Benjamin Netanyahu – in step with malign times



The repressive Saturn Pluto conjunction is the clear winner of the Israeli elections with Netanyahu and a right-wing coalition looking likely to take power. Haaretz, the liberal Tel Aviv newspaper is scathing about the election – “the surest proof that Israel under his leadership has transitioned to dictatorship — the emergence of the equation under which Netanyahu hopes to trade annexation of West Bank settlements in exchange for immunity from prosecution.”

He’ll start his fifth term under indictment for a variety of charges including bribery, fraud and breach of trust; and with the support of Trump and Kushner.

Jupiter is moving through his first house at the moment lifting his enthusiasm and confidence; but with tr Saturn now firmly into his lowest phase career-wise until 2022 as it moves through his 2nd house – the nadir of the first quadrant –  he’s likely to be sliding on banana skins and tripping over himself. Late 2020 will see a major setback for him which may be legal given it is Solar Arc Saturn square his 9th house Mars. Despite that he’ll respond with bullish confidence and probably some success in 2020/21 with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter – though that can also bring conflict with authority for those disinclined to pay heed to laws and regulations.

Before then this year he’s a few hurdles to overcome and swamps to cross – a high-tension, unsettled Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Saturn, exact in three months’ time; as well as tr Saturn square his Neptune, tr Neptune opposition his Saturn and tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint till late year.

Arab Israeli turnout was low, perhaps because of harassment during the previous election and hidden cameras in voting stations this time round.

See March 1 2019 post.


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  1. He was just indicted on all counts Marjorie.
    The Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mendlebit was born 29 July 1963 in Tel Aviv.
    See news.
    Best wishes,

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