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Will Anna Wintour leave Vogue? The fashion world is abuzz with rumour though they’ve been around and come to naught before. One commentator remarked that if she does leave, it will be the fashion-world equivalent of a change of US president, or the election of a new Pope. She became editor-in-chief in 1988 and has been artistic director of the entire Condé Nast media group since 2013; is reputed to be paid a salary of $2 million a year with a $200,000 clothing allowance, fashion’s grand high priestess and can make or break the careers of fashion designers, photographers and journalists alike.

Born 3 November 1949, she is an intense and enduring Sun Scorpio square Pluto, trine Uranus and sextile Mars and Saturn in hard-working Virgo. Determined, secretive, controlling, innovative, hard-edged, focussed. Her Moon is in Aries with Venus in adventurous Sagittarius and her Jupiter not surprisingly is in ambitious, money-oriented Capricorn square Mercury.

She does look uncertain going ahead from this month with tr Neptune opposition her Saturn into 2019; with some jolts from tr Saturn opposition her Uranus.  Although 2020 looks like a year of more radical change as her Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct her Saturn.  But without a time it’s tricky to say. She’ll be in the money with a glorious success wherever she is by 2021/22 with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter.

Vogue’s first issue came out on 17 December 1892 with a Sagittarius Sun conjunct her Venus which makes sense and her Aries Moon is probably conjunct the Vogue Jupiter for a supportive connection in both directions.

It’s tumultuous times in the magazine business with print going out of fashion in favour of digital. Where Vogue looks to be in a major upheaval is 2020/2021.

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