Ben Affleck – a buoyant Leo sensitive to criticism

Ben Affleck



Ben Affleck was evidently distressed by the less than wonderful reviews which Superman vs Batman got and Warner Bros deemed it ‘a disappointment’ since it only pulled in $850–$900 million worldwide. That still left someone(s) with a profit of nearly $600 million so their idea of a let-down is bizarre.

It started Principal Photography of 19 May 2014 when the Cardinal Grand Cross was in place of Mars opposition Uranus Venus square Jupiter opposition Pluto – so it had confidence aplenty and an aggressive bite. Though admittedly the Sun was opposition Saturn in Scorpio which is more downbeat.

The Premiere in Mexico on 19 March 2016 had the wobbly Neptune Venus in Pisces opposition Jupiter square Saturn in Sagittarius – so again uncertain, attracting criticism; with an unaspected Sun which isn’t helpful.

Ben Affleck, born 15 August 1972 2.35am Berkeley, California, has a confident and entertaining Sun Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius; with Jupiter opposition Saturn in Gemini, making him more sensitive about failure than most. And a Scorpio Moon so he will certainly take hurts to heart.

His midpoints did look squashed around the launch time but he’s in constant work as an actor and a film maker, so will no doubt swallow his angst and keep going. With tr Saturn now moving through his 6th house he’ll be working hard in the next three years, when another Batman may appear; and has a long career ahead of him.

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