Bernie Sanders – on a slippery slope downhill


A major Democratic donor has been pushing to get Bernie Sanders back into the race for 2020, saying his fight against inequality is the only that matters. But an investigation into a land deal done by his wife in 2010, according to the NY Times, “is threatening to take some of the luster off the senator’s populist appeal, attaching the phrase “bank fraud” to the biography of a politician practically sainted on the left for his stands against “millionaires and billionaires.” His supporters say it’s a politically motivated and a conspiracy, but it will bring unwelcome publicity all the same.

Born 8 September 1941 12.27pm, New York (time is astrotheme so questionable), he has a Virgo Sun square Jupiter in Gemini, which is being undermined by tr Neptune opposition in 2018; and square Jupiter in 2020. And by 2019 he’s also picked up the trapped, enraging tr Pluto square his Mars for two years. His Solar Arc Neptune is also square his Sun in 2020.So not looking good.

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  1. with Neptune opposing his sun 2020 he will still be in the spotlight … Notice pluto also trine his 10th house careers north node & uranus trine his careers MC in 2020 !!. but of course the USA is having pluto opposing its mercury in 2020 so the the game is def changing .

  2. I believe Bernie Sanders does the most good where he is now. He is popular but not enough to get any moderate Democrats or Independents to vote for him. I do see that whoever he supports it helps that candidate if he can shake away the bad PR.

  3. Thanks for looking at him, Marjorie. The “scandal” seems to be that Mrs. Sanders was too optimistic in stating the value of college collateral when she tried to negotiate a land loan to expand the school’s campus. Property values fluctuate a lot in the U.S., so this seems more like a Republican spin than actual malpractice; Americans routinely bump up their real estate values when they want to secure a home equity loan, for example. However, there are two things that almost assuredly will do Bernie in: his age, sadly, and the fact that the Clintons hate him for so vigorously challenging her in 2016, and will do anything to keep him from succeeding in a future run. If you ever have any spare time, it would be fascinating to see what Al Franken’s 2020 looks like. He’s the very popular progressive senator who was a comedy writer/performer on SNL…but he’s probably too sane to run for president.

  4. Not to say he was just a one-hit wonder but I don’t feel he has the stamina to survive another campaign + his own administration.

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