USA – mood around election and inauguration

I’ve been puzzling over the USA 1776 and First Presidents’ chart to see if I could gauge the mood of the country over the election and inauguration – and am not much wiser.

When GWB was inaugurated after the dodgy 2000 election, there was a Sun Neptune, Mercury Uranus in the 10th – so vague, indecisive, ineffectual, impulsive. Mars was opposition Saturn square Uranus Mercury – so militarily inclined and explosive. There was a secretive (dirty tricks behind the arras) 8th house Moon Pluto which through 9/11, the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars tr Saturn moved to oppose.

Barack Obama’s first term had a 10th house Sun Jupiter Mercury with a country largely delighted they had elected their first black president and buoyed up his ‘we can change’ message. Plus an all-systems change Saturn opposition Uranus.

Ronald Reagan’s inauguration had a 10th house Sun Mercury Mars trine Saturn Jupiter and with Sun opposition Moon. Mars was also trine Pluto. So reasonably dynamic and idealistic.

The 2017 inauguration, assuming 20 January 12 noon, has a solo 10th house Sun square a Scorpio Moon so out of step at times with the mood of the country. A pushily over-confident Jupiter opposition Uranus square Pluto – looks controlling, inclined to take risks and arouse resentment (perhaps abroad) or with dogmatic views. There is a balancing Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus and sextile Saturn which may help as an antidote. Though Saturn trine Mars also looks military. I can’t decide whether that looks more like Hillary than Trump.

The election will be held on 8 November 2016 with a Scorpio Sun trine Neptune and Neptune square Saturn – so arousing paranoia and some confusion, maybe undecided. Though there’s also the pushy Jupiter opposition Uranus square Pluto with Uranus square Mars – so much heat generated.

The USA 4 July 1776 11am chart is trudging through thick mud, feeling discouraged in 2016 with tr Pluto square Saturn; and undermined with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on the Solar Arc Sun – not knowing what to do for the best. Tr Uranus will be square Mercury in Cancer so outbursts of excited utterances, ie. arguments and insults; with tr Uranus moving to square Pluto in 2017 for quite an upheaval.

On the First Presidents’ chart 30 April 1789 12.45pm New York, there’s a good deal of passion being aroused through 2016/17 with tr Pluto opposing the FP Moon; with a lacklustre feel over the inauguration.

On reflection and you can argue these things round all ways – Jupiter Uranus Pluto could be the not-entirely-humble Trump; and the election North Node opposition Neptune square opinionated Saturn in Sagittarius could be ditto, for a conservative result.

I hate US elections, they go on for aeons of time. And this one seems even more obscure than most.

Marissa Mayer twins – forces to be reckoned with

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, had twin girls on 10 December early morning presumably San Francisco. Thus they have roughly the same charts as Kim Kardashian’s latest (see below). In their case a Moon Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune so a fairly neurotic mother, cool or overly hard-working and rather inaccessible. Their Sagittarius Sun squares Jupiter in Virgo and trines Uranus – so definitely upbeat, enthusiastic and quirky. Plus that megaton Uranus opposition Mars square Pluto.

Marissa Mayer’s focal point Saturn in Cancer opposes their Pluto and squares their Mars Uranus – so her need to prove herself by excelling won’t sit too happily with them. Her Gemini Sun opposes their Moon Saturn so she may find they block her out.

Their relationship chart with her does have an affectionate composite Sun opposition Venus but that sextile/trines onto a composite Moon Mars conjunction – so some aggravation as well.

The twins’ relationship with their brother, 30 September 2012 11.59pm San Fran, looks very stressed with a composite Sun conjunct Saturn on one side and Mars on the other; with the composite Moon possibly square all three.

He’s a 4th house Sun Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto with an Aries Moon opposition Saturn; and a vengeful Mars in Scorpio. So he won’t have an easy personality. He’ll not only have to cope with a new cuckoo in his nest, but two of them.

Canada – in economic straits

The governor of the Bank of Canada has caused consternation by saying the country might move to negative interest rates to encourage spending and investment if the economy stays sluggish and another crisis erupts. It sounds a dreadful idea dreamt up by theoretical economists who don’t look 10 or 20 years ahead when all that spent money isn’t there to keep people afloat in their old age.

The Bank of Canada chart, 11 March 1935, does look discouraging over the next year plus with tr Saturn square the Neptune opposition Sun until late 2016. There’s also a very pressured tr Pluto square the financial Venus from early 2016 till late 2017. And with tr Uranus square the BoC Pluto and opposition BoC Mars from late May till early 2017 insecurity may push them into radical measures.

The Canada chart, 1 July 1867 12am Ottawa, does look as if it is ploughing through heavy seas in 2016/17/18 with a certain amount of hardship and panic. Tr Pluto will continue to square Neptune in 2016 and the Ascendant in 2016/17 which will bring confusion and concern and change Canada’s image in the eyes of the world. Tr Pluto will also continue to trine Pluto through 2016 and sextile Saturn in 2016/17 which usually suggests forced change and deprivation. Tough times.

But Canada is a tough country and there are better economic signs in three years or so.

Briony Brind – art through dance

Bryony Brind, the English ballet dancer who once partnered Nureyev has died at the very young age of 55. She was once supposedly the friend of Prince Michael of Kent and latterly married Ian McCorquodale, son of Barbara Cartland.

Born 27 May 1960 she was a Sun Mercury Moon in Gemini with her Sun conjunct Venus in late Taurus – so airy and elegantly physical at the same time. Ian McCorquodale took a stroke shortly after she married him so she became his carer. That would suggest a Saturn in the 7th where partners involve work and would put Pluto which squared her Sun in her 4th. Plus Neptune in the performing 5th.
Her Saturn in Capricorn squared her Mars in Aries bringing her problems through her life, including possibly a bout of anorexia. Her Uranus in Leo was in an exciting and excitable trine to Mars and inconjunct Saturn – so better suited to a maverick lifestyle with constant change than one of humdrum sameness.

Thailand – under the military jackboot

There’s increasing unrest about the situation in Thailand now labouring under a military junta after a 2014 coup. The US ambassador is in hot water for suggesting that long prison sentences given by military courts to civilians under the law forbidding comments about the Thai monarch were a restriction of freedom of speech.
Now Thailand’s most senior police investigator into human trafficking is seeking political asylum in Australia, saying he fears for his life because influential figures in the Thai government, military and police are implicated in trafficking and want him killed.

Martial law was imposed at 3am on 20 May 2014 which puts controlling Pluto conjunct the MC opposition Jupiter square Mars opposition Uranus Venus – so an explosive, pushily-confident, ruthless administration that will face rolling crises.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, 21 March 1954, is now running the outfit. He’s a Sun Pisces/Aries with a Libra Moon and a fairly untogether chart with one T square onto Neptune as a focal point; and a wedge of Mars opposition Jupiter which is trine/sextile Pluto.

He’ll have his enthusiasm deflated in late 2016 as tr Saturn is conjunct his Mars and opposition his Jupiter. But it’s 2017/18 which are the real risk times for him with a rolling series of hair-raising Solar Arcs – Solar Arc Uranus square Mars, then Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune and Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto; plus tr Pluto opposing his Uranus also in 2017/18.

The Thailand 24 June 1932 chart has tr Uranus square its Pluto and conjunct its Uranus through 2016 so a very unstable year.

Mauricio Macri – Agentina’s new president facing uncertain times ahead

A new right wing president, businessman Mauricio Macri, has been sworn in Argentina after the elections which saw the leftist Cristina Kirchner defeated. He has promised to move away from a largely state-controlled economy to a free-market one, easing trade and currency controls; and improving relations with the US. He faces myriad economic problems including high inflation, reckoned to be running at 25%.

Macri, born 8 Feb 1959 at 3.05pm (?) Tandil, Argentina has a dynamic chart with an Aquarius Sun sitting on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a risk-taking, money-oriented Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Mars in Taurus. That opposition also squares on the other side to Pluto – so quite a powerhouse, ego-centric, determined, enduring, ruthless when necessary. He’s also got a tough Pluto trine Saturn in Capricorn, sextiling onto Neptune. With Neptune in turn in trine to Moon Venus in Pisces so a more sensitive side as well.

He was sworn in at 11.50am 10 Dec 2015 which puts a charming though evasive Neptune on the Pisces Ascendant in an anxiety-prone square to a 10th house Moon Saturn Sagittarius – that looks fairly panic-stricken. There’s an over-expansive Sun square Jupiter so promising more than can deliver. And the explosive Mars in the 8th opposition Uranus square Pluto suggesting major crises around money plus perhaps violence. It’ll be a rocky ride from the start with huge frustrations and some risk next year. And especially in 2017 when the Saturn Neptune square closes; and the Solar Arc Pluto comes exact to Mars Uranus.

His own personal chart has tr Neptune conjunct his Venus and tr Saturn square through 2016 which usually indicates a drop in popularity. And real hardship and problems in 2018/19.

The Bank of Argentina, 28 May 1935, is sagging and sinking through 2016 with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on the Saturn opposition Neptune. So continuing the 2014/15 slide. With some lift through 2016 but also major upheavals.

The Argentina 25 May 1810 chart has fairly similar influences with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on the Mars (Sun) opposition Neptune Saturn right through 2016 especially, but also 2017. Again there’s some boosts from a tr Pluto trine Jupiter; but there’s also a jolting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Sun late 2016/17; and a bubble-bursting Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Neptune in 2018.

Jeremy Corbyn – airy disregard for reality From: Marjorie. (09 Dec 2015 18:01):
Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Opposition leader, who has the PR sense of a natterjack toad, managed at his staff Christmas party to quote an Albanian communist dictator, whom most of us outside the extreme left (and Stalinist historians) had never heard of, so I looked him up.

Corbyn insists it was humourous – “This year will be harder than last year. On the other hand, it will be easier than next year.” Marginally witty.

Except that Enver Hoxha, 16 October 1908, ruled Albania with an iron fist for 40 years, eliminating opponents with prolific use of the death penalty, imprisonment and despatching their families to remote villages. Under his term Albania was the most isolated and poorest country in Europe and socially backward. His death left it with a legacy of isolation and fear of the outside world.

Hoxha was a Sun Libra trine Pluto in Gemini; with a harsh T square of Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus. He took over on 24 October 1944 when there was a Sun Mercury Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and trine Saturn – they don’t get much nastier than that.

Corbyn looks like a wimpy geography teacher and clearly can’t control his party but he has sat on platforms with gun-toting terrorist/freedom fighters from the IRA, through Hamas to Hezbollah. He’s clearly drawn to ruthless killers even if he can’t even face David Cameron with any vigour across the despatch box.

He’s got an Airy chart with the Sun and three other planets in Gemini, Jupiter in Aquarius and Neptune in Libra, so a man of ideas, not action. Where his attraction for the unsavoury rambos of this world comes from is his Mars (Moon) in Taurus square Pluto and widely square Saturn. He certainly doesn’t live that out in any direct sense, just likes to be near those who connect with all that dark, destructive energy for him.

Eminem – time for a change

Eminem, the American rapper, record producer, doesn’t do much in the way of publicity but continues to produce music, and has an on off relationship with his twice-married twice divorced ex-wife.

Born 17 Oct 1972 11.04am Kansas City, to a 17 year old mother, he had an unsettled childhood, moving constantly after his father left and has had well-publicised drink and drug problems in adult life.

He’s got a 9th house Venus which is picking up the tr Pluto trine in 2015/16 so a strong possibility of a romance abroad or with someone from a different country.

His life is certainly changing dramatically in 2015/2016 with tr Uranus opposition his Uranus and then his Libra Sun; with more following as tr Pluto squares his Uranus in 2017/18.

Tr Saturn is also now moving below his Ascendant so he’ll want to pull back from an over-busy schedule find more time for personal matters. It won’t finish his career but he’ll certainly be less ambitious than before.

Campbell & Bannatyne – two jungle beasts

Total trivia to get away from global horrors. The UK Celebrity in the Jungle TV show continued to rumble with tensions at the post-finale party. Lady Colin Campbell alleges that entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, never a fan of hers, assaulted her which he denies.

She (17 Aug 1949) and he (2 Feb 1949) are frankly much of a muchness. He’s a Sun Mercury Mars in Aquarius opposition Pluto which clashes mightily with her Leo Sun Pluto conjunction and her Mars in Cancer squares his Neptune. So he, while not being altogether a nice man, stood up to her need for control to which she responded by putting him down.

Their relationship chart has a controlling Sun square Pluto – so a fight for the upper hand; an aggravated Moon Mars trine Saturn – instant dislike.

Tony Hadley, Spandau Ballet, 2 June 1960 4.05am London, also didn’t exactly hit it off with the Jamaican aristo. Her Mars in Cancer opposed his Saturn in Capricorn and squared his Mars in Aries; and her Saturn was conjunct his Virgo Moon Pluto – all nasty.

Their relationship chart has a needs-space Sun Uranus conjunction; a disappointing Sun square Neptune; and a hostile Pluto square Mars. Not a recipe for happy camper-mates.

Pluto in Capricorn – territorial domination

Just a small thought about Pluto in Capricorn (2008 to 2024). Looking back over previous times in history when Pluto was in Capricorn it coincided with the growth of empires and major land grabs. When I first looked at it pre-2008 my thought was that territorial domination didn’t fit with modern geo-politics. But unless ISIL is stopped, it is busy carving out swathes of the Middle East for itself, effectively re-drawing country boundaries, and will no doubt move over into North Africa to do the same.

Gaza – from bad to worse

As if Gaza didn’t have enough problems being stockaded by Israel and under Hamas’s thumb, there is now word that disaffected Hamas militants are moving over to ISIL. ISIL dislike Hamas since they are not ‘Islamic’ enough, ie. not hard-line and have threatened to turn their caliphate campaign against Israel.

The Gaza 9 Nov 1917 9am chart is in a despairing year in 2015 with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Sun. Then come 2016 tr Saturn will oppose the Gaza Jupiter and square their Virgo Moon – so denting whatever enthusiasm the local population can muster and probably undermining the economy as well. Then late 2016 into 2017 the Solar Arc Mars will square the Moon – a shock for the poor Gazans; with an undermining tr Neptune opposing the Moon in 2017.

Tensions between ISIL and Israel will increase late Feb/March next year.