Angelina Jolie – driven to do good. Brad not at his happiest

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Angelina Jolie continues to expand her portfolio of interests and talents to take up a visiting professorship at the London School of Economics, teaching a course on the impact of war on women in 2017. This in addition to making movies, and her humanitarian work as a UNHCR goodwill ambassador; and looking after a clutch of adopted children and producing rose wine at her South of France chateau with husband Brad Pitt.

She does have tr Pluto square her Jupiter and MC in 2016/2017 so her confidence will be high; though tr Pluto also opposing her 12th house Saturn from the 6th could raise flags about over straining her energy with too many commitments. But she’s made from fairly tough stuff with her Mars in Aries opposition Pluto.

Tr Saturn is squaring her Neptune opposition Gemini Sun this year which again is more work than play; and tr Neptune will square her Sun in 2017 which could be lack lustre energy-wise. But she looks to be enjoying her busy schedule with tr Jupiter about to move into her 3rd for several months.  Tr Saturn has a good many years of building and building career-wise ahead so she’s unlikely to disappear in a hurry off the scene.

Mid 2017 onwards will see tr Uranus opposing her Uranus and squaring her Venus so there could be some home and emotional disruptions then.

There are gossip magazine stories about an imminent divorce from Brad Pitt but they usually have to be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s a partnership which has been through a great deal of strain over the years, and their actual belated wedding chart of 23 Aug 2014 always did look less than lyrical with a hard, unkind Mars Saturn conjunction and an illusory Sun opposition Neptune; plus a showy Venus Jupiter in Leo. So looked good on the outside, less so at a feeling level.

Tr Saturn will square their composite Sun late this year but they’ve survived through worse than that a few years back. Neither of their Sun/Moon midpoints are affected for years ahead. Though sometimes that just means the split has already occurred and they just haven’t admitted it. He certainly looked to be doing a good deal of hard questioning about his marriage prior to the wedding.

He’s got tr Saturn crossing for his Ascendant this year into his lower profile, less successful first quadrant for several years, while she seems to be doubling her workload. So that may cause some strain. He looks panicked about money this year with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Mars; and discouraged with Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Saturn, so he’s not entirely happy.

Though tr Jupiter moving across his 10th from this August for a year will give his confidence a lift.  Tr Uranus is also square his 2nd house Moon Venus across this year which will be financial and emotional ups and downs. He’s also got tr Uranus moving into his 5th suggesting her wants more romantic freedom in the years ahead.

So it could happen or they could cobble it together for the sake of the children and put on a happy smile for the cameras.


2 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie – driven to do good. Brad not at his happiest

  1. Larry, I never believe much of what I read in the gossip rags – either the ‘we’re lyrically happy’ or the opposite. Showbiz is all about front and what happens in public is never reflected in the private reality. And the print paparazzos are always brewing up . I’ve added a Brad section at the end.

  2. Hi – the tabloids here in the Colonies are making hay over the so-called rending of her marriage with Brad. Does that blend remotely with her force for doing good? Thanks.

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