Benedict Allen – a very unwimpy Pisces



Explorer and adventurer Benedict Allen has been found in a remote part of Papua New Guinea after being reported missing by his wife. He was on a solo expedition without phone or GPS tracker to find an indigenous people who may be headhunters. The location is only accessible by air, after the road bridges were cut due to tribal fighting.

Born 1 March 1960, with a test pilot father, he has previously crossed the Amazon Basin on foot and in a dug-out canoe, been shot at by hitmen, caught malaria and participated in a six-week male initiation ceremony in which crocodile marks were carved onto his body. On one trip he had to eat his own dog to survive. He has made six TV documentary series for the BBC, is an author and motivational speaker.

He is a Sun Pisces – like Ranulph Fiennes, another intrepid, seemingly fearless and very lucky explorer, and several other famous explorers from the past; with his Sun opposition Pluto and sextile Saturn making him determined and tough, used to deprivation. His Pluto is also inconjunct a stubborn Mars in Aquarius which will draw him compulsively towards danger and make him argumentative and overly stubborn. His wife complained about him not taking any communication equipment with him and said it was hard on his three children. His Venus in Aquarius opposes Uranus and square Neptune, so he will be emotionally detached, needing freedom, quite fanatical at times with Uranus Neptune, and not always sensible.

Tr Pluto is conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint at the moment which would give him protection and the ability to succeed. He’s certainly not short of guts or enthusiasm with his Mars conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint; and his Pluto = Mars/Jupiter.

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