Barbara Bush – a formidable Gemini



Barbara Bush, now 92, former first lady and mother of GWB is in “failing health” and won’t seek additional medical treatment, focussing instead on comfort care. One of her grand-daughters described her as ‘a fighter, an enforcer.’

Born 8 June 1925 7pm New York with a magazine magnate father, she met George Bush Snr when she was 16 and married him three years later, going on to produce six children, one of whom died young of leukaemia. She travelled with her husband when he spent 3 years in China; and afterwards in Washington campaigned on Equal Rights, literacy, was pro-choice on abortion and thought homosexuality should be left and a personal matter.   She did suffer from depression when GH Bush was Head of the CIA and has had Graves Disease, a thyroid auto-immune condition, for many years.

She has a communicative 7th house Sun Mercury in Gemini.  With a formidable, battened-down and determined Mars Pluto in Cancer in her 8th, along with Venus in Gemini. Her Moon Jupiter in hard-working Capricorn in the financial 2nd oppose her Pluto Mars, so she would veer between optimism, appreciation for money, the chance to wield power behind the scenes and feeling trapped by circumstances beyond her control. Uranus in the 4th points to a constantly changing domestic situation; and Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th trine Pluto, would give her endurance and a tendency to the glooms. A strong but not easy chart.

George Bush Snr is also a Gemini with a Libra Moon – so both are fairly detached emotionally.  His Sun falls in her 7th house of marriage and his Venus Pluto in Cancer in her 8th making for a deep though not altogether easy connection that bound them together. Her Sun Mercury fall in his 10th house of career, so she’d support his ambitions; and her Moon Jupiter is in his 5th house of children, forging another point of contact.

The relationship chart points to affection from composite Venus conjunct Pluto, sextile Mars and opposition Jupiter.  But it was a marriage that demanded sacrifices with a composite Saturn opposition Mars, as one partner would feel ill-done to with their needs not being met.


Pic: David Valdez.

5 thoughts on “Barbara Bush – a formidable Gemini

  1. I really liked her and even like her son George W, both charming people. Feel sad for her husband, not easy for him being so ill himself.

  2. She had an incredible sense of humor, saying of Sarah Palin: “I sat next to her; she’s very beautiful. She loves Alaska and I hope she stays there.”

    When her husband first ran for president, she was asked why she always wears pearls. It was “to cover my wrinkles.” Guess it’s that Gemini – Sagittarius wit.

  3. I miss the time I could at least see people I disagreed with politically as decent people!

    Apparently, permanent longtime staff at White House – housekeeping, administration, etc. – tend to name older Bushes as their favourite first couple. I guess that comes largely from Barbara Bush’s chart combined to her upbringing – she was probably the last generation of women of her standing who were thought how to run a large household.

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