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Only one woman makes the top ten in fees paid to BBC actors, presenters, journalists and panellists, which has caused a raft of unwelcome headlines about gender imbalance for the corporation. The BBC were forced unwillingly to list the top salaries as part of their new 11-year royal charter, though it excludes those who are set up as independent production companies.

The BBC chart does have tr Saturn wafting back and forth over the Virgo Moon this year and conjunct the Solar Arc Moon this December; with the Moon ruling the 2nd house of finances. So the lunar element is being firmly suppressed on the material level. And the Moon anyway isn’t well-integrated, only having one aspect of note – a sextile to the Scorpio Sun. The BBC Moon is also square the Mercury/Mars midpoint which Ebertin describes as a ‘nagging or quarrelsome woman’ – and that is also picking up the tr Saturn conjunction which is definitely argumentative through this autumn.

It is a fairly macho chart with Mars in opinionated Aquarius quincunx Pluto and trine Saturn, and Pluto square Saturn. The 8th house of sharing money is ruled by none-too-generous and definitely masculine Saturn.

It would be interesting to get media outlets who are taking such glee in trashing the BBC to publish their relative salaries as well vis a vis the genders – they probably wouldn’t be that different.

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  1. Moving on 😀 ………

    Astrology can be full of irony sometimes, with Venus ruling women, fairness, equal balance and money. Maternity leave and family career breaks are often blamed, with the men making ground in pay during this time. Clare Balding rather debunks this, having had no career break, the contrast in her pay with Gary Linekar is the most shocking, £150k v’s £1.7m. I don’t think Laura Kuenssberg has had any maternity leave either, yet she is paid around a quarter of what auto-cue reader Huw Edwards is paid.

    It’s surprising that the beeb didn’t get it’s house in order after the Miriam O’Reilly case; they’ve had a few years to do it. As well as being the right thing to do, failure to do so has left them vulnerable. The politicians smelled blood during the O’Reilly case and saw the weakness, wasn’t this commissioned by John Whittingdale? The BBC are going to have to take some of Jeremy Vine’s salary and bring in a few analysts to ward off the politics. I’d like to think that gender equality is the only motive, but..

    Personally, I find getting on the payroll at all hard enough these days, I had to go freelance. Nothing to do with the BBC. I have been tempted to put a prison spell on my CV where the maternity break falls, I think I’d have better luck.

  2. Oh Dear Sharon you have problems this is an astrological (very very good) site if you could put in your gripes in an astrological way maybe we would be interested and see where you are coming from and—even —–agree with you!!!

  3. Well done, Sharon. A classic. Press the buzzer and off you go like a greyhound after an electric bunny rabbit. Please, please do send me your birth details since this is an astrology website. We’d be so interested to see what fuels this stream-of-consciousness word salad that you can produce seemingly with no effort at all. You do have a singular talent.

  4. BBC is sick parasite feeding Orwellian Disinformation to the people. BBC Newsreaders spreading Hate against minorities, the disabled, Muslims, unemployed should be personally criminally tried in court. Poland has had to send police to protect Poles working the crap jobs that colonial lazy Brits don’t want to do. Two Poles were murdered recently in Essex and many have been attacked on the Divide and Rule of BBC Disinformation that UK people pay for. But only PressTV Iran with George Galloway broadcast this story. Not dear BBC. The ‘glee’ and indirect attempts to build momentum of ‘Acid Attacks’ on Muslims is something I have written to Mosques in the UK about on BBC Hate Speech deliberately trying to incite this Divide and Rule to take attention away from Corporate Thugs looting and asset stripping the country while Murdoch and BBC try to brainwash and disinform. BBC is dead. Murdoch is dead. Official. So this astrologer is going to have to find somone else to drum up the money. BBC is an evil British Empire Divide and Rule tool. BBC needs to be held accountable for the crimes against Humanity it is perpetuating from wrong information and deliberate Hate for Elite thugs.

    • Crimes against humanity? Oh, now, that’s a belly-laugh to top off my morning coffee 😉

      By the very nature of your smash and hide tactics, some kind of Neptunian afflixion. Cancer moon?

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