Boris & Dom – an angry mix with a disregard for rules

Dominic Cummings, Boris’s chief aide, is facing increasing calls even from senior Tories to quit after reports emerged that he drove 250 miles with his ill wife and son to relatives in the north during lockdown. His arrogant dismissal of criticism hasn’t done much to dispel the suspicion that the No 10 inner circle feel rules don’t apply to them.

It’s one of the astrological mysteries of Boris that he and Cummings, his Svengali, are seemingly locked at the hip. Cummings is a self-righteous, dogmatic and suspicious Sun Neptune in Sagittarius opposition Saturn square an irritable, nervy, scattergun Mars in Pisces. All of which sits on top of Boris’s disorganized Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars in Gemini.

DC’s Mars is conjunct Boris’s Mars with DC’s Pluto in trine; and DC’s Mars is conjunct Boris’s Saturn and opposition his Pluto etc etc. All too exhausting to contemplate the anger issues and undercurrents that must infest No 10.

Their relationship chart has an unkind (cruel), one-sided composite Mars Saturn indicating a relationship where one partner has to sacrifice a good deal to keep it together. And that unhappy combination is inconjunct the composite Pluto and inconjunct Neptune. Matthew Parris, the Times columnist, said right at the start that when this duo split and it would, there would be a poisonous and damaging aftermath.

It’s not clear that Cummings will be forced to walk the plank since Boris and he have a Trumpian disregard for legitimate criticism. Their relationship (without DC’s birth time) has an edgy midpoint right now but nothing too substantive until October when a downhill slide starts in earnest – both on their relationship chart and on Boris’s Government chart which latter is flashing disaster for four months thereafter till late January 2021.

Cummings’ own chart hints at a considerable upset from 9th June onwards into early July, and repeating in the autumn; with worse in 2021, but nothing too conclusive. The December Sagittarius Eclipse will conjunct his Venus Mercury for what could be an emotionally disruptive phase which damages his self-image. Not feeling the love. Which is also when that Eclipse catches Boris’s Sun Venus in Gemini.

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  1. One Tory MP, a former minister, said this week: “This is a cabinet of fools led by a hollow narcissist who is nothing without his svengali.”

  2. Because there is no known birth time, I used Scorpio as an ascendant -a Libra ascendant was used but from the way he’s been carrying on for the last days now seems unlikely! I tried 7 a.m. as birth time giving Scorpio asc which sort of fits the bill (but could be something else) , and just saw using that, the progressed Midheaven by 1st June exactly squares his Nodes……it will be done. It’s terrible to have no ball park for a birth time but even worse for That Lot to think they can ignore the public who voted them in….there, there dear……we must attend to our agenda, excuse us…..dusting off their ragged shorts, 3 day beard growth and massive egos…..

    • My guess was Aries – the bluntness, the not caring if he’s liked, the dress sense trying to be anything but Libra 🙂

        • Just watching Boris on tv – he has collapsed……I am sorry, his intentions were good but its all killing him…..he’s in a strange place, inexplicable to others, the panic….. terrible.

    • I quite like Scorpio Ascendant. He is known as ‘Rasputin’, he’s been labelled a ‘career psychopath’. He operates behind the scenes – at least he is supposed to. He has a penetrating gaze (somewhat bug-eyed). Cummings means ‘bent’ or ‘crooked’ (his first name means ‘lordly’, or ‘belonging to God’ which fits well with the abundance of Sagittarius – rules that apply to mere mortals are irrelevant). Taurus would be on the descendant. His wife has Venus in Taurus, possibly Moon in early Taurus as well. She is described as a musician and a painter on Wiki. I think he is a late Moon in Aquarius – he talks about creating a ‘meritocratic technopolis’, and other abstract, theoretical stuff in a similar vein. He has been described as a ‘technocrat who thinks the country should be run by an intellectual elite’. He is Sun/ Saturn – can that exaggerate the need to be seen as uniquely important?

  3. Any sympathy was completely lost when DC arrived at HIS own press briefing half an hour
    late. This is arrogance at its’ highest. It strikes me as one rule for the elite and another for
    “ordinary” people.

    You reap what you sow.

    • Yes, this irritated me too. Infact I was already irritated before the press breifing because he was getting such exposure by publicly funded television (in a publicly funded garden location at the House of Commons) when he isn’t a publicly elected politician. So when he used that publicly funded publicity to turn up so late it was really another swipe at fairness in the public realm.

  4. As apologies go it wasn’t quite as tone-deaf as Prince Andrew’s ‘I’m too honourable’ but hardly a resounding show of humility.
    Cummings should have taken a leaf out of Hugh Grant’s book when discovered inflagrante with a kerbside hooker – he went full frontal on a mea culpa and what should have been a career killer passed on into history.
    The story really doesn’t hold up – two high-powered, professionals working, probably more than full time in London, must have had extensive childcare arrangements in place already. And hothousing a child, supposedly their main concern, in a car with two infected adults was lunacy. It’s a miracle the child didn’t get sick.
    The ‘just testing my eyesight’ excuse will go down in legend as a juicy soundbyte.

    • Interesting that you should mention Hugh Grant, because so much of BoJo’s public persona seems to be molded after some of his successful on screen characters.

      That said, having now seen Cummings’ non-apology, I fully agree on David Cameron’s assessment on his character. Cummings even showed duping delight. Much like Mike Pompeo in The US in many occasions (Trump lies, too, but he is a different kind of lier, he believes his own stories). They can, willingly, act and talk normally, but there also is something to them that most people will instantly and instinctly find off putting. That’s why Cummings is unelected and Pompeo didn’t want to risk losing in Senator race in Kansas

      • Perhaps there’s a mutable theme here? Hugh Grant, 9 September 1960, has Sun, Mercury, Pluto and the Moon’s N Node in Virgo, with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

      • Actually Trump doesnt believe his own stories, or at least he didnt used to.
        There is a longform interview with him back in the 90s for I think, Vanity Fair, were he admits to lying continuously as a business stratergy to keep people disorientated.

        • what do you feel Drompf will say at the GOP national convention? Will he change? Still waitin’ on Mexico to pay for that wall!

        • “Actually Trump doesnt believe his own stories, or at least he didnt used to.
          There is a longform interview with him back in the 90s for I think, Vanity Fair, were he admits to lying continuously as a business stratergy to keep people disorientated.”

          Yes, I remember him telling this, and he was lying here, too, at least partially. First of all to himself. Some of his lying may be willing and concious, but there always has been an unconcious level to it too related Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 1990’s were not good time for DJT financially, he nearly bankrupted a casino, had two expensive divorces and was constantly called out of lying by business partners and the press. Although as POTUS, his coping mechanisms have shifted to denial, deflection and blaming others on his shortcomings, because it’s easier, he still occasionally uses this excuse, most notably with his Tweets.

    • We now have a Tory government, barely 6 months old, still in the “honeymoon period”, with an 80 seat majority – and the Daily Mail have turned against them. We are in uncharted waters now

      • Yes indeed, Tara. There are even negative articles in The Spectator about Cummings, and his wife works there…..Maybe by the time Mars in Pisces reaches this government’s Neptune (December 2019 chart) next week there will be some more news. Or just more deceptive fog. Retrograde Venus in Gemini also approaches square to that Neptune soon, which could indicate even more hot air and slippery discourse.

        • It’s all so horribly Neptunian isn’t it? Smoke and mirrors. Today Gove pitched in, claiming that he too tested his eyesight by going for a drive. The cabinet have become a laughing stock. Mind you, that’s just typical of Gove – that slippery Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio of his always comes to mind whenever he pops his oily head above the parapet.

  5. I watched the rose garden briefing. Dominic Cummings seems very highly strung. The thing about driving to “test his eyesight” reminded me of “visiting a Pizza Express in Woking”……an excuse dreamed up by another mutable sign in a tight corner.

    The June lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will be conjunct UK 1801 Mercury, and square 1066 Saturn in Virgo. Mars in Pisces adds more anger or volatility to that eclipse I suspect. Transiting Uranus is square the 1066 Mars in Aquarius, and also coming up to the 1801 Mars in Taurus. Looks like something has to change fast, and it is hard to understand why they haven’t followed the usual route of getting Cummings to resign, and then bringing him back later. Perhaps Boris is terrified of doing the job of PM on his own?

  6. My brothers chart is not dissimilar to Cummings as he was born a few months later.
    In his case he has Pices Sun, but he also has that tricky libra uranus on the ascendant bang opposite an aires mercury, and the same saturn in Gemini.
    We read similar sources of info and were up to speed with the effect on the fragile and elderly, yet despite that he flew to see our mother who is bedridden and not composmenti.
    I tried reasoning with him, I even begged him not to go.
    His justifications were as risible as Doms. Mental gymnastics of a kind I wouldnt have believed.
    Among others, “but I might not see her again’
    DAMN right! Nor would any of us if he sickened her, and her in no fit mental state to refuse his visit or have anysay.
    Im still processing the depths of his selfishness, its left me gobsmacked and deeply distressed. Im not sure I want to see him again.

      • Im not sure I like your hectoring tone, but no, not that I know but then honesty isnt his strong suit. Aside from that Im sure you are well aware of asymptomatic carriers and it was a long haul flight with stops in Asia, so multiple options to pick it up on the way.

        • I just wondered after reading your comment, and thought that considering never speaking to him again was pretty strong. Hey but you know all the variables

  7. Dom Cummings child is autistic. Dom’s mother is a special needs teacher and behavioural specialists. The family own a farm. It makes perfect sense given that Dom’s wife was ill with the virus and there was every likelihood that he would catch it, as happened, they decided that the best course of action was to take their child to the family home where, if both Dom and his wife were to become completely incapacitated, there would be family, and more to the point a special needs behavioural specialist known to the child to care for him.
    Dom Cummings adhered to the guidelines. Here is the Guardian reporting on the same guidelines:
    The person alleged to have been spotted in Barnard Castle is not Cummings, it is an antiques dealer named David Harper who has a shop in the area. He does bear a remarkable resemblance to Cummings.
    The harassment and bullying that has been inflicted on the Cummings family especially the shouting and jostling by the feral journos while Cummings was carrying his autistic son into their home was nauseating and must have been deeply frightening and disturbing for the little boy.

    • Well then, I was in exactly the same position. It is difficult, I worried about being able to get enough food as delivery slots dried up. Nearest relatives are over 60 and I didn’t dream of asking them to look after the kids (I have 2). I managed it without a farm 250 miles away and so did many, many others.

      I’m not exactly a Middle England type voter, but most Tory voters still are – and they stuck to the rules. Personal responsibility is central to their values. This is the problem Boris Johnson and his government have. During a Venus retrograde, you graciously admit and apologise or expect a backlash. How the hell are they going to deal with Mars Rx?

      I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’ll say it again – Dominic Cummings has an out of bounds Mercury and Venus; he doesn’t think any of these rules or values apply to him.

      • “I’m not exactly a Middle England type voter, but most Tory voters still are – and they stuck to the rules. Personal responsibility is central to their values.”

        I think Piers Morgan has made a career on voicing “Middle England Tory” concerns, and he is livid about this, too. So yes, not going down well.

        • I think a lot of us now know someone who lost their life to this awful disease, even if it’s not someone close. A lot of people didn’t visit their dying parents in hospital. As a friend of mine said “This was at peak of infection, which meant we were pretty much across the board, following the rules. He was interpreting the rules in a way that I doubt many of us were. Finessing them even.”

          Let’s not even get onto the 30 minute drive to check his eyesight, how did he think that was going to go down? Moaning about the press and then giving them an open goal like that

          • Yes, we’re sticking to the lockdown rules in our household because my elderly mother, having had pneumonia twice in both lungs and with a heart condition is extremely vulnerable. It’s not just about the individual during the pandemic, but making the safety of others at higher risk a priority.

            The body language during the rose garden conference was very informative. That is all I will say, as a Pluto rising who can spot bs at a 100 paces.

    • “Dom Cummings child is autistic. Dom’s mother is a special needs teacher and behavioural specialists. The family own a farm. It makes perfect sense given that Dom’s wife was ill with the virus and there was every likelihood that he would catch it, as happened, they decided that the best course of action was to take their child to the family home where, if both Dom and his wife were to become completely incapacitated, there would be family, and more to the point a special needs behavioural specialist known to the child to care for him.”

      This only makes sense if “Dom’s wife” truly hates her MIL, who, in all likelyhood, is over 70 and thus firmly at the risk group (read my comment below on how a nurse from a town I lived in inadvertedly killed her elderly mother passing covid-19 to her). “Dom and his wife” are also very wealthy, if not rich, people who have busy professional lives, and thus haven’t likely relied at least solely on “Dom’s mother’s” help for the help with their son.

      They panicked, fine. But they are extremely priviledged people, who broke the rules HE actively set for the other. Obviously these were not enforced in Britain the way they were elsewhere. France, Italy, Spain, I doubt they’d even tried. Germany, at least in Berlin, they had people checking that quarantined people stayed at house. Even here in Finland, we “isolated” Uusimaa Region where we’re at for 3 weeks. Neither my husband nor I have family inside, and the fear of not being able to care for our daughter who is only 6 if we’d become ill, was very real. But, this was actually something we were able to figure out before the situation escalated, even if we don’t hold nowhere nearly as prominent positions in life as this Cummings couple. So did all our friends, including a family who have been isolating a lot anyway given their 9-year-old has gone through two cycles of cancer treatment.

    • I am not sure it is true that Dom Cummings child has an Autistic spectrum disorder, although he may well have. I would have thought though that there would be supports in place for a child with an ASD in his local area.
      I would also submit it would depend where the child was on the spectrum what supports they require. I would say that at no time during his explanation for his trip to Durham Did he at any time mention his son having an ASD or special needs.

  8. Right now the safest option for the economy is to keep the single market membership for another one or to years. But if they decide to rule out an extension to the transition period, we are going to add to the economical, financial and social crisis caused by Covid-19 another deep and long crisis generated by the imposition of tariffs and trade restrictions with the single market. Don’t forget that the UK enjoys access to more than 50 markets that have deals with the EU; and most of those deals are not guaranteed with equal benefits to the UK after 2021. So if there’s a recession with an hard Brexit, further travel restrictions and visas to the EU, the public support for the Conservatives is most probably going to drop sharply and abruptly next year, when citizens start to feel the consequences of leaving the single market without a deal. Ont he other hand, the ERG and all the dogmatic eurosceptic side of the Conservative party is going to refuse any extension to the transition period. They believe that Brexit has long term benefits, and they don’t care with any turbulence caused by falling on WTO rules: it’s more important to them to cut all the ties with the EU, even if there’s a recession or an economical stagnation for years.

    • I think that is unlikely, to say the least. Quite aside from the mess in the UK, the EU itself is undergoing some turmoil and it does not help that the EU is hopeless at being flexible.
      We live in the worst of both worlds; while the UK has become as spineless and shapeless as a jellyfish, the EU is effectively crucified on its principles, allowing almost no movement at all.

      • I think you are wrong about EU here. EU is nothing but flexible. The problem is that all decision are a synthesis of negociations between 27 member countries with different interests. The issue with The UK in The EU was mostly trying to do everything on your own rather than look for allies. As an example how things are usually done is the relief package for Covid-19, with Italy, France and Spain demannding a helfty 800 billion euros package, and some minor “fiscally conservative” countries only willing to give 250 billion. It’s pretty much agreed that everybody will, ultimately, settle to around 500-600 billion package. But mostly, this is a dance The UK never was willing to participate to.

  9. It does all make for awkward policing. And as for collecting fines for breaching lockdown? Well, someone somewhere is going to challenge their fine, indeed this is a real mess if played over time with court cases, etc.

  10. Thank you very much for this Marjorie. I wondered if you saw anything in Cumming’s chart (Saturn/Mars?) which indicates long term depression? I mean the agitated kind which manifests as nervous aggression. All the footage I’ve seen of his facial expression and body language would seem to indicate this. He doesn’t look well to me but I imagine, if he’s a convincing adviser, that he has moments of sparking brilliance.

  11. What a charmless man Cummings is….he has only one water planet (Mars), no earth, so is all fire and air……I think he might have been born earlier in the day as if he had the Moon in Pisces he could come across as sympathetic and a man of the people, but none of that! He’s entirely mutable but perhaps with a Scorpio ascendant – something really off putting about his face over the last days – fear? Progressed Mars is conjuncting his natal Mars in the 4th – – Uranus is is vocational indicator so also shows he will be suddenly in, suddenly out of one job or the other…not a stayer. Should be gone by high noon I reckon…… !

  12. I was wondering why the press sat on this story for such a long time? Is there anything that shows up in the charts that might indicate why?

    • Neptune again? This goes both ways, it both means Cummings has major blind spots about who he is, but also protects him from scrunity. Press has been “sitting” on countless Cummings stories related to various Vote Leave breaches.

      On a non-astrological note, his wife is a long time editor at “Spectator”. Very well connected to the press, I suppose.

  13. Thank you Marjorie, spot on as always. At the very least it shows Cummings and Johnson for the deceitful pair that they are. Quite abhorrent and indefensible behaviour.

  14. While Cummings might be an arrogant and unlikable man I wonder if I am alone in finding the way the #LedByDonkeys campaign have been harassing his wife and family today both distasteful and sinister. I also question why a group dedicated to fighting Brexit has suddenly found such a keen interest in Coronavirus victims. When it comes to cynical opportunism it seems the Conservative leadership is not alone. Incidentally they might want to have second thoughts about using the term Lions Led By Donkeys as it was actually coined by a Tory politician Alan Clark in his book on the First World War. As I recall Clark’s politics were somewhere to the right of Ghengis Khan. Clark’s damning judgement on First World War British Generals is now widely regarded as rubbish as well.

  15. Tory MPs are making a habit of trying to oust the Prime Ministers Special Advisers. They did the same to Theresa May early in her premiership as well. The Parliamentary Tory Party are by nature an ungrateful lot who regularly sacrifice those who have helped them win seats at elections.

    Boris Johnson by instinct is a trimmer who courts public approval and does not really like taking unpopular decisions. I suspect Cummings does not give a damn what people think of him. That is obviously an obvious source of conflict since their instincts run in opposite directions. As I have mentioned before Cummings chart has a very similar feel to it to those Marxist Revolutionary charts Marjorie posted on an earlier. thread such as that for Frederick Engels. In some ways it is not the chart you would expect of a traditional conservative at all.

    I tend to agree with those who suggest the most likely outcome is that Cummings will be moved out of his position at the heart of government policy formation because he has grated against the established modus operandi of U.K. government from the beginning. However, I think he will still be retained as a a political and strategy adviser in some form. I don’t think that will happen immediately though.

    Having said that the whole affair is a storm in a teacup since lockdown measures in the U.K. have not been that rigorously enforced on families and I know lots of examples of people who have visited relatives even if they don’t go into the house. In fact for many elderly people it has been an essential support mechanism because all the official and commercial routes for obtaining assistance have been broken. I don’t see that Cummings has endangered anyone outside his family circle.

    In some ways the UK government made a rod for their own back by trying to enforce restrictions when the better model would to have been to take the Swedish route of shutting down the most obvious sources of contagion and then simply issuing advisory notices to the population about things such as social distancing masks etc and then relying on them behaving like adults. In practise I suspect the results would have been the same.

    • The problem is though that if he’d admitted he did the wrong thing, apologised and expressed regret, the whole thing would have blown over in 24 hours.

      By not putting his hand up, he’s made it a shedload worse. And now the PM’s compounded the error and half the cabinet have been sucked into it.

      It’s quite the masterclass in how not to eff things up.

      • Sorry I think that is rather naïve. If he had apologised and expressed regret there would have been exactly the same calls for him to resign as there is now since this campaign against Cummings has nothing to do with the Coronavirus and everything to do with certain people in the UK seeking revenge for the Brexit result. The hypocrisy was most nakedly seen today with the scrum of about 20 reporters jostling each other outside Cummings house in order to question him about his failure to observe the UK lockdown rules. As one commentator said the journalist were close enough together to have caught nits off each other. Clearly the media think the social distancing rules Cummings is supposed to have violated don’t apply to them.

        Personally I think Johnson and Cummings are a poor match at the heart of government as neither are natural administrators and a Prime Minister needs someone of that capability to advise him, particularly at a time of crisis. It has been clear that Johnson’s Cabinet have had difficulties coordinating the government machine, a fact brought to the fore by the pandemic. In part this may be down to bad blood engendered between Cummings and the Civil Service after the General Election. Having said that Johnsons administration has a clear mandate to govern with the Civil Service is constitutionally bound to serve it . Given that nearly 40,000 people have died from the Coronavirus one would hope that a sense of national tragedy would elicit at least some attempt to seek a common resolution. Instead, debate seems to have degenerated to an orgy of shroud waving most of it seeming predicated to obtaining short term political advantage. Indeed, sometimes I feel that certain people in the press and politics can barely repress their glee as more bad news rolls in about deaths, closed businesses and lost jobs recently. Maybe I am oversensitive but I find the whole thing vaguely sickening. It also suggests that many of Johnson’s critics are no more fit to govern than he is.

        • That the media are a pack of hounds isn’t news. It’s the lying, deceit and hypocrisy. Ordinary people whether they be left, right or centre can smell a veritable dung heap of lame excuses, none of which look credible and they’re not happy. Good grief, when the likes of Farage, Hartley-Brewer plus the right leaning press aren’t buying it either, you’re in trouble.

          • Astrologically, it’s interesting that the PM’s T-Square on Mars in Gemini has been triggered by Mars’ current transit through Pisces, joining Neptune in June and squaring his Mercury, ruler of his 9th and 12th houses. Meanwhile, Uranus in Taurus is opposite his Scorpio Moon/Neptune midpoint. All these Neptunian influences not to mention Saturn in Aquarius’ ongoing square to his Moon may put him in a much weaker position at this time. It does indicate that he has yet to make a full recovery from his illness.

          • Cummings has difficult chart. Sun/Neptune oppositions tend to throw up people who want to make their dreams a reality but the energies of the two planets run in opposite directions. His time of birth is not known so House placements and the angles can not be determined with certainty. Saturn in Gemini gives him the ability to discipline that signs scattershot tendencies. It’s weakness is tendency to be over cerebral, all thought and too little emotion. They also tend to be intimidating to others as they are very sharp in an argument with Saturn empowering Mercury’s ability to communicate. The fact Cummings Mercury is not well placed in Sagittarius means he is probably too dogmatic and alienates people unnecessarily. He probably overthink things to the extent that they can end up confusing himself .

            Cummings Sun/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius is completely the opposite as it is empathetic, even spiritual and it will self sacrifice for a cause. Jupiter in the same sign will mean that his dreams will be on a big scale. At the same time as he is having those visions he is is vulnerable to being overwhelmed by negative energies both inside and outside if not well directed.

            His Mars is in Pisces which suggests he does not actually like or relish conflict. Again it is a difficult placement because the planet and the sign are not normally thought to work easily together. Cummings would probably be better suited to something more creative than the soul destroying world of British politics where little or nothing original gets done at all.

            It’s an outsiders chart as the person has the ability to tap into the collective but at the same time will feel misunderstood, isolated and apart from it. The Neptune Saturn energy conflict means the individual may want to be practical, grounded and realistic but end up being the exact opposite. The absence of any earth or fixed signs in Cummings chart probably accentuates that tendency.

            The chart is a poor match with Johnson’s for the reasons Marjorie has ready pointed out. There are too many mutable planets for them to make a good administrative team. My advice would be for Cummings to step back from government and concentrate on putting his ideas down in some more theoretical form. Ironically, my suggestion for the topic of his book is the Condition of the Working Class in England since his chart has some shared characteristics with Frederick Engels. It is actually a topic he touched on in the Brexit campaign and needs revisiting since both the major parties in the UK have systematically failed them over the years.

            In conclusion I suspect Cummings is a difficult, arrogant and at times annoying man but whether he is a bad one I could not judge. He is probably in the wrong place for his own good and I think he would be healthier and happier if he moved away from it. As for his critics well their actions say as much about their motivation as anything else. Anyone can cobble together a bit of astrology to justify their world view but I think the subject requires a bit more humility as the charts only really let us see through the glass darkly and only really work if we can lay or egos and prejudices to one side.

          • This is in reply to Hugh’s comment beginning “Cummings has a difficult chart . .”

            Just thank you Hugh, great analysis, alongside Marjorie’s.

        • Hello Hugh,
          Can’t see that this is about Remainers in the Tory party, since minsters were supporting Cummings right up until Steve Baker – the leader of the Brexit faction – came out against him in public. Suddenly all kinds of MP’s were making statements about how he behaved badly.
          Don’t have Steve Baker’s astrological chart but I can imagine that there might have been friction between these two apparently strong personalities.
          Cummings is certainly intelligent and has some brilliant ideas – like moving industry up to the north and away from London, but he is not much of a diplomat.

          • I was thinking specifically of the #TheLedByDonkeys an anti Brexit ginger group who have now shamelessly been exploiting the coronavirus to attack the government though U.K. policy has been little different from most other EU countries and they have all faced similar problems. With regard to Cummings his chart suggests he will grate against people across the political spectrum. A lot of Brexit Party and UKIP party members rightly or wrongly think he stole the victory that belongs to them. A lot of them were actually riding careers on the back of Brexit going on for ever so I think in part it is because he put some of them out of jobs.

  16. So Boris is standing by his man and Cummings will not be going, to paraphrase Mr. Pooter. I’ve rarely seen such a piffle-faffle announcement by Boris today. What is it about this relationship? As you say Marjorie, the astrology seems to be showing an uncomfortable, masochistic element to it.

    Yet another blunder is the tweet posted by ‘someone’ using a government account which announced, “Arrogant and Offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters”, before it was taken down. Too late of course, even the BBC featured the story.

    • Yes, I agree with you VirgoFlake – a straightforward apology would have seen the story fade away. As Hugh F points out, plenty of people have been visiting their family members during lockdown, even if they stay outside the house. For those with elderly parents, this has often been an essential thing, taking shopping and medicines, as well as reassurance. And as he also observes, the campaign by LBDonkeys is deeply unpleasant and self righteous. Fair enough to satirise Cummings, but not attack his wife and very young son. It was quite a difficult new Moon I think, sparking this off.

      In my area of London lockdown started to fray at the edges around Easter time in April, and is now unravelling – apart from the supermarket queues. There appears to have been no attempts to enforce it here, and I know from the aroma that local dealers seem to be operating as usual……as they have done throughout these challenging weeks. Those of us who have stuck to the rules are beginning to feel quite resentful!

      • “As Hugh F points out, plenty of people have been visiting their family members during lockdown, even if they stay outside the house. For those with elderly parents, this has often been an essential thing, taking shopping and medicines, as well as reassurance.And as he also observes, the campaign by LBDonkeys is deeply unpleasant and self righteous. Fair enough to satirise Cummings, but not attack his wife and very young son. It was quite a difficult new Moon I think, sparking this off.”

        I want to point out “visiting relatives” isn’t the key issue here. The key issue was not “visiting relatives”, the key issue was Cummings AND his wife drove their children 250 km (or miles?) while they both were manifesting Covid-19 like symptoms. In other words, they were possibly not only spreading the disease themselves, but their children may have been asymptomatic carriers. They were, by their actions, knowingly putting their relatives at risk of catching Covid-19. This is not only “unthoughtful”, but criminal in many countries.

        Therefore, I don’t think Cummings’ wife, who is a grown woman (I think they had children late in life, so approaching her 50’s) with a successful career of her own, should get a free pass here. She made the choice to follow her husband. As someone who has struggled with similar concerns, as a parent of a small child with no relatives nearby and living in an area that was isolated from the rest of the country because it seemed epidemic , I can say that if my husband and I had gotten ill, I would have rather knocked him out than let him do something as foolish as these two did, even if that would have meant relying on social services for childcare. There was a very sad story at my “Italian hometown”, where the outbreak was mostly limited to healthcare professionals (local hospital management failed to isolate a nurse with symptoms early enough). A nurse brought Covid-19 home, where her elderly mother was taking care of her 10-year-old twins. Grandmother died, and the mother was hospitalized. Since the mother is a single mother, the twins spent two weeks in isolation, alone. Town’s mayor would deliver food and zoom them personally, but if there’s something that makes me keep away from my loved ones (both sides of 70’s), it’s this story.

  17. Thanks Marjorie. This relationship between Boris and Cummings is certainly a strange one. A number of Tory MP’s are now calling for Cummings’ resignation – probably seizing this opportunity I imagine. It’s interesting to see that the Gemini new Moon, which was trine Saturn and square Mars in Pisces, sets off both natal charts. The Pisces Mars opposes Boris’ Uranus, and is conjunct the Saturn – quite a struggle. The new Moon opposes Cummings’ Sun and Neptune, aligns with his Saturn and Boris’ Mars. Tense, to say the least. Cummings is about to have a Mars in Pisces return as well.

    I suspect they will try to find a way for Cummings to appear to do “the right thing”, while slipping and sliding into some new advisory role behind the scenes, for now at least. His arrogance is breathtaking really.

  18. Being of Neptune in Sadgittarius generation myself, I know quite a few Sun/Neptune in Sadgittariuses, and I’d say >Cummings’ behaviour is somehow on brand for them. These are people who tend to idolize authority figures – mostly police forces and military -, but break the rules themselves, all the time. Although, I must say that my “favorite” example is a guy with a tight Pisces Sun square Sadgittarius Neptune, who became a drug courier when he was 16-17, and was caught with a significant amount of it. He only avoided prison because he was minor and family had money to pay for a good lawyer who “brokered” a deal – he gave names. Now, this guy posts endless praise to armed and police forces, and seems oblivious to fact that his life would be very different if not coming from a “right” sort of a family.

    As for Cummings’ destiny, someone suggested on Twitter he might be sacked “ceremonially”, but continue working as a consultant for Gove. Possibly getting paid better, which I think he will definitely accept, given his Mercury/Venus conjunction. I think there has been a lot of talk on Cummings’ motivations on other threads, but I don’t remember if “loving money” was involved. Because that’s not beyond application of that combination, especially if it falls to some of more “money orientated” houses on Natal Chart. I also agree that there’s a “mutually destructive” element to Johnson’s and Cummings’ charts, especially those Saturn/Mars conjunctions on (not tight) squares. They get things done, but when the things between them sour, they really sour.

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