Bastille Day – the reign of terror – Trump, Macron and Merkel



Donald Trump and French president Emmanuel Macron have been pomp and circumstancing their way through Bastille Day in France. Both have Mars in Leo and Macron has Sun Venus Neptune Mercury in Sagittarius to chime with DT’s Moon. They revel in flamboyance, military parades and gaudy shows.

Bastille Day celebrates the first storming in 1789 of the hated mediaeval fortress and political prison in Paris, a symbol of royal tyranny. It was the flashpoint of the blood-drenched French Revolution, which led to the Republic being formed in 1792.

When the Bastille fell on 14th July there was a risk-taking, lucky-breakthrough Jupiter Uranus conjunction which usually helps those who act against the established order. And the North Node was at 26 Scorpio, which was the exact degree of the midheaven three years later for the moment the French Republic was established on 21 September 1792 at 3.30pm; and only one degree away from the Republic Mars. A harbinger of what was to come. In the intervening three years tr Uranus had moved to form the exact revolutionary opposition to Pluto squaring onto Mars. During these years of the Reign of Terror, an estimated 20 to 40,000 civilians were executed.

The Macron/Trump relationship chart does have a composite Mars Jupiter in Leo which will energise them when together, though could push them into rash actions if they allow their enthusiasm to run away with them. There are other less favourable aspects – a suspicious Saturn square Neptune; and tr Saturn will throw a chill on their wilder schemes when it squares the composite Sun this November and then Mercury Venus in 2018.

Trump has his Pluto exactly conjunct his MC located to Paris, which is usually a line that is best avoided, since it brings up heavy issues, inner turmoil and can be high-risk. Grandstanding around the Elysee Palace is unlikely to bring much jeopardy but his visit does coincide with an escalating furore about Don Jnr and Jared K’s meet with a Russian lawyer last year and now it emerges a suspected, former Russian intelligence operative was there as well.

Macron is throwing out his opinions with great vigour having already upset the east European countries like Poland by denigrating their contribution to the EU; and is certainly setting Merkel’s teeth on edge by continually pressing home his point that the German economy thrives from the “weakness” and dysfunction of others. His Pluto sits on her midheaven so she will feel he’s trying to manipulate and control her; and his Sun Mercury are conjunct her Mars, so she’ll not be backwards about batting back. Their relationship chart certainly looks fraught till late 2018 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars; and increasingly separated from tr Saturn square the composite Moon late this year, then tr Saturn opposition Jupiter in 2018; and square Sun, Mars, Venus in 2019. She’s making any moves towards more economic convergence, which would effectively put Germany on the hook for the poorer EU countries’ debts, conditional on Macron getting economic reforms in France in place.  Which is probably her way of politely saying no, since it’s by no means clear, how he is going to achieve that.

3 thoughts on “Bastille Day – the reign of terror – Trump, Macron and Merkel

  1. Strange juxtaposition between Trump visiting sites of the French Revolution, and back in D.C., the toppling of junior’s facade of lies about meeting with Russians.

  2. For the importance of Bastille Day, little news was broadcast on US media…except for the handwrestling match btwn Mrs. Macron and childishly-infatuated Donald. Is the man THAT infantile with his amorous intentions toward all women?

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