Angela Merkel – battling on through an unsettled & disappointing year



The highly significant Germany election is now set for September 24 2017. There’s a panicky Mars Mercury opposition Neptune square Saturn; with Mars trine Pluto – so it will be a good deal more bitterly argumentative and worrisome than usual.

Angela Merkel is aiming for a fourth term, though she’s got huge changes coming long before September as tr Uranus opposes her Neptune and squares her Uranus Sun in Cancer from late this March on for several months. Plus she’s got tr Pluto square her Midheaven exact this month and returning later in the year so she and her reputation are really feeling the pressure. Even more pointed is tr Saturn now moving below her Ascendant into her lower-profile first quadrant for several years ahead. Even if she feels duty calls, her psyche and her body are telling her to slow down and give herself more personal space. Tr Neptune isn’t doing her any good either as it opposes her Solar Arc Jupiter, Sun/Saturn and Saturn/Uranus midpoints in April/May and mid July to late August, all of which are discouraging and will lower her energy and enthusiasm.

But for all that she also has tr Jupiter moving across her 10th till late autumn which should boost her chances.

At the September election tr Jupiter is only two degrees over her Solar Arc Pluto and sextile her Mars, both of which are positive. Apart from that there’s nothing much else showing.

Minor thought: Her Progressed Moon is going through her 7th so she will feel the lack of meaningful partnerships and support. Wonder if that’s a hint about political relationships with other EU countries having elections as well.

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