Boris and Carrie – new love on the stump * Updated – Oops

Carrie Symonds, the woman credited with calming down Boris Johnson’s hairstyle and squiring him as he reverses out of his second marriage and aims for No 10, has an intriguing family lineage which may track back to an illegitimate daughter of Herbert Asquith, prime minister in the early 20th Century.

Down the line there were other illegitimate offspring of journalists until Carrie herself was born out of wedlock on 17 March 1988 (Daily Mail).

She’s a Sun, Moon and Mercury in Pisces; with an indulgent Jupiter and Venus in Taurus with Venus in a passionate opposition to Pluto; and a tumultuous collection of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Mars in Capricorn.

Her Jupiter falls in Boris’s 7th house which is a supportive connection; with her Venus in his 8th deepening the bond.  But both are Mutable signs so will tend to be overly scattered. Her Pluto is conjunct his Neptune and opposition his Jupiter, so she’ll try to control him which, after the initial flush has passed, may prove irksome. And her unpredictable, quite autocratic Uranus Saturn opposes his Sun Venus which will also cause problems down the line.

Their relationship chart does have a tied-together Grand Trine of Venus in a passionate trine to Pluto and a workmanlike trine to Saturn; with a successful and confident-together Sun Jupiter conjunction; and also an illusory Venus opposition Neptune. It could work but given his track record with women, the question is for how long?

The main point of interest given the present election is how encouraged she looks when it comes to a climax presumably in July. The answer is not very, or more accurately, she looks set back on her heels and irritated with tr Saturn conjunct her Mars from July 12th which is when his chart runs into a really sticky phase.

It’s not over till ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ casts their vote.

See post Boris – June 13 2019.

Add On June 22nd: Police were called to the flat he shares with Carrie Symonds following reports of a ‘plate-smashing, screaming row.’  During the bust-up, which took place in the early hours of Friday morning at Ms Symonds’ flat in Camberwell, south London, she could be heard shouting ‘get off me’ and ‘get out of my flat’.

News of the row emerged after a neighbour handed a recording of the altercation to the Guardian. In the recording Mr Johnson can be heard shouting ‘get off my f***ing laptop’ before a loud crashing noise is heard. A next-door neighbour said: ‘There was a lot of shouting, a lady was screaming and I could hear glasses or plates being thrown quite a few times. The man was shouting back. I could hear it through my walls. I was watching TV and muted it because I was so worried. It lasted for about ten minutes. I have never heard anything like that before. ‘You could hear glass being smashed and other things. It was obvious the lady was angry, she was screaming hysterically. My walls were shaking from all the noise and things that were being thrown around.’

His personal chart and their relationship chart look highly aggravated until the final day of this month so it’ll take time for tempers to calm. He has tr Saturn square his Mars/Saturn midpoint which is highly impatient and accident-prone. Together they have tr Saturn hitting two inflammatory composite Mars midpoints and the intensely argumentative Mercury/Pluto.

From July 13th their relationship chart has an enthusiasm-denting, deflating tr Saturn square the Mars/Jupiter midpoint until late month.

His Mars in Gemini on the focal point of an exceptionally volcanic Mutable T Square to Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto is wildly disorganized, overly impulsive, self-centred and confrontational. While her collection of Capricorn planets including Mars will be fairly hair-trigger as well.

12 thoughts on “Boris and Carrie – new love on the stump * Updated – Oops

  1. Knowing the perverse nature of we British, it wouldn’t surprise me if this incident makes Boris even more popular. It will be along the lines of “well, at least he isn’t boring!” and “good old Boris, isn’t he a colourful character?”, etc.

    Just as Mark Field was applauded as he man-handled and grabbed a woman eco protester by the throat at that Tory Party dinner a couple of days ago.

    Ugly behaviour is having its finest hour it seems.

    • It’s Trumpian….also I’m deeply suspicious Johnson is the “ chosen one”, you know? He could eat a baby on national tv and his media and deep state supporters would still polish the turd…

  2. Hello Marjorie
    The potent looking lunar eclipse on the 16tH July will pretty much coincide with BJ’s appointment and I asssume will be a strong significator of his premiership. It looks to the amateur eye to be pretty difficult, the conjunction with Pluto especially dark, with secrets, power plays, treachery, and potentially mass violence or extreme and brutal emotions among the public. He is a nightmare in the making imo, do you think there’ll be a general election by Xmas? I may get a tenner on that…

  3. Hi Marjorie, any thoughts on the latest development with this horrid man, re the police being called out after the neighbours reported a disturbance?

  4. No one, but no one will calm Johnston down. He’s a loose cannon of a narcissistic Clown.

    Theresa May is in the process of passing on the Brexit / End of Union poisoned chalice to Johnston.

    The Scots hate him. Independence supporters or not.

    Happy to print that Scots are vermin who should be held in a ghetto and then exterminated. Where did we hear language like that before?

    Time for the Scots to bail out of the Union before they are exterminated by Brexit, Johnston or the Tories in general.

  5. If yuu follow astrology there is an obligation to also follow how unavoidable the path of a life can be. I have been deeply hurt by a Gemini’s behaviour but as maturity overcame my fractured ego I realised what useful lessons I had and the degree of responsibililty I bore for what happened. Karma. I can now feel rather sorry for Boris’ curse of unrelenting restlessness.

  6. It’s hard to see him not winning the leadership. His real problems could start when he tries to form a government especially if any Tory MPs decide to resign the whip.

  7. Well, let’s hope the denizens of Tunbridge Wells see sense. Perfect photo. I suppose the Saturn/Mars for her, and his own upcoming astrological challenges could mean he does win, but then they both realise he’s not up to the actual job. Saturn’s reality bites? Also I did read (think in Sunday Times) that the split from his wife and family is proving to be very difficult for him and his daughter is barely speaking to him. Surprise!

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