Boris – facing mortality strips away pretence


The Cancer Sun of the NHS (UK National Health Service) sits exactly on Boris Johnson’s Midheaven with the NHS Neptune on his Ascendant. Who’d have thought that health would become the defining issue of his career and image? The NHS Mercury, Uranus, Venus (Moon) in Gemini are conjunct his Sun, Venus for a close connection though with hints of aggro from the NHS Mars in square. Most significantly the NHS’s Taurus North Node which hints at years-long struggles over money and equipment are exactly aligned with his head-in-the-clouds Jupiter opposition Neptune; with the NHS unyielding Pluto Saturn in square. There’s a savage irony about his fate being so interwoven with that of the NHS.

The relationship chart has some mutual support and luck from a composite Sun trine Jupiter; but otherwise is a complicated mess of an unsupportive Mars Uranus square Neptune; and a discouraging Saturn square Pluto.

Switching tack for a moment I was pondering on what makes Boris tick – chronically competitive, a chancer, an unapologetic liar and an inveterate and unashamed womaniser. Like Trump, the answer seems to lie with father.

Johnson senior – Stanley – was the one to instil the dog-eat-dog, cut-throat desire to win all arguments at any cost in his children. He was also a serial seducer, which according to friends drove his first wife, Boris’s mother, then the mother of four young children, into a mental breakdown and a series of bouts of depression.  He had political ambitions himself but they didn’t get anywhere near as far as Boris; and he evidently bristles when referred to as Boris’s  father – jealousy and an ego-clash.

Stanley has a very different sort of chart to jitterbug Boris, with a heavyweight Sun Mars in Leo in an explosive square to Uranus; with Saturn Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto Mercury in Leo. He’s incredibly fixed and obstinate and not much budges him from his chosen course. He shares an indulgent Jupiter in Taurus with Boris. But he will be a disturbing presence with his three Taurus planets falling in Boris’s 8th, and a controlling Pluto in Boris’s 10th square Boris’s Moon – suggesting he’d like to be the one with his hands on the reins of power. Stanley’s Neptune squares Boris’s Gemini Sun Venus, so he’d be evasive and tricky to pin down and most pertinently his Sun Mars is square Boris’s focal point/afflicted Mars. A combustible, rocket-fuelled chemistry with a tendency to flare up into arguments.

Their relationship chart, not surprisingly, has an incendiary composite Mars Uranus in a mutually unsupportive square to Neptune and a serious dislike square to Mars. There’s also a power-struggling composite Jupiter square Pluto. Taken altogether it suggests a fight for the spotlight which only one can win – and winning is all that matters since egos are at stake. Boris has been running on that playbook since he was knee high to a grasshopper.

And it does explain Boris’s ruthlessly unpleasant T square of Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars. His self-deprecating ‘all a jolly jape’ Sun Venus Mercury in Gemini is a camouflage for a frenzied need to get ahead of rivals using any and all tactics, no matter how questionable. A commentator once described him as a ‘man without a moral compass’. Like Trump he learned it at his father’s knee.

One thing a near death experience does – usually – is bring a reality check which strips away the ego’s defences to open up a deeper layer of meaning. It’ll be interesting to see whether he can lose the relentless gameplaying he created as a childhood defence to step out and become his own person.

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  1. If you use the oo.oo.hour of 5th July N H S Chart the MC connection is exact. Looking at the Annual Profections for Boris his house of the year is 8th after his next Birthday 9th House and whichever chart you use for NHS the house for this year is,12th and,first house next year. The heavens are speaking

  2. I have been struck by his use of the word “love’ – that the NHS is powered by Love. My inner cynic mutters about money, but I do wonder if he had an NDE and we will see some huge change in him.

  3. Saturn in the fifth house can be a lonely childhood. I also think that it can manifest as a father who is childlike himself.

    Boris has that 0 degree Scorpio moon in the first, which is also the ruler of his MC. That’s an intense, painful moon and during his childhood, Uranus in the 11th would have been transiting the ascendant and conjunct that moon by transit at the age of about 11. I know that Scorpio moons often feel they have to hide because the intensity can be too overwhelming. One doesn’t want to show this vulnerability to others and especially where there is an upper class background such as Boris’s; Stanley isn’t what I would call an empathetic, sensitive man. So the mask is created for it to hide behind and thus it feels more safe and protected.

    There’s a real tension with a Gemini Sun and a Scorpio Moon, they are in quincunx and about as different as it’s possible to be. I knew a couple who were Solar Gemini/Scorpio. The wife (Scorpio) throughout her marriage to this Gemini man stood by and suffered while her Gemini husband lightheartedly played around with other women. He was the Puer Aeternus, she the broken, betrayed martyr. It was a cruel, painful marriage, yet they remained together. I think that kind of illustrates that tension in Johnson, because until now playing the buffoon has suited him well and whilst her wears that mask he can both enchant his audience and hide from his true feelings.

    But now something has shifted; the mask has slipped, the emotions are to the fore. Being ill and depending on others to care for and heal you means surrendering something of yourself and exposing your vulnerability. This experience will hopefully allow his more human side to develop and grow.

  4. What a marvellous response here, so enlightening and uplifting. Thanks everyone…. Boris looks different, he seems to have sagged, perhaps he’s seen the light but he looks chastened, mystified and not really there (possibly the Neptune) but his eyes are different…..I didn’t know about his father, God, how can you escape your genes? He does not look fully present now, something has changed him on a deeper level, you can see it in his face.

  5. Thank you Marjorie, very thought provoking. I know the Johnson family childhood was unusual, and the children all relied on each other for company as they were isolated (!) for some of the time. More like a Victorian tale perhaps? I was also thinking that he’s had a near death experience, and is on the brink of becoming a father again. New life, and the shadow of mortality both within a few months – pretty intense. Boris has much invested in his Gemini persona, so it’s likely there’ll be an internal battle. I’d noticed how his face looked more vulnerable before he went into hospital. Some of the performer had already stepped back. All those Capricorn planets sitting in the 4th house seem to have pointed to “the end of the matter”….and his Saturn square Moon has a way to go, too. That might manifest on one level as his thoughts about his parents.

    I’ve had two NDE’s, the second as an adult (salmonella, very nasty). While the one as a child held me back, the second one seemed to enhance life force, and the desire to cherish and enjoy every little thing physically, spiritually, and mentally. When the world shrinks, as it is now for so many of us, that’s the thing that keeps you going. It’s Blake’s ‘world in a grain of sand’.

    • Funny you should mention Blake (I have that quote as part of my email signature) a takeaway from my NDE in 1981. Thanks! 🙂

      To see the World in a Grain of Sand, and Heaven in a Wild Flower,
      Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour. – Wm Blake

      • It’s one of my absolute favourites. And in my somewhat hippy-ish heart, I hope everyone can find something like that inside themselves. I do know people have short memories. But we’re seeing such huge changes at the moment, there must be the possibility of a re-think for at least some of the population. Including Boris.

        • I concur.
          I am still very much a hippy/idealist. I am a Venus in Aries opposite Neptune in Libra babe who wears a black suit and mask these days. It’s time for all of us to have a re-think. The world was spinning way too fast. these past few years.
          Boris still hasn’t hit his second Saturn return…he might still have a chance.

          Trump blew his, as I knew he would.

          It’s bad here, (South Florida) my neighbor from across the road was taken out of his home today in a gurney by the Sherriffs office and placed in a Medical Examiner Van to the county Morgue this morning. He was all of 48. So we are all a bit shocked at the moment- too young and too close to home.

          Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour and breathe.

          • I love a bit of Blake. His poetry has got me through some tough times. I’ve always liked;

            For Mercy has a human heart,
            Pity, a human face,
            And Love, the human form divine,
            And Peace, the human dress.

            I equate these lines to the very best expression of Aquarian ideals.

  6. Boris if he is indeed capable of it. Thought this. Covid19 is just an inconvenience. I won’t get it but if I do there is a vast medical team waiting for me. I am so important that I won’t die, they and the Gods won’t allow that. PPE by the ton can be used for me. If anyone of the medical staff dies because of me and my mishandling thats just the way it goes…. He has never thought about anyone but his own lying self. A revolting speciman of humanity.

  7. Marjorie, great piece. Amoral women hating males in this family as Trump. What about Boris’s sister though.?? All of them in the Johnson tribe creaming off the tax payers. Will Boris learn a lesson about near death?? Frankly, he would have had to give a hoot in the first place about the NHS would he and Tories not, eh.??????

  8. You are right about reality checks-I had my NDE which began on 2/23/1981 – Legioneers disease diagnosis – TR Neptune was conjunct my natal Mars in Sag in the 6th.
    I was in and out of my body for 7 days with a HIGH fever and pneumonia – it rocked my world/universe on every level. In addition it prepared me for losing my mother and two other loved ones a couple of years later – during my first Saturn return. I was ordained 13 years later as a rabbi. Here we are 39 years later…..with COVID 19. These past years have been a powerful time, and all that I experienced has been applied in realtime. I am working even now – wearing a mask and gloves at the cemetery. This time I don’t have to “leave” my body. (uness my time’s up) It’s all within me and about “service” and empathy for others. That’s what my NDE taught me, perhaps that’s what COVID is teaching us all. I wonder how PM Boris will emerge from this?

    • Stanley revealed on the One Show that Boris was deaf as a child and went on to explain about grommets but the give away comment was “I don’t know if you have them on the NHS…” If Boris had the same blinkered view, we can only hope that has well and truly changed now

  9. Thank you, Marjorie. The House of Johnson is an intriguing saga. I’ve wondering about Boris’s near death experience too.

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