Apple – throwing a tantrum



Yowls of outrage and disbelief have greeted the EU Commission’s demand that Apple pay back £11 billion ($14.5 billion) to Ireland in back taxes. They say that Irish tax benefits are illegal, allowing Apple to pay effectively a corporate tax rate of no more than 1%. Ireland and Apple said they disagreed and would appeal.

The Apple Nasdaq chart, 12 Dec 1980, shows up the cataclysm most clearly. There’s tr Uranus opposition the Apple Pluto now – a major upset; and tr Pluto conjunct the Apple Mars in money-minded Capricorn, which runs till December and is transcendentally enraged. With the Apple Mercury picking up the tr Saturn conjunct and tr Neptune square through coming months, which is uncertain and confused.

I imagine there’ll be a hasty relocation since Apple’s presence in Ireland was largely a paper exercise.

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