BBC – a bad fit with politicians

BAFTA winners took the chance last night to voice their extreme disapproval of government manoeuvrings to curtail the BBC’s remit.

Prime Ministers are typically at daggers drawn with the BBC usually over political matters. In this instance they are going for a more over-arching assault. Which will naturally have the knock-on effect of making the BBC wary of attacking the government when they should.

David Cameron is certainly a very disturbing influence for them since his Uranus Pluto is conjunct the BBC’s 4th house Virgo Moon, his Saturn sits in the BBC 10th and his MC on the BBC Ascendant. So it would be no surprise if he felt it his mission career-wise to put down a heavy hand and go in for major reorganisation. His Mars also falls in the BBC’s 4th square the BBC Scorpio Sun so an aggravated interface.  His Libra Sun is conjunct the BBC’s Saturn and square their Pluto so he finds them rigid and controlling; and his Neptune is conjunct the BBC’s Sun so they find him slippery.

The DC/BBC relationship chart has a hostile composite Mars square Pluto; a suspicious composite Saturn square Neptune; and a Uranus square Jupiter which is under discouraging Saturn transits this year.

John Whittingdale, the Culture Secretary, isn’t as disastrous a mix with the BBC as Cameron but it’s still not great with his Pluto opposition the BBC’s Uranus so pulling against their free spirit; his Libra Sun is conjunct the BBC Saturn and his Neptune conjunct the BBC Mercury. The relationship chart has a tension-erupting composite Saturn opposition Uranus; and a fight-for-control composite Sun square Pluto.

But Whittingdale has his own problems and with tr Uranus opposing his Sun this month, moving onto oppose his Sun/Mars from late June and then in 2017 his Mars – he may not be around for ever in the job.

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