Benjamin Netanyahu – agent provocateur for Trump



On Sunday, Israeli fighters struck a pro-Assad military base used by Iran in Syria, destroying anti-aircraft missiles. Of the 16 dead 11 were reported to be Iranians. U.S. officials told NBC News that Israel seemed to be preparing for open warfare with Iran and is seeking U.S. support. Then with much bravado and chutzpah Benjamin Netanyahu strode onto the global stage to announce that Iran were liars and had been breaking the Obama nuclear deal. This on the basis of a treasure trove of secret documents that Mossad had captured. Except there appears, amongst the half tonne of papers stolen in one night if he is to be believed, to be no smoking gun.  Haaretz, the Israeli liberal paper described it as ‘much ado about nothing.’ But it was clearly designed to elbow Trump into killing the deal in the face of opposition from Paris, Berlin and London.

Trump may hate all things Obama but his campaign promises were all about avoiding getting dragged into foreign conflicts. James Mattis would certainly advise against it but he doesn’t seem to be winning much at the moment looking decidedly undermined with tr Neptune opposing his Sun; as well as aggravated by both Trump and Netanyahu from late May, through June and again in the autumn.

Netanyahu’s Government chart, 14 May 2015 11.05 pm looks precarious over coming months, with a real chance of collapse before the end of the summer; with disappointments galore in May and June.

His personal chart, 21 October 1949 9.30am Tel Aviv, is in a waning phase with tr Saturn now entering the nadir of his first quadrant, facing corruption charges domestically and clearly keen to create diversions. This phase is likely to throw up misjudgments, banana skins galore and failed plans. Plus he has the blocked Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Sun, exact in 4 months time.

Playing with fire.

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  1. Marjorie, I’m not trying to annoy you, I’m trying to show you the other side that is being ignored in the liberal press. I have a SA Jupiter conjunct Venus coming in two years so it’s been on my mind. If it’s bad, maybe it means I’ll get diabetes? I have a sixth house Venus. I’ve read that nothing involving Venus with Jupiter can be too terribly bad. I actually think it’s when my daughter will have a baby. Remember I consulted you fearful about her ex boyfriend? Well, she found a wonderful guy the past few years, we absolutely love him and he proposed this past weekend.

    I’m also not gloating, I’m simply happy at what PDJT has been able to accomplish and with all the things coming out weekly that are proving he did nothing wrong and it’s most likely been an attempt to take down a duly elected president. You might not agree but before thinking I’m trying to be purposefully annoying, let’s just wait and see what happens. You can bet if he’s criminal scum that the Left will leave no stone unturned to ferret it out.

  2. Marjorie, it really doesn’t matter if Europeans get the hatred of Hillary or not. Let me ask what you would say about Trump or any conservative if they had been Sec of State and then their campaign and the RNC paid for a dirty dossier to bring down Pres. Hillary? Add to that, he had lost 33,000 emails, bleached computers, kept an illegal server in his bathroom, and destroyed 13 cell phones with a hammer? Then he also blames a YouTube video on Benghazi and the subsequent lockup of an innocent man? We also learn that his closest aide has a laptop full of classified info. Would you say, “oh give over on Donald, he seemed to be a good Sec of State”? And what if he had a foundation to basically launder money which governments of the world donated to seek special favors. And governments paid him and Melania $500,000 per speech. Would you say that’s because he’s such a wonderful speaker? Now we learn John Kerry has violated the Logan Act and been in secret meetings with Iran to urge them not to abandon the Iran deal? Do you think that’s a good Secretary of State too?

    • Give it a rest and go back to Craig’s List. You argue simply to argue, hiding behind a keyboard and firewall.

    • I give up. Since you are incapable or unwilling to address any of Trump’s multifarious malfeasances, scams and cons, Hillary is out of bounds. Any posts from you should stick to the astrology – preferably without gloating about the choochy Venusian ones and ignoring the rest.
      It’s like trying to argue with religious fundamentalists.

  3. Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa in this morning’s FT:
    “Trump is so Third World-esque. Who would have thought that the US would succumb to such demagoguery? As for the Republicans, well, it used to be the party of institutions and responsibility. The lowering of its trousers under Trump, s the Spanish saying goes, has been quite a thing to see.”

  4. should be required reading. I am pleased that they are teaching critical thinking at primary school level now. I recently helped run some school workshops for 10-11 year olds, we had interesting discussions around the power of marketing, disinformation and fake news, fact checking (check your facts and sources 3 times before using them) and radicalisation.

  5. Marjorie, I know we will never agree especially if we don’t have the same parameters for success. For me, success is Korea denuclearization, lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment rate ever, best economy in 50 years, lowest illegal immigration in 45 years, ISIS pretty much destroyed, jobs and companies returning to the U.S. and so much more (in only 18 months ).

    To be honest, I was shocked a few months back when you were talking Trump’s astrology and said about his current progressed Venus conjunct Jupiter that “he doesn’t deserve it”. It’s like putting personal opinions in a news story, I don’t think journalists or astrologers should do that.

    BTW that Venus/Jupiter conjunction will be exact on his birthday and his Solar Return this year has the SR moon conjunct his descendant and at 25 Gem which is conjunct Hillary’s moon. Something is going down with Hillary, the most corrupt woman in American politics, and it is long past due. This is also the month where his progressed Moon is square her Mars/Pluto. Time will tell.

    • Don’t recollect saying that since I don’t work a huge amount with progressions. And it hadn’t registered with me. Anyways there’s a negative side to Venus Jupiter – not all marshmallows and birthday balloons.
      Give over on Hillary – it’s a terrible bore which Europeans really don’t get. The American right have turned her into a a monster. As far as I could see she made a decent fist of Secy of State and NY before that. Flawed maybe but beside some of those surrounding Trump – Guiliani etc she’s practically a saint.

    • ” I know we will never agree especially if we don’t have the same parameters for success.”

      You sound like KellyAnne.

  6. Hey ho, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. One man’s grifting snake-oil huckster is another’s inspiration.
    Reminds me of French President Jacques Chirac, who garnered plaudits for his moral stand against the invasion of Iraq. Except he wasn’t driven by goodness. He was an opportunist par excellence, who discovered by chance that he’d found himself a spotlight. Later he was done for financial corruption. One of his nicknames was The Weathervane – Mutable Sun and Moon as Trump.
    ‘Love and humility’ are contradictions in terms allied to narcissism (Yuge ego). Trump doesn’t love the American people. MAGA was just a handy Bannon slogan which caught enough of the voters’ imagination. He loves himself, himself, himself plus wealth (the appearance of) and exclusive attention. Which is why he can’t cope with the constitution with its checks and balances against absolute power.
    I agree that opening up discussion beyond a comfortable echo-chamber is helpful. Apart from anything else it lessens the shock when election results deviate from one’s expectations. It’s a lost cause arguing against closed minds but I’m a sucker for punishment and am fascinated by how people’s minds work in terms of selecting information that confirms their bias and ignoring what doesn’t. And long after the dust has settled, how very rarely do people ever admit their judgement was mistaken. I live in hope.
    “Sometimes a stupid man is only a couple of good guesses away from looking clever.” Philip Kerr.
    “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”― Winston S. Churchill

  7. Marjorie: Why would I not support him? I support him because there is tremendous love and humility in that YUGE EGO driven man. He has great warmth and compassion for the American people. He is the first pro American president ever in which he says is America First but not America alone. The past twenty years the Uniparty (aka ClintonBushObama) have pushed for globalism which is something I and many millions of Americans don’t want. We don’t want the open border nonsense, we don’t want the transfer of America’s wealth to other countries in such schemes as climate change.
    How are you and Liberals going to feel when Trump is successful in ending a hot and Cold War that’s been in existence nearly 70 years? Will you admit, as have the leaders of both North and South, that Trump is the reason for this historic change for Korea? I’ve yet to see you admit one iota of the truth of the many good things PDJT has done which I believe is willfully obtuse and partisan. What does he not understand about history and the Constitution?

    I watched Trump and listened to his speeches from his first rally to his last. Hillary was never able to get anywhere near the support he had. She comes across as an unlikeable, entitled bitch who had no platform except things like abortion, equal pay for equal work and other tired old mantras of issues that have been settled for years. There was no “collusion”, nothing has been found in the almost two years of investigation and nothing will be found. It’s just a distraction to cover for Hillary losing and it’s shameful and disgusting.

    Trump continues to win and I believe he will also change Iran before his time in office is over. You are giving Liberal talking points about Iran which is the same negative type of things Libs said about No Korea. You and I both must wait and see but he’s an amazing dealmaker and I put my trust in him even more so now that Korea has happened.

    This place is a Liberal echo chamber. I am not the nasty one for speaking the truth as I see it. I’ve seen others over the past two years who have been torn apart by a pack mentality here.

    It’s your site and if you don’t want it tainted with conservative thought, that’s fine. But I am not crass nor am I stupid, I keep up with what is going on in conservative circles and I personally feel Liberals are seeing a lot of propaganda to take Trump down because they are afraid of what he will discover that Hillary and other Deep State operatives have done. After all, she wasn’t supposed to lose was she? And that has nothing to do with Russia, Russia, Russia and everything to do with a candidate most can’t stand.

    And Marjorie, I admire your astrological abilities, reading here has taught me so much the past 7-8 years and increased my interest in astrology quite a bit. Don’t you think it’s a good thing to have an opposing opinion? After all, I don’t think you read conservative sites or understand their point of view which is not the way the mainstream media wants to portray us as racist, misogynist gay-hating white supremacists. Completely untrue.
    That’s all, sorry so long.

  8. Of all foreign powers Israel, not Russia or anyone else has the greatest malign influence on American politics and decision making. Obama was able to stand up to bulls*****r Netanyahu and his incessant war mongering, Trump seems much more accommodating towards sending American ( and no doubt UK ) troops and treasure to die in another horrible and bogged down war of choice in the ME. Maybe Mossad has something on him, he’s an arch criminal from way back so who knows, and Zionist Kushner and others around Trump seem to have divided patriotic loyalties. The negative effects on the global economy of such a war will be profound and unpredictable too. Hopefully the Russians and Chinese will draw a line and contain the situation.

  9. Nah, it reads just fine. You’re just upset because you’d rather see a nuclear war than to see Trump succeed. And he has done a lot of winning this year. Looking forward to another six years.

    • Deborah, Apart from petty gloating – unpleasant and ill-informed – your posts don’t clarify much. Especially why you should be so enamoured of the notion of two terms of a president who lies as he breathes, is crass in word and deed, understands neither history nor the constitution and was undoubtedly enabled (wittingly or otherwise) into power by Putin’s machinations. Which latter in the form of Russian bots does seem to have had a finger in the other astonishments of the Brexit vote and support for Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn, a useful-idiot Trotskyist not having woken up to the fact that Russia is no longer communist but a gangster capitalist state.
      Illuminating piece in Politico about how Democrats (and unaffiliated others like myself) cope if Trump does prove to have been the catalyst for a long-term NK change of heart.

      Back to Iran. See:
      If Trump cancels the deal, it’ll only play into the hands of the hardliners.
      ‘Iran does not have a single bomb and has been a party to the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons since 1970. Israel, in contrast, has never signed it – is never inspected and is estimated to have more than 200 nuclear warheads. Netanyahu’s files did not show that Iran has violated the agreement. The IAEA has verified 10 times, most recently in February, that Tehran has fully complied with its terms.’

    • I think they found the documents stuffed inside a cereal box. The article reads like a wandering Trump tweet.

  10. If the Israeli government collapses, will Teflon Trump continue to slither away unscathed? Whom will Donald blame for the loss of his “friends”? Of course, Israel will lash out an attempt to remove Iran/Tehran into oblivion…which Teflon Trump and his Followers could only enjoy.

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