Australia – revisioning their future


Australia is gradually lifting restrictions with virus cases dwindling and to date only 97 deaths recorded. Economic measures taken so far are, like everywhere else, historically large in scope to support the workforce; and there are worries ahead about the essential trading relationship with China as well as the negative impact for an export-heavy economy from a global recession.

The Australia 1 January 1901 1.35pm chart indicates a bumpy two years in 2020/21 with tr Uranus trine their Saturn, Sun and Mars, though the real headaches are likely to come from 2022 onwards as tr Neptune will move onto a financial bubble-bursting square to the AU Jupiter; and tr Uranus will form a voter-upsetting conjunction to the Taurus Moon in 2023. Tr Pluto will also move to cross the Midheaven in 2023 or 24 depending on the start time of the chart, which will involve either a loss of reputation or the start of a long search for a different strategy ahead.

The Bank of Australia chart, 14 January 1960, is stressed and nerve-jangled this year with tr Pluto conjunct the Capricorn Sun and tr Uranus opposition Neptune and trine Pluto and Saturn. The Bank’s enthusiasm and confidence will be dented in 2021 with tr Neptune square their Jupiter and a jolting Solar Arc Uranus square the Sun at the same time. 2022 to 2026 look extremely challenging, not to say devastating years with a run of difficult aspects – major confusion and meltdown from Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune in 2022, panicky failure from tr Neptune square Mars in 2024/5; dead-halt with Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto in 2025 and shocks from Solar Arc Sun square Mars in 2026.

The changeover of the signs through the middle years of this decade – Pluto into Aquarius, Neptune into Aries and Uranus into Gemini – will have a major impact and shift the country’s trajectory.

Australia survived the 2008 crash better than most though the global recession after did bite, but they are a resilient country with better reserves going into this crisis than most.

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  1. Australia was in part saved by the bush fires which severely curtailed tourism, especially Chinese tourism, in December and January. Australia always seems lucky. A change of government is something to look forward to.

  2. Thank you Marjorie. Very interesting! Maybe Australia will be forced to look for new trading partners in the future?

  3. Fascinating look at Oz. I have a few friends from down under and as they head into their flu season this is a brave move. They seemed better prepared in some ways, save for the late border closing. However they were already using tracing and voluntary quarantine weeks ago. It would be interesting to see their relationship to the US and China. Both big trade partners and allies. China’s interest in AU’s economy is huge.

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