Beirut explosion – misery upon misery

The massive explosion in Beirut leaving many dead and wounded and described as ‘thermonuclear’ in strength happened at 6pm last night. Reports put it down to an accident sparking off a warehouse filled with unstable ammonium nitrate. Although the result in the trial of the accused killers of former PM Rafic Hariri due this Friday has conspiracy theories swirling.

It occurred when Mars in aggressive Aries was exactly square Jupiter, which is a high-energy, opportunistic combination – sometimes associated with zealots and those who cosmeticize their anger by turning it into a holy crusade. Though it would also fit with impracticality (and incompetence) leading to a catastrophic misadventure – the nitrate appeared to have been unloaded seven years ago from a ship and just left there.

Since Jupiter is also part of the Saturn Pluto conjunction, with the Mars square in orb of both, it is particularly potent and violent. The Sun was also just past the upsetting square to Uranus. Pluto is also semi-square the accident-prone Mars/Saturn midpoint.

The Lebanon, with a rich history back 7000 years to the Phoenicians, has been on a tragic spiral in the 20th Century, being acquired in the carve up after World War 1 by the colonial French and gaining independence in a series of muddles in the early 1940s. Thereafter rampant corruption, greed and burgeoning debt following the long and destructive civil war between 1975 and 1990 has left the country on its knees. And now this.

22 November is celebrated to mark independence in 1943; though the official enactment was midnight into 1 January 1944.

Both charts work reasonably well though the 1944 one shows up the civil war most clearly with the war-like Saturn in Cancer square Pluto in Libra bearing down on the Capricorn Sun in 1975. And for this event Solar Arc Neptune is creating a state of high-anxiety and uncertainty in an exact opposition to the Saturn – which fits. As well as tr Saturn Pluto being in a depressing conjunction to the Mercury through this year.

The 1943 chart has the Solar Arc Neptune opposing the Mars/Saturn midpoint at the moment which has much the same effect. And it showed up the Hariri assassination most clearly with tr Pluto opposition the Saturn and an upsetting tr Uranus square the Mercury also exactly.

The only hope is that the Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction having done its worst to tear down the past, rebuilds on more solid foundations – and that goes for everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Beirut explosion – misery upon misery

  1. What a terrible tragedy and senseless loss of life and misery. When you consider the massive crater left in Manchester city centre by a Ford van load of ammonium nitrate in 1996, the scale of a warehouse full of of it is unimaginable. 1996 also had a Mars Pluto hard aspect and Jupiter retrograde in the 2nd decan of Capricorn – but crucially I suppose Jupiter was not in major aspect.

  2. This is nothing, more and more will come and rock the world. I already mentioned that big events will take place one after another. Always pray pray and pray. Thanks

  3. Marjorie and other students of astrology (I’m just a fascinated reader), is there any hope in the astrology for poor Beirut and Lebanon?

  4. The New Moon chart for Beirut, clearly describes this event. Uranus, explosions, sits exactly on the Asc, Saturn, rMH, Pluto, r7, open
    enemies, and Jupiter, r8, many deaths, all sit conj the MH. Corulers of the 12th of secret enemies are Neptune exactly conj 12th cusp and
    Mars in rulership in the 12th.

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