Apple launch – innovative, lucky, Airy with obstacles to overcome



The temple to Apple, a newly finished park in Cupertino, California larger than the Vatican, was the venue for the new iPhone launch with a facial recognition iPhone X and upgraded iPhone 8s.

With a well-aspected Jupiter in the business-finance 8th in a communicative Air Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Aquarius Ascendant trine a Gemini Moon, formed into a Kite with the leading-edge Uranus as the driving planet, it has a good deal going for it. However the Sun squares Saturn in the 10th, so there may be delays and some obstacles to overcome.

The Apple Nasdaq chart, 12 Dec 1980 10am New York, has a hint of uncertainty if not downright panic in the final days of this month into early October.

The Apple Inc 1 April 1976 chart, looks similarly log-jammed till late this October. But super-confident through 2018/19. It may not be the instant fly-off-the-shelf success they were hoping for but could build.

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  1. Maybe the new folding smartphone being developed by a big competitor gets more publicity in October. When unfolded, there are two screens, doubling the viewing size while retaining the size and slimness of the original phone.

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