Ayatollah Al-Sistani – a spiritual and Neptunian leading light for Iraq



Ayatollah Al-Sistani is the spiritual leader of the Shia Muslims in Iraq. He has avoided getting embroiled in politics and hopes for a civil not a religious Iraq which puts him at odds with Iran, who are the financiers and weapons suppliers to Iraq’s main Shia parties and their militia.

Born 4 August 1930, he’s now 87 with no obvious successor. His Leo Sun is conjunct the Iraq 1921 Mars Neptune and his Neptune is conjunct the Iraq Sun – so the religious connections are clear. And his Venus in Virgo is conjunct the Iraq Jupiter Saturn, bringing a helpful cross over. He is coming up to his 3rd Saturn Return in 2018 and with tr Neptune square his Mars in Gemini may not have the strength to stand up to whatever forces, physical or otherwise that are ranged against him.

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