Brand Beckham – hitting a mid-life crisis



As Brand Beckham grows stronger and more lucrative the lifestyles of David and Victoria appear to be drifting apart. She’s full-time fashion designing while he oversees a ‘monster’ business empire, plays with their four kids and seems bored with post-football life, so is constantly off partying.

Both of them are on their mid-life crisis of tr Uranus opposition their natal Uranus, which is affecting Victoria more since she has a complicated Air Grand Trine of Uranus trine Saturn Mars in Gemini trine Aquarius Moon, formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition her Aries Sun – so hugely talented, disciplined and driven, emotionally cool. But the tr Uranus opposition running this year into early 2018 is rattling up a substantial chunk of her chart, including her Sun and shaking her Moon on one leg of the Trine. David’s picks up in early 2018, squaring his Moon at the same time.

Both also have outer planets moving through their 7th house of marriage – he has tr Saturn now heading for his 8th, which will make him more self-sufficient emotionally for a couple of years ahead, as well as his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his 7th house not-always-committed Neptune in early 2018. He’s also got his Solar Arc/Progressed Sun conjunct his Venus this year which usually accompanies a significant romantic relationship. She has tr Pluto moving through her 7th which often puts strain on close relationships, worsening into 2018/20 with tr Pluto conjunct her Solar Arc Neptune.

Their relationship chart always was going to hit its bumpiest patch in 2018/19 with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Venus, Mercury and then Sun, Mars. With tr Uranus also opposing their composite Uranus this year. So everything is rocking on its axis, perhaps trying to find a way of staying together while living separate lifestyles. There is a chained-together composite Saturn square Pluto so it wouldn’t split easily.

He looks disappointed and discontented in 2018 with tr Neptune conjunct his 11th house Mars, so unsure about future plans; with his enthusiasm further dampened in 2018/19 with tr Saturn square his Pluto and then his Jupiter.

Victoria also looks undermined in late 2017/18 with her Solar Arc Sun opposition her Neptune followed by Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Neptune.

They may manage to sort it out over time since there’s a good deal of affection between them.

PS Victoria’s birth time is very iffy and should be ignored; his from a biography.

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  1. House positions might be slightly different as Victoria was born further east than Hereford. I thought it was Hertfordshire, but actually Harlow in Essex.

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