hicksian Brexit rant on YouTube – he succeeds in summing up the whole appalling situation in approximately 8 minutes.

        • Presumably you have conveniently forgotten the tosh spewed out by the remain side. You know financial armaggedon, end of the world as we know it, four horses of the apocalypse to descend upon Britain if its citizens were to vote leave. More recently it has been graves left undug, planes grounded, rationing etc etc
          To some extent what you have written is simply another version of leavers as too thick to make the right decision. They needed to be goaded and manipulated by the ‘monied’ classes. Utterly absurd.
          There are those who believe in sovereignty and the right of a country to make its own decisions for good or bad and there are those who want to huddle under the EU umbrella and be insulted at every turn by Juncker, Tusk and Barnier. This country has been exploited by the EU for long enough. You may not have noticed that we are one of their biggest net contributors and without the billions extracted from this country, that could in fact be spent on services in this country, Germany and many of the northern countries would have to up their financial contributions considerably. I want some of that annual 9 billion plus contribution to be spent in this country on social care and housing, education and children’s services not on feeding a bunch of self satisfied fat drunks and neurotic strutting midgets who do not have this country’s interest at heart.
          But do carry on with your belief that this is a working class cri de coeur if that makes you feel more comfortable.
          If Brexit does not happen the next general election will see the absolute electoral slaughter of all remainer MPs in Leave constituencies that connived to frustrate the will of the people.

          • Propaganda and lies work….people genuinely believed in £350m a week for the nhs, among other blatant lies. Ad hominem and splenetic right wing drivel won’t change that…we will all be better off under the benevolent charge of Mogg, BJ, Ian Duncan Smith ffs, Farage, and private Pike and the like….our country is fuc**d because of sociopaths and conmen

          • @ Alex Our country was f*cked from the moment the electorate was conned into joining what they were informed was the Common Market but was in fact the European Union. We joined under a lie and if that is the way that we leave so be it. Yes, Farage et al are an unattractive bunch but one can’t be squeamish when needs must. And is the remain side so very fragrant? There is the permanently inebriated Anna Soubry, the supercilious Chuka Umanna, all the mendacious MPs that fought the last general election on leaving the EU but are now fighting to remain. Frankly they are all con artists.
            Why you should want to remain in the EU given it is undemocratic and corrupt is baffling. They nearly destroyed Greece and they are trying to do the same to this country and yet you still want to be part it. What is so right wing about not wanting to be under the German jackboot or ruled by the petulant French popinjay with his jupitarian pretensions? Or that drunk Juncker?
            You clearly enjoy being powerless,

          • Give it time, we haven’t left yet. The buckling of our just-in-time supply chain will be one of the first things you notice.

            If you think Britain was exploited by the EU, just wait to see what the USA do under WTO. What we contribute to the EU is nothing compared to what we get back in benefits of being in a large trading bloc

            I voted remain, I still believe in remain. I am not part of any elite, I am working class. I have spent time working in a state primary school and debt counseling, I have advocated for those in need of NHS treatment and special educational needs. I am not in any elite bubble. I still support remain. I understand that the glory days are over, Britain is a very small country with no natural resources, partnership with Europe is key in the modern, globalised world.

            If you care about billions leaving the country that could be spent on public services and the NHS, you’d do better to campaign against corporate tax avoidance. Why isn’t that as big a movement? Why doesn’t that have a slogan bus and a political party funded by the rich? I wonder. If you care about sovereignty, you’d do better to support the will of the young, who are the ones who will actually have to live with the consequences, for aren’t you just imposing your decision on another group? Besides, do you ever wonder how much sovereignty is there really when there is so much corporate lobbying?

            It’s the refusal to see all the angles, bigger picture, ask wider questions and stubbornly reduce it all to them v’s us – that what perplexes me, unless of course those people are in desperate circumstances.

          • Yes, corporate tax avoidance is deplorable and will have to be addressed but what does it have to do with Brexit? By pointing to it you are simply deflecting the focus from the issue of sovereignty and self governance by offering it up as a distraction, as in the remainers arguing no we don’t want to engage in a reasonable debate regarding Brexit so we will distract you;leavers by pointing you towards another issue as you are stupid and will be taken in by the shiny tax avoidance toy and therefore forget about Brexit. Pathetic!
            Ireland has an ultra low tax regime that verges on tax avoidance, it is why insignificant non global companies such as Apple choose to base their headquarters there and let’s not forget the sweetheart deals that Luxembourg has set up courtesy of Juncker for, again, insignificant non global companies such as Amazon and eBay. One of the many reasons why the EU fear Brexit, is that we could lower our corporation tax to match Ireland and Luxembourg’s.
            Is this country quite as insignificant as you claim? We are the 5th or 6th largest economy globally and you consider that to be insignificant and only achieved by being a part of the EU? If we are so dependent on the EU how come our economy is above all EU countries bar Germany?
            And what do we gain from being in a protectionist trading bloc such as the EU? Give me some evidence rather than simply spout the propaganda that you have read in the media.
            No natural resources? What about the people of this country? Their entrepreneurial spirit and bloody mindedness amongst many other qualities?
            It is notable that many supporters of remain are globalists such as George Soros who btw has been pumping millions into remain campaigns, and Richard Branson, not exactly a figurehead of probity if you know anything about the history of Virgin. It is the global corporations that are railing against Brexit not the small homegrown enterprises in Britain. We have been stifled by the EU and their idiotic laws starting with the decree that cucumbers have to be straight, the common argricultural policy that favours France, the wine lakes, butter mountains etc. It is time to leave.
            I don’t see what relevance your work, commendable as it is, has to do with the argument on Brexit. Or make it more authoritative or persuasive.
            If anyone is guilty of refusing to see all angles I am afraid that would be you. And as for your sweeping assumption that with Brexit it is a case of the old vs the young you would be wrong as quite a large contingent of youth want Brexit. It is mainly the young in huge metropolitan areas that are pro remain. And of course your assumption that anyone who is pro leave must be old.

          • German jackboot and French popinjay? Dearie me. Xenophobia writ large.
            Tara and Alex make some very sensible points. If/when we do leave the proof of who’s right and who’s wrong will become obvious – and it’s likely to be the poorest who suffer most when obstacles to trade arise. Like it or not it’s a global world and all the Fox/Davis/Johnson nonsense about easy-peasy new trade deals have already been shown to be tosh.
            The Brussels bloat is unappealing and needs to be reformed -easier done from inside than outside. But there are many advantages to being part of the EU which Dacre’s Daily Mail and Little Englander/Old Empire Daily Telegraph wouldn’t ever admit.

          • So funny. Xenophobia eh? The assumption here as in much of the media is of Leavers as old, right wing and exenophobic. Oh, yes and working class until it is pointed out to remainers that it is as much a rebellion by middle England as just the working classes. However, using such terms to suppress debate is what led to the leave vote. Using such terms though does fit the typical remainer profile – self interested, negative, lack of original thought and lazy assumptions. And you query my use of the word popinjay to describe Macron, all five foot nothing /150+ cm of him, who likens himself to Jupiter? Presumably you believe that compassion and subtlety are German traits too? How would you describe Germany’s draconian terms to help Greece? The effect was that pensioners were not paid, hospitals ran out of medicines, schools were closed, and suicides rose exponentially. We can see Germany’s compassion in full flow there and it’s beneficial effect.
            The UK has spent decades trying to reform the EU from the inside without success. Clearly you haven’t been following what goes on at the EU if you believe they are capable of reform. It is time to leave.
            The point is that remainers ought not to level charges of misleading the electorate when they were equally dishonest. And unlike the leavers, who did not resort to bullying, the remainers tried their damnedest to frighten the country into voting remain. And despite their prophecies of financial Armageddon and the breakdown of society since the referendum employment has soared, the economy is doing better than most countries in the EU including France, and in comparison with which country Britain, as yet, do not have weekend rioting as a national feature.
            It is the globalists such as Soros, Branson, Blair, the banks etc that are backing remain. As long as you allow their wishes to prevail the poor will continue to pay the price. One reason why goods are often more expensive is because of the tariffs placed on them by the EU with their protectionist rackets. Lack of housing? The huge surge of incoming Europeans that Blair let into this country and the continued uncontrolled immigration from Europe and the rest of the work have contributed to that crisis as have global companies such as airbnb. Schools oversubscribed? Immigration had a part to play in that as has a NHS that is overwhelmed by patients. Of course there are other contributing factors but immigration and globalisation had a huge part to play in the above and I don’t know if you have noticed it is the poor that are suffering.
            It is not surprising that you should support remaining in the EU given that you live in France. If you do not live in this country and do not pay tax it is no wonder you embrace globalisation.
            Speaking of ad hominem, please argue your case rather than fling around charges of exenophobia.

          • In what way am I being unpleasant? By challenging allegations of being exenophobic? Asking what are the advantages of remaining in the EU?
            Please explain in what way am I being ‘unpleasant’?

  7. It seems we now have a few new dates to focus on:

    a) if Mrs May’s agreement is passed by parliament the UK will leave the EU on May 22nd.

    b) if not, without further agreement the UK will crash out with no deal on April 12th.

    c) There is provision for a much longer delay if the UK agrees to take part in EU elections (23 May 2019 for the UK). In the unlikely event that the UK revoked its Article 50 notice, we would also have elections on 23 May.

    Do any of these dates look particularly significant?

  8. Of God. I despair at the mess we are in and believe that May really wants no deal now. My grandchildren aged 13 and 12 asked if we could leave the UK and move to Europe if Credit happens. There will be a backlash from the young surely.

    • What can she do? Labour and good deal of Conservatives won’t back “her” deal, and are just as deluded as she is thinking they can NOW negotiate some kind of a “Swiss” or “Norwegian” deal. I feel sorry for the British people, some of whom will pay the ultimate price for your politicians’ selfish incompetence, but then again, some of you continued voting for May and Corbyn one year (!) after Brexit vote when it was evident these people did not have a plan.

      • Solaia,we didn’t have much choice; it’s basically a two party system here. I was able to vote Libdem, but for most constituencies it had to a straight choice between Labour or Conservative neither party offered remain as an option. Just dreadful.

  9. She’s one dangerous and deluded woman. Too bad that we don’t have the equivalent of the US 25th Amendment (section 4) here in the UK. She needs to be removed, ASAP, before she does anymore damage. In saying that I reckon that it’s too late now. Both Northern Ireland and Scotland are patiently waiting to see how this pans out and if not to their liking are preparing to bail out of the Union. Ironic when you think that Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative and Unionist political party. Unionist referring to the intent to maintain the Union of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Her “precious Union.” A Kingdom, Country and Province that she totally (other than the obnoxious DUP) excluded from her talks and plan making. Arrogance personified. May account for her natal Sun being aspect free?

  10. From RE.
    Two thoughts on the never ending Brexit saga.
    Firstly, the UK leaving the EU Customs Union or equivalent substitute would mean breaking the Good Friday Irish arrangements which have the status of internationally binding treaty. David Cameron was not a detail man and because he missed this Irish angle, it has meant that all the effort put into Brexit has been a waste of time because May has been trying to achieve something that is not possible under international treaty law. She should have ‘fessed’ up on this as soon as she took office and should have shown the leadership expected of a Prime Minister and given the country the straight facts. Brexit is primarily a Cameron foul up but she has given it legs and allowed it to run because she did not explain to the country about Ireland at the outset.
    Secondly, one commentary that has not been in your posts yet about May is that in the Chinese star astrology she is a Fire Monkey. Out of all the 60 Chinese zodiac signs the Fire Monkey is the cleverest and the fastest wheeler dealer and the one most able to get out of scrapes or to turn set backs into opportunities. Whilst I do not like May at all and whilst everything looks bleak for her at the moment, you can never judge a Fire Monkey until the game is finally concluded. A Fire Monkey with a good personality can be a great blessing like an angel but one with a dodgy character can be a really manipulative trickster, unyielding and extremely arrogant.
    May’s hidden true character is likely to show in the final turns of the Brexit saga and I would not be surprised if she threw a few unexpected hand grenades into the whole process as she deals to win come what may. She could be Saint or Sinner. I know which one I think she is! And to declare a conflict of interest here, I am also a Fire Monkey but born several weeks after her so with a much different Western astrological make up. Meanwhile corporate UK has no idea whether we will be in or out of the EU at the end of next week, whether we will be in a Customs Union or equivalent with the EU or whether we will be trading on WTO terms. Happy days!

    The 30th June / 1st July is true Mid-Summer in the Northern Hemisphere when our Sun is exactly between Planet Earth and the Sirius stars. This is a highly auspicious conjunction and in Ancient Egypt considered to be one most likely to result in some unexpected Divine or Higher Being intervention when needed!

    • The comment re Ireland is not correct It implies that it wouldn’t be possible for the UK to leave the EU and still comply with the GFA. It would be possible, under a sort of Norway plus plan where the UK leaves the political EU but remains in ‘the’ or ‘a’ customs union, aligned to the single market. Some MPs are trying to propose this.
      The problem is with the particular red lines which Mrs May chose, apparently without wide consultation.

      The Remain campaign did realise the potential for problems regarding the position of Northern Ireland in the event of a Leave win. Tony Blair and John Major did a Stronger In event in NI specifically to make that point. Additionally, Cameron did raise the risk to the Union in various campaign speeches. However, the focus groups showed that it didn’t cut any ice with English voters thinking about voting leave. The economic cost was much more of a concern to those people, which is why the Remain campaign focussed so strongly on that aspect.

  11. Apparently that July solar eclipse coincides with the first, convening day of the ‘new’ EU parliament after the May European elections.

    • Search for “European Union ” in this site. There are a few posts that discuss about the first day of the next EU parliament. Interesting analysis.

  12. Waiting for TMay’s announcement at 20:15. Not holding my breath.

    We have the worst government and the worst opposition in generations, at just a time when we need the very best of everyone. I am in despair at this total clusterf***.

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