Bill O’Reilly – a Sun Saturn Virgo with a telling 9th Harmonic



Fox News, part of the Murdoch media empire, already reeling from the ousting of their chairman Roger Ailes over sexual harassment charges, is now embroiled in more allegations that they paid off multi-million dollar harassment and inappropriate behaviour suits against their top presenter Bill O’Reilly. Two major advertisers have now pulled their ads from O’Reilly’s prime time show. His show attracts almost four million viewers a night, and from 2014 through 2016 it generated more than $446 million in advertising revenue.

Fox across the board is drawing record ratings with programming supportive of President Trump. The NY Times: ‘Despite Mr. O’Reilly’s history of settlements and the series of allegations against him, the company has extended his contract, which was set to expire this year, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. O’Reilly makes about $18 million per year. When the company extended the contract, it knew of multiple settlements that had been reached with women who had complained about his behavior.’ O’Reilly denies all charges.

Born 10 September 1949 (no time sadly) O’Reilly is a workaholic, rigid Sun Saturn in Virgo with his Sun trine Jupiter; with both Mars and Pluto in Leo ( not conjunct), and Pluto sextile Mercury in Libra; his Venus in Libra probably opposes an Aries Moon and squares Jupiter in Capricorn, so superficially charming and likes money. Without a time there’s not much pass remarkable about his chart. Although a focal point Cardinal Jupiter can lead to self-aggrandizement, lack of common sense and a tendency to crusade in a self-righteous way.

At the moment his Solar Arc Saturn is square his Pluto, so stuck; with tr Neptune opposing his Sun/Saturn midpoint this year for a time of uncertainty and paranoia. Tr Uranus will also oppose his Venus late April into May and on and off till 2018, which is an emotional shock, and possibly tr Uranus will also conjunct his Moon. It’s a very different chart to Roger Ailes who has Sun and three other planets in Taurus and a pushy Pluto square Jupiter.

There’s not even much in his midpoints to explain his alleged behaviour. It’s the house positions of O’Reilly’s chart that will tell the story, which we don’t know.

Though looking at his 9th Harmonic (= what brings him pleasure) there’s a controlling and megalomaniac 9H Sun square Pluto, trine Neptune; and a Fixed T Square focal point Venus in Taurus. Bil Tierney says of such a Venus: ‘Determined to have his way in unions, and sometimes forces issues that only stir up conflict and resentment from others due to his lack of compromise of a focal Fixed sign Venus. The individual can enforce too tight a grip upon those he concentrates his steady attention upon in a manner that makes them feel trapped.‘ O’Reilly had an extraordinarily messy divorce in 2011 with legal battles and counter-suits still ongoing. He certainly doesn’t like to let go. His 9H has also got Mars in upfront Aries square Jupiter in Cancer, which Sakoian & Acker describes as ‘one of the most destructive aspects because the natives are likely to use collective power and even social sanction for self-aggrandizement and gratification of the passions.’ At the moment tr Pluto is square his 9H Mars which will make him feel trapped and enraged.

His relationship with Fox, 7 Oct 1996, has a Cardinal Grand Cross with a successful Jupiter opposition North Node square Pluto opposition Uranus; plus a showbizzy and ruthless Mars trine Neptune, sextile Sun Mercury Pluto. It was always going to be a relationship that involved rolling crises and indeed being news is well-suited to a high-adrenaline, none-to-sensitive approach. But for all that the inherent instability in it from Uranus Pluto is being unsettled by tr Pluto square Uranus throughout this year; with an escalation in Sept/Oct and a definite rift, if the relationship survives that long, across New Year into 2018 as tr Saturn squares the composite Sun.

O’Reilly’s relationship with Rupert Murdoch while friendly, isn’t without potential disappoint with a composite Sun opposition Venus square Neptune, which tr Saturn is throwing cold water on from late this June to Oct; with a tussle in Sept/Oct; and a significant upset in 2018 with tr Uranus square the composite Mars Pluto.


4 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly – a Sun Saturn Virgo with a telling 9th Harmonic

  1. Wow. Since Monday night (it’s Wednesday evening now), more than 40 advertisers have pulled the plug on their advertisements on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox. Mercedes-Benz started the exodus and was quickly followed by Hyundai, Lexus, BMW, Subaru and so many more. Maybe, just maybe, corporations are realizing that women are people, real live human beings. I hope so for all of our sakes.

  2. Many thanks for taking a look at Bill O’Reilly, Marjorie. Very revealing, even without a birth time. I have to think he’ll be the next to go, following Ailes out the door.

  3. Dear Marjorie

    I wonder what the stars have in store for women for the remaining years. Now, that there is no mandate for protection of equal pay and labor rights for businesses using central monies, we can kiss paternity leave and possibly reproductive rights goodbye in the near future.

    Many households will struggle to make ends meet. Even as a skilled professional, to be devalued so, this is demoralizing.

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