Anti-abortionists – Air signs and/or Moon Mars

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The anti-abortion march in Washington on Friday attracted tens of thousands of demonstrators heartened by Donald Trump’s stance and were addressed by VP Mike Pence and his wife Karen, both evangelical Christians.

The USA 1776 chart (various start times) does have an Aquarius Moon probably trine Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Libra, so has hard Moon aspects which will be unfriendly to feminine issues. Plus the Sun and three other planets are in Cancer, which tends to idealise motherhood.

It’s tricky to draw firm conclusions from the charts of several high profile anti-abortion campaigners (without birth times). But for what it’s worth – the Vatican has a New Moon in Gemini sextile Mars on one side and sextile Uranus on the other. Mike Pence is probably also a Gemini Sun Moon as well. Skipping through about 12 anti-abortionists there does seem to be a fair sprinkling of Air Moons and/or Aquarius planets. Air tends to attach themselves to an idea and disconnect from feelings. Sarah Palin notably has an Aquarius Moon and Saturn Mars Sun in Aquarius.

Karen Pence is a New Moon in Capricorn square Mars – and that’s the other theme through several of the charts – hard Moon Mars aspects, (conjunction, square or opposition) which is, simplistically, anger at mother/women. That’s a puzzle since Moon Mars is not sentimental or usually too empathetic. It’s excitable, passionate and can overly blunt. I suppose the Mars operates as the defender of the weak and is directed at women who choose not to be mothers. So the energy goes towards idealisation of the nascent foetus. But mothering is certainly a hot spot in their lives.

A recent poll showed 64% of Americans believed abortion should be legal, 31% against.

8 thoughts on “Anti-abortionists – Air signs and/or Moon Mars

  1. Dorothy I can remember in the eighties abortion being a hot issue. Now it is used as a way to garner votes by politicians who actually are not christian, like Donald, which is what I suspect.

  2. Thanks Marjorie for applying your Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass to the US chart. So the twisted treatment of women is there, after all.

  3. Interesting comment, that about not wanting to be a mother. I can understand the blind venemous reaction to such a stance – some years ago, I mentioned that I decided not to have children at my age, in response to a question during a new employee orientation workshop. The looks from the women were hard as daggers. One young woman fairly launched at me, yelling that my decision was anti-Christian, selfish, that of a typical male chauvenist pig who treats women as sex objects.

    “Huh? ” was my response.

    In after thought, I don’t believe the young woman ever remembered what she did or said, such was her rage. Protective, impulsive, without a whit of thought.

  4. Abortion was never much of a political issue here in the US until born-again George W. Bush and his political advisor Karl Rove made it one.Galvanized millions of evangelicals for GWB and the GOP.A mix of religious zeal and political calculation

    • It goes back farther than GB. TV ads and ads in the major newspapers quite regularly pushed the “We can help you” course of action in the late 70’s, and in the 80’s the protests started, and the anti-abs became hard-line. Catholic school children were indoctrinated and given little feet pins to wear. Misinformation started being spread about heartbeats (the fetus in most abortions is the size of a sesame seed, but you won’t ever hear that anywhere). It was a red-hot issue long before GB.

      Reagan was all palsy-walsy with the religious right. Perhaps it started gaining momentum then, with GB and Rove giving them more funding and tools to try to take down yet another safety net for women.

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